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Improve from inside out.

The decision to remain in Las Vegas was expected. I hope the referenced improvements in the venue address the organizational traffic flow, location of exhibitors, and elimination and reduction of overflow into adjacent ballrooms and conference areas. I am a bit skeptical that much can be done with the aesthetics of the lower area (of the convention center).

My priorities for improvement would remain unchanged, regardless of venue:

* Reduction in size of many vendor booths. There was evidence of this at the 2011 show, most notably with the consolidation of the Freedom Group lines. I realize less square footage rented may be less revenue generated (and somewhat less prestige when noting total exhibition space SHOT requires), but it would be a step toward reducing overflow requirements, and improving the ability to keep exhibitors in their category groupings.

I admit to likely overlooking some smaller vendors with 10x10-foot booths, but for the majority of the industry exhibitors, booth size has evolved to reflect more corporate ego than a requirement for attendee attention. I have yet to know a dealer who chooses one manufacturer over another because of a bigger booth.

* Elimination of non-shooting-industry-related vendors. Again, I realize SHOT wants to tout the number of exhibitors. Go with quality over quantity.

* Increase restricting attendees through the verification process during registration. Attendees and exhibitors are increasingly frustrated from working around and through individuals who should instead be visiting the NRA show.

* Exhibitor preparedness. The unacceptable prevalence of manufacturers attending without their programs, pricing, show specials and, worst of all, a knowledgeable sales team has to be improved.

I'm much less concerned with the "where" of SHOT than with the quality of the product once we get on the floor. While moving SHOT Show across various regions may have its merits, SHOT needs to focus first on improving from the inside out.

I look forward to seeing you later this month at the Shooting Industry Masters. I appear to have nine other highly motivated teammates who are preparing as if we are going to the Olympics.

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Ron Buschmann, Owner

Shooter's Supply & Law Enforcement

Louisville, Ky.
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Title Annotation:Letters to the editor
Comment:Improve from inside out.(Letters to the editor)
Author:Buschmann, Ron
Publication:Shooting Industry
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 1, 2011
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