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Improve your campus safety with NEC's Emergency Campus Notification solution.

TODAY'S CAMPUS COMMUNITIES ARE MORE connected than ever, but at many colleges and universities the task of immediately notifying everyone about an emergency remains a challenge.

Now, though, the Emergency Campus Notification Solution (ECN), from NEC Unified Solutions and XTEND Communications Corp., offers campuses a new way to protect the safety of students, faculty and staff with a message alert solution that sends notifications to personal communication devices and digital signage.

ECN provides a centralized command center for alerting and notifying groups of individuals in the event of an emergency or disaster. Messages can be sent to the entire campus community or to specific groups, such as security officers, resident hall advisors or key administrators.

With NEC's ECN solution, messages can be delivered in a variety of pre-configured formats, including email, SMS text and voicemail, as well as being displayed on digital signage. The messages can be directed to cell phones, home or office phones, pagers and PDAs. The system even knows the best way to reach registered recipients based on time of day.

Since ECN integrates with NEC's Digital Signage Solution, emergency information can be transmitted via an interface to NEC's Bluefire[R] VC Digital Signage Controller and displayed instantly on public display systems such as NEC's large liquid crystal and plasma display panels.

As the first notification system with integrated digital signage capabilities, ECN not only significantly expands the reach of the emergency notification to all areas of the campus, but also provides video-enhanced capabilities to attract the attention of people without a cell phone, telephone or email access.

"In the event of an emergency or disaster, it is critical that campuses have a flexible notification solution with which they can instantly alert first responders, campus decision-makers and, if necessary, the entire campus community," said Paul Lopez, general manager, marketing, NEC Unified Solutions.

"We are committed to helping our customers increase campus safety through this emergency notification solution which allows faster and more widespread alerts and extends notification reach to students, faculty and staff," Mr. Lopez added.
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Publication:University Business
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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