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Improve access to client files.

The latest version of CaseMaster, a practice-management program available from Software Technology, Inc., offers 35 new features, focusing on improved performance and new configuration options.

The new version is available in a client/server edition that lets up to 100 users access and update client files stored on a central database server.

Both the stand-alone and client/server editions work with QuickBooks accounting software. When a cost transaction is recorded in CaseMaster, the program automatically enters it in QuickBooks, eliminating the need to enter data twice.

Version 10.5 includes a free copy of CaseMaster Briefcase, which allows users to operate the software when they are away from the office. Also new is the Recurring Dates feature, which simplifies the creation of repetitive calendar records. A new multimedia tutorial helps users explore software features and trains employees how to use the program.

The stand-alone software costs $495. The client/server edition costs $1,245. For more information, call (800) 487-7111, ext. 940, or visit
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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