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Improve your odds for upgrading welding operations.

Of the processes used in metalworking, welding traditionally is tagged with being more art than science. Its successful application has relied heavily on highly skilled workers performing physically difficult tasks under less-than-ideal conditions. Arc welding can be particularly troublesome from the standpoint of the need to control several dynamic parameters sumultaneously to achieve a sound welded joint.

In spite of its inherent limitations--or perhaps because of them--welding was among the earliest metalworking processes to receive the attention to automate shop-floor processes. Adapting of arc and spot welding to the robot is growing steadily with projections that welding will lead robot applications for the next decade.

Robots provide the motion necessary to move the torch along the weld path, but more sophistication is being built into the cotrol of this motion and other welding parameters. Recently, several companies have marketed vision systems to control torch motion, matching more precisely the skills of an operator.

Many traditional aspects of welding technology have seen long-term improvements. Power supplies, wire and rod materials, fluxes, and many other materials and devices are continually upgraded.

Over its long history, the American Welding Society has been leading force in promoting development of improved welding techniques. It is a repository of information designed to provide the metalworking industries with the knowledge of how to make the best use of thermal joining processes.

Visitors to the 1985 AWS Welding Show will have a first-hand opportunity to see an array of new products and advanced techniques on display--from welding wire to welding robots with vision systems. A sampling of products that will be exhibited at the show are displayed on the following pages.

The diversity of welding information in which the AWS is involved can be gaged somewhat by the conference's technical sessions. Topics range from welding fundamentals to advanced techniques such as CAD/CAM control of welding operations. Over 100 papers will be presented in these sessions from April 29 through May 3.

Two-piece tips cut steel plate cleanly

Stinger cutting tips are available in divergent and straight bores for propane/Natural gas or MAPP gas/propylene-base fuel gases. The tips are made in close tolerances. The entire insert (stem and seat block) of the two-piece tip is machined out of solid brass. Splined portion of the insert has a unique design, permitting precise fit between insert and shell. Stinger tips produce uniform preheat flame for high-heat transfer, guaranteering uniformity from tip to tip. Available for virtually every major brand of cutting torch in a range of sizes from 00 to 8 for cutting thicknesses from thin sheet to 14" plate. Airco Welding Products, Murray Hill, NJ. AWS or circle D86.

Structural descaling

Rolled shape and fabricated structural descaling machines provide maximum cleaning efficiency and low operating costs. Available in sizes to handle work up to 4-ft wide x 6-ft high, with several combinations of Rotoblast units and horsepower for various cleaning and production requirements. These machines feature a shallow abrasive recovery system, which eliminates the need for a pit and reduces installation time. Pangborn Co, Hagerstown, MD. AWS or circle D239.

Angle grinder

The EW9150, with electronic speed stabilizer, maintains constant speed between no load and full load. The 6" grinder has the performance of a 7" machine in a smaller one-hand unit. It reduces voltage if an overload is reached, remaining at reduced voltage as long as the overload exists. A flashing warning light indicates an overload. Equipped with a spindle lock for easy mounting and removal of accessories, it also has a slip clutch for added operator safety. Standard equipment includes side-handle, face spanner, flange and flange nut for wheel mounting, grinding wheel, and cutoff wheel. Metabo Corp, West Chester, PA. AWS or circle D134.

Robotic nozzle cleaning station

Two pneumatic versions of the new-style nozzle cleaners are designed to be mounted within reach of a robot to provide a nonelectric spatter reamer and antispatter solution sprayer for the torch nozzle. The reamer spring lubricator is powered pneumatically with shop air (60 to 80 psi), and is activated mechanically. Models available for 5-8" and 3-8" bore nozzles. Alexnader Binzel Corp, Waukegan, IL. AWS or circle D125.

Maintenance welding alloys

Selectrode Industries Inc, Huntington, NY, now inventories 312 stainless and coated brazing alloys in a combination of 22 different colors. Packaging options include plastic containers availabe in 36 different colors in addition to a completely labeled, imprinted and plastic packaged line for resale under any brand name. Also being introduced at the show is a private label wear-resistant epoxy line offering the latest in heat-free metal repairs. AWS or circle D121.

Auto TOG power supplies

Rapid current pulsing with fast rise and fall times opens new applications, such as aluminum welding without precleaning. The 150-A and 200-A models are available with or without built-in controls. Optional controls are: None for computer-controlled applications; standard, which includes timing, pusling, slope, gas controls, and fixture motor drive; and AVC/WF that adds automatic arc voltage, wire feed controls, and motor drives. Venable Industries Inc, Torrance, CA. AWS or circle D114.

