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Improve the Defence Acquisition Process with a System of Systems Perspective.

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Within the European Union, the need for transformation in generating and improving defence capabilities has become evident. Subsequent to the creation of the EDA (European Defence Agency), European countries and their respective defence forces are making collaborative acquisition efforts a major priority. Procurement practices within Europe's Ministries of Defence have resulted in troops fighting with outdated equipment in the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This shows that there is a demand for improvement within the defence acquisition and procurement processes. To solve this issue that is affecting all European countries at present, experts in acquisition and procurement will be gathered to discuss and share best practices at the marcus evans defence event, Defence Acquisition and Procurement Reform. This event will be held January 24-25, 2006 and will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

In an effort to collaborate European efforts and enable smooth transformation and ongoing improvement this conference will address cooperative logistics support in an effort to assist NATO nations; the adaptation to changes within the new global defence focus; joint strike fighter acquisition strategy; best value versus international industry collaborations; the next generation for European procurement -- joint armament acquisition cooperation; European collaboration for acquiring future defence capabilities; improving efficiency and competitiveness -- European standardisation and spiral development and best value for NATO.

Headlining this event will be Ake Svensson, President & CEO, SAAB who will be presenting a case study entitled "SAAB -- Adapting to the changes within the new global defence focus." Mr. Svensson's session will focus on innovating with constant high proportions of research and development; building the network-centric defence of tomorrow and achieving technical interoperability and enhancing the defence industry market by creating common defence strategies across Europe. General Nazzareno Cardinali, Executive Director, Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation, OCCAR will also deliver a keynote address on "The Next Generation for European Procurement -- Joint Armament Acquisition Cooperation." This address will focus on managing multi-national defence programs; reducing defence costs while increasing competition and maximizing economic benefits; living progressively in shared-data environments; OCCAR procurement principles; autonomous programme teams; simplified approvals; through-life approach and flexible approach to management. Other key speakers include Major General Karl-Heinz Munzner, General Manager, NAMSA - NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency presenting "Cooperative Logistics Support -- Assisting NATO Nations"; Sir John Bourn, Comptroller & Auditor General, National Audit Office presenting "Improving Efficiency and Competitiveness -- Long-Term Defence Capabilities"; and Commodore Simon Henley, Program Head, Joint Strike Fighter, UK MOD who will present a session entitled "Joint Strike Fighter Procurement -- A Partner's View?"

This conference will be informative and collaborative, as it will focus on combining the main elements that compose the field of acquisition. It will examine the acquisition and procurement policies, the implementation process and explicit case studies that illustrate such practices. This event will be comprised of expert briefings along with interactive discussions and workshops. In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to understand the most recent policy trends and military requirements in order to determine the future direction of the European defence forces.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 9, 2005
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