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Improved flaking roll reliability and operation.

State-of-the-art hydraulics technology, which improves the reliability and operation of Baker Perkins cereal flaking rolls, is being offered as an upgrade for existing equipment, and as standard with new machines.

Baker Perkins flaking rolls are used by leading multinational and regional breakfast cereal manufacturers throughout the world to convert cooked grains and extruded pellets into a wide range of corn, bran and multigrain flakes ready for toasting.

Maintaining a precise and constant gap between the 2-ton contra-rotating flaking rolls is crucial to achieving consistent product quality. Any minor variation changes flake thickness and bulk density, resulting in under-or over-toasting and rejected product. Adjustability is also important to maximise flexibility.

The hydraulic system is employed to draw a pivoted roll toward a fixed roll, and ensure the pre-set gap is constantly maintained. The previous generation provided satisfactory performance but maintenance was complicated and costly.

The new hydraulics system developed with Bosch Rexroth is versatile and compact, and is accommodated within the envelope of the machine: the time and inconvenience of demounting the whole cylinder assembly during maintenance is eliminated, and improved sealing against dust enhances reliability. Life-time cost of ownership is reduced.

Further enhancements to Baker Perkins flaking rolls mean that all controls now offer improved visibility and functionality for the operator while engineering adjustments are programmable via a laptop. An advanced specification power pack provides additional hygiene and maintenance features.

Flake quality depends additionally on precise maintenance of roll surface temperature, and this new generation of machine incorporates an advanced roll cooling and water circulation system.

Cooling system effectiveness has been refined through a contraflow water circulation system, with water channels close to the surface to maximise heat removal efficiency. High flow rates of up to 10,000 litres per hour, control water temperature within a 0.2[degrees]C tolerance band--water temperature can be varied by the operator.

The solid rolls themselves offer the unique feature of a welded outer layer of hardened tool steel over a tough carbon steel interior. As well as long life--typically 10,000 hours before re-grinding--there are additional cost benefits. The outer layer permits an increased number of re-grinds, and at the end of natural life another outer layer can be welded to the roll: conventional rolls need replacing at this point.

Efficient product feed across the full roll width is essential to achieve consistent high quality: Baker Perkins has developed a choice of feed system tailored to specific products. A vibratory feed system is normally preferred for multigrains and pellets; a grooved roll feed for traditional corn flakes.

Discharge options include a reversible belt conveyor, a vibratory conveyor, and a vacuum take-away. An optional oscillating knife guarantees removal of any stubborn product.

Simple, open design maximises accessibility for cleaning and maintenance whilst conforming to worldwide safety standards; the simple frame construction allows for easy roll removal. Slide rail mounting of a discharge conveyor provides increased access to the delivery chute and other areas.


The choice of standard 450, 780 and 1220mm roll widths allows a choice of outputs to a maximum of 1500kg/hour.

Contact Baker Perkins on tel 01733 283000 or visit Contact Bosch Rexroth on tel 01480 223229 or visit
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Comment:Improved flaking roll reliability and operation.(Plant and Equipment)
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Date:Feb 1, 2008
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