Pneumatic horizontal grinders

These tools are designed for grinding and finishing applications in foundries, shipyards, refineries and metal-fab shops. The ARO 200 series grinders are equipped with a 2-hp rotary fan-motor and an in-line governor that provide high-material removal capability. Several standard protection features and lightweight construction enable an operator to work at maximum output. A range of models ensures the right tool for the application. Speeds range from 6000 to 17,000 rpm, with front spindles to accommodate Type 1, cone and buff wheels, mounted points, and rotary files. Rugged 10" and 20" extension spindles are available for finishing inside pipes and deep castings. Aro Corp, Bryan, OH. AWS or circle D124.

Electric nibbler

The RSs 649-4 is rated for cutting 10-ga mild steel, 12-ga stainless, and 7-ga aluminum. Plastic materials up to 3-16" also can be cut. The tool operates at 700 strokes/min and cutting speed is 3.6 fpm. An unlimited turning radius is featured for cutting small holes, following templates, and making precise cuts. Motor features include double-insulation for safety and automatic carbon-brush disconnect for reliability. Normal current is 110 V/60 Hz; 220 v/60 Hz is available. Fein Power Tools Inc, Pittsburgh, PA. AWS or circle D117.

Orbital pipe welding system

The Series 400 allows automating production pipe welding in the shop or field. The system incorporates torch travel, filler wire feed, torch oscillator, and automatic arc-gap control functions. It can be used to butt weld pipe from 1 1-2" up to any diameter and can be used for fillet, socket, and linear welding. Two weld-head models are available--the low profile D-head with 2" radial envelope for welds with clearance problems, and the T-head specifically designed for larger-diameter heavy-wall pipe. The system can be used with a variety of TIG power supplies. Magnatech, East Granby, CT. AWS or circle D88.

Electronic air cleaners

The F65 double-pass, portable air cleaner is designed to remove welding fumes at the source. Two cell modules can double air-cleaning capacity. It is economical by recycling heated or cooled air. The cleaners satisfy demands for smoke-free environments. The F65 gives twice the time between cell washing intervals. Other models include heat saving airflow, source capture, ductable and self-cleaning features. Air Quality Engineering Inc, Minneapolis, MN. AWS or circle D122.

Temperature indicating crayons

Thermomelt surface-temperature indicators are ideal for determining temperatures in areas difficult to measure by conventional methods. Uses include tool and die repair, welding, in furnaces, tempering, forging, fabrication, metal drawing, rubber curing and molding, plastic bonding, and glass annealing. Available in stick, pellet or liquid form, and in 87 temperature ratings, from 100 F to 2200 F. The stainless-steel holder and pocket clip keeps the stick in your pocket like a pencil. Markal Co, Chicago, IL. AWS or circle D116.

Multirange surface-temperature measuring devices

The Insta-Temp devices are economical, compact, multitemperature indicators employing specially formulated clearing point liquid crystals that are highly sensitive to heat. They are engineered to respond at predetermined elevated temperatures to exhibit vivid color changes. When depressed against a surface, heat measurement is determined by observing the temperature increases. Readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Available in two models: B83-12530, 125 F to 300 F (52 C to 149 C); and B83-22540, 22 F to 400 F (107 C to 204 C). Safety Direct Inc, Sparks, NV. AWS or circle D94.

Portable cutting and welding system

The system needs only the rod, torch system, oxygen, a regulator and a conventional 12-V auto battery as a power source. This cutting kit is compact and lightweight. The patented Prime Cut rod will work with any material. It can bore through concrete, plastic, fiberglass, nickel cadmium...any material including space-shuttle heat-shield material. Broco Inc, Rialto, CA. AWS or circle D119.


Using 120-V power, the Scott Mig 125 wirefeed machine is for the professional and home hobbiest. Specifically designed to produce smooth looking welds, it's a semiautomatic machine with ample capacity for a multitude of welding jobs such as car body repair and restoration; stainless steel equipment installation; plus steel and aluminum maintenance welding for plan and farm repair. The unit is portable, weighing 75 lb. Belco Industries, Las Cruces, NM. AWS or circle D96.

Cold galvanize spray

The spray is a high-solid, zinc-rich compound used on iron and steel surfaces to protect against rust and corrosion. Features include: 95-percent organic zinc in dry film, nonclogging spray nozzle, and is USDA approved. The 16-oz spray cans meet all military specs, including repair of hot-dip galvanize. Especially useful for touch-up on galvanized surfaces that are welded or scratched. Clearco Products Co, Philadelphia, PA. AWS or circle D92.

Metal test kits

Kit identifies stainless and other steels; nickel alloys; brasses, bronzes, and coppers; aluminum alloys; plated metal coatings; steel passivity; and aluminum-in-steel. Consisting of premixed solutions in a carrying case and tests for 24 alloying elements, the Metal Combination ID Lab No 1899 is easy to use. The kit includes the ElectroSpot variable current source for estimating the levels of alloying elements. In a test, a small amount of alloy is dissolved electrically into a test paper. A color developer is added to the paper and the color intensity is related to the level of the element, serving to identify the alloy. Typical alloys that can be identified include SS303, 304, 316, 321, 347, and 400 series stainless; low alloy and tool steels; nickel and cobalt alloys such as Inconels and Hastelloys; brasses, bronzes, and copper; aluminums such as 2024, 7075, and others; and plated coatings such as zinc and cadmium. Koslow Scientific Co, Edgewater, NJ. AWS or circle D93.

Resistance-welding instruments

Two all-new, low-cost resistance-welding product lines are designed to increase accuracy while reducing setup time and complexity. The weld checking instruments feature measurement ability to 1-2 cycle, digital monitoring accurately displayed through LEDs, plus hard-copy reporting from built-in thermal printer. The constant current controls and contractors feature single, dual, or quad schedule capability with resistance feedback and stepper. Also appearing for the first time are an alpha multicontractor system for mass production applications and the Paragon R, two-piece control for portable guns. Pertron Controls Corp, Canoga Park, CA. AWS or circle D232.

Welding equipment

The Bernard Div, Dover Corp, Beecher, IL, will be featuring its entire line of welding equipment, including a range of MIG guns and cables, and a full line of consumables, lugs, splicers, electrode holders, booms, carts, and coolers, at the show. The company also will be introducing the new EZ-160 and EZ-350 MIG welding guns. AWS or circle D206.

Pipe-cutting machine

The Versiflame line of pipe-cutting machines includes the new Versiflame OA. This unit, which has capacity from 5" OD to unrestricted diameter pipe, can cut wall thicknesses up to 8". The machine is manually driven via a flexible shaft-drive system and comes with sufficient chain to circumvent 60" pipe. All accessories and parts for the machine's operation are included for a list price of $630. It's capable of beveling from 90 degrees to 45 degrees and weighs 27 lb. Widder Corp, Naugatuck, CT. AWS or circle D118.

Hydraulic presses

The metal Muncher hydraulic ironworker has the capability of punching, shearing, notching, coping, bending, and forming, all with one machine. It has four workstations. The punching station, with its 9" throat and 14" gap, accommodates diesets, as well as special braking and forming tools. Press shaft is locked into a precision guide to permit accurate punching of any shape of hole or slot. Both cylinders have separate controls, and can be operated independently (two-man operation). Operation can be stopped, held, or reversed at any time. Models available are 35, 49, 86, and 110 ton. Metal Muncher, Clay Center, KS. AWS or circle D219.

Metal marker readable at 2100 F

High-temperature marker is for metalworking applications such as heat treating, coding and identification for hot castings and f orgings, and layout work for cutting and brazing. Under independent testing, the marker exhibits readability with 24 hr of continuous exposure to temperaturers up to 1700 F. In an uncontrolled atmosphere, marks were clearly readable at the end of the following test cycles: 500 F, 1325 F, 1550 F using time cycles of 1, 4, 16 and 24 hours; 1700 F, 1900 F, 2100 F using time cycles of 1, 2, 4, 9, 16, 20, and 24 hours. It uses a lead-free pigment and base formulation in conjunction with a patended ball point to provide economical, durable marking on wet, dry, oily, rough, and smooth surfaces. Available in white or black with 1-8" point size. J P Nissen Co, Glenside, PA. AWS or circle D97.

Welding designs/services

Aztec International Engineering Technology Inc, Fremont, CA, specializing in welding systems design, manufacturing and services, will introduce the following: A new micro-processor-controlled orbital GTAW pipe welding system powered by a new small light-weight 350-A Kemppi design inverter; remote color TV viewing and controls for use with GTAW systems, and a new through-the-ground (for example) nondestructive scanning system for locating pipe lines or other objects via a computer printout. AWS or circle D201.

Metal tester

The Microhmeter 100 is an accurate instrument for the nondestructive characterization and testing of metals. In operation, it generates a series of precise direct current pulses. Depending upon the application, the voltages that are then detected can indicate material type, weld strength, fault presence, or hardness. In the case of resistance spot welds, for example, the voltages should be significantly lower at the area of a good weld nuget. Because digital readouts are based on absolute material conditions, little or no calibration is required, and since test results are captured as single events, operator interpretation, and setup time are minimized. AT&T Technology Systems, Springfield, NJ. AWS or circle D216.

Hydraulic steelworkers

These machines accomplish punching of structural sections, shearing of angle iron, rounds, flats, and square stock. The Peddimaster 66/110 can sheer angle iron at 45 degrees as well as perform coping and notching. The two-slide design, automatic spotting in the punch, and adjustable gibs, along with optional accesory items for automatic shearing and punching, make the steelworkers suitable for production-oriented and prototype/maintenance applications. Peddinghaus Corp, Bradley, IL. AWS or circle D208.

Makes two welds from one side

The PX 2002-spot welder gives the user versatility in resistance welding. When metal shrinking or stud washer welding, the ability to dial down the power reduces the tendency to burn the metal. No specially trained operators are needed to make good welds every time. TWo cables extend from the welder, each with its electrode holder, which are held by hand in order to perform the weld. Two spot welds per cycle are obtained by this method. A push button is located under one of the electrode holders and is squeezed whenever a weld is performed. Controlled Systems LTD, Windsor, Ont, Canada. AWS or circle D210.

Positioner turntables

Three positioners, with load capacities from 25 lb to 200 lb, speed ranges from 0.25 rpm to 10 rpm, and grounding capacity as high as 350 A, plus turntable tilting from -15 degrees to 130 degrees, are offered. Forward/reverse switch, high-frequency protection, stepless speed control, foot-control rheostat, grounding stud, and jig-slotted turntable are for either hand-held or automatic production welding. M K Products Inc, Irvine, CA. AWS or circle D209.

Welding rings and inserts

Imperial Weld Ring Corp, Elizabeth, NJ, will be exhibiting their line of precision-engineered welding rings and inserts. All products are manufactured under a quality-assurance program, laboratory tested, and performance proven. Pictured are standard weld rings, including ridge-type spacers, plain spacers, short spacers, pressed-type spacers, and long spacers. AWS or circle D256.

Electric-arc welding robot

Programming the EPR-400 is accomplished by an operator physically leading the manipulator to the arc start point, pressing the store button, then moving the manipulator to the arc end point, and pressing the store button. After the program is complete, the system in the playback mode will automatically interpolate the points between the two programmed points at the start, arc end, store and cancel are at the operator's fingertips on the arm for greater control during programming. The CRT display screen provides step-by-step operator prompting in English. This feature, when combined with the lead-through teach method makes it eacy to program and operate. The EPR-400 is capable of all arc welding processes including MIG, TIG, SAW, PAW, and FCAW. DeVilbiss Co, Ann ARbor, MI. AWS or circle D215.

Gas/plasma cutting

The Hydrid-NC D-III is a numerical control for coordinate eye-tracer flame-cutting machines. It is simple to program any one of the 20 shapes that are already in memory. All that has to be done is to input the data required, such as: dimensions of the part, kerf amount, scrap amount between parts, times to repeat the pattern, and the preheat time.

Once the start button is pushed, the preheat time will start its countdown towards zero. If the machine's operator should need additional time, he need only press the stop button. When he presses the start button again, the additional preheat time will automatically be input into the program for subsequent cuts. Koike American Inc, Lansing, IL. AWS or circle D242.

Pick-and-place system

The modular system will highlight precision placement, clamping, and welding of critical assemblies. The Menziken Model EGP series utilizes pneumatic pick-and-place handling equipment for precise gripping and insertion of parts. Repeatable accuracy is within [plus-or-minus]0.01 mm. The units feature adjustable tapered roller guides that resist torsion and are virtually wear and maintenance free. All are equipped with hydraulic final position end dampers and integral proximity switches. Complementing these products are a series of vertical heads, with lift ranges from 2" to 8". Parallel clamping heads, as well as rotary units, are all adaptable to horizontal and vertical systems. Aidlin Automation Corp, Sarasota, FL. AWS or circle D245.

Manifold-system design aids gas controls

The redesigned Accu-Trol Model B1 manifold system protects functional components in a tamper-resistant metal case, and requires 50 percent less space than other designs. Applications include standard compressed gases, acetylene and liquified fuel gases, plus nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. All systems are equipped with automatic service to reserve changeover and are conservatively rated at 1500 cfh at 50-psi delivery pressure. Systems are shipped with control lights, wall mounting brackets, stainless steel braid flexible pigtails with check valves, and an adjustable, integral line regulator. Western Enterprises, Westlake, OH. AWS or circle D205.

Welding wire

Alloy Rods Inc, Hanover, PA, will present its fourth annual Theatre of Welding Productivity, featuring the "Product Innovation Showcase," an array of new products including: The smallest-diameter cored wires ever offered--0.035"-dia dual shield and coreweld flux-cored wires; Coreweld 80 D2, a high-productivity core wire equivalent to conventional ER8OSD-2 solid wires; and Cladalloy, a fabricated strip for the welding overlay of a variety of alloys. AWS or circle D187.

Robotic systems for GTAW

Automatix Inc, Billerica, MA, features a high-precision robotic system for GTAW welding with [plus-or-minus]0.003" repeatability and [plus-or-minus]0.008" accuracy. This system will be equipped with automatic voltage control (AVC), which will provide consistently accurate welds through tight process control. The system will be controlled by the AI32V robot controller. AWS or circle D229.

Weld cleaning brushes

The Roughneck line features a stringer bead twist, which assures easy access to narrow, confined spaces. The brushes of specially formulated high tensil, heat-treated steel wire provide fatigue resistance, long life, and aggressive cutting action. An exact strand count in each know assures a balanced tool for vibration-free running and even brush wear. The permanently fastened high-profile nut allows quick mounting. Weiler Brush Co, Cresco, PA. AWS or circle D228.

CAD/CAM for plasma and flame cutting

The CYB 3200 CAD/CAM system for plasma and flame cutting consists of a multiuser office computer with DNC links to one or more cutting machines with CYB 400 CNC controllers. Features include: Automatic and interactive graphic nesting; English language part programming; plate remnant inventory control; scale or full scale digitizing; on-line magnetic disk storage; job control documentation inclucing shipping lists, weight reports, and part identification labels; and direct connection to engineering CAD systems. Cybermation Inc, Cambridge, MA. AWS or circle D192.

Small-diameter hardfacing wire

A line of small-diameter wearfacing alloys for use on standard MIG equipment includes iron-base, manganese, and cobalt-base alloys. Benefits are speed, low heat and smoke, out-of-position capability, and outstanding control. They are designed for both OEM and maintenance applications in industries such as mining, quarrying, paper and pulp, agriculture, construction, petro-chemical, and many others. Postle Industries Inc, Cleveland, OH. AWS or circle D198.

Microprocessor spot-welding control

The Series M spot-welding controls are available with solid-state thyristor (SCR) contactor ratings of 63, 150, 300, 750, and 1200 amps, as well as almost any ignitron tube contactor. All input, such as weld times, phases shifts, squeeze, hold, quench, pulse count, etc, is accomplished through digital thumbwheel switches. The phase shift logic uses the microprocesor to divide the half cycle AC wave into 100 equal current parts. The weld time is derived from the main's frequency. The microprocessor combines the phase shift and weld time logic, in order to control the AC current through the contactors. Power factor adjustment is fully automatic. The Series M can interface with weld monitor and thermal monitor/controller NDT quality-control devices. Joyal Products Inc, Linden, NJ. AWS or circle D204.

Weld-shop equipment

Hill Acme Co, Cleveland, OH, will display a 24"-Blue Demon wet-abrasive belt grinder, the Model 6A Metalworker (photo), and the Model OOH hydraulic pivot shear. The Blue Demon will demonstrate deburing, polishing and torch-cut slag removal. The Metalworker, rated at 105-tons punching capacity, features interchangeable V and square-notch tooling. AWS or circle D196.

Elastomer encapsulation extends brushing-tool life

Elastomer encapsulation involves constructing brushes with a rubber-like, polymer compound that supports the wire filaments and prevents unnecessary breaking or uneven wear. In use, the elastomer allows the wire tips to wear back gradually, providing a constant short wire trim for uniform wear of the brush's working surface. Two types of construction are available: Green TY, which encapsulates the wire tips with a soft elastomer for a semiflexible brushing face, and Beige TY, a hard elastomer which produces a rigid brush face. The brushes are available in various types and sizes for burr removal, surface refinement, cleaning, and many other applicaions. Osborn Mfg Corp, Cleveland, OH. AWS or circle D191.

Seven-axis automated arc-welding system

The computer-controlled system is fitted for gas-tungsten-arc and plasma-arc welding processes. It includes a two-axis part positioner and a five-axis manipulator module capable of covering a 6-ft cube work envelope and workpieces weighing up to 2500 lb. the computer directly controls and monitors seven axes of motion and five welding process parameters--voltage, current, wire feed speed, shielding gas flow, and travel speed. the control software permits direct programming of all welding functions including pulsation, oscillation, and parameter slopes. Special software also is provided for quality assurance reporting, teach, and off-line programming. Sciaky Bros Inc, Chicago, IL. AWS or circle D214.
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