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Improflu and Improvax Come to Market Just in Time for Vaccine Shortage.

CLEVELAND, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The United States is faced with a flu vaccine shortage this year, after almost half of the vaccine shots were found to be contaminated at the British supplier, Chiron Corporation. Doctors are telling healthy patients to skip their shot this year, so that the vaccine can be conserved for those that need it most. To make matters worse, doctors are predicting one of the worst flu seasons ever; with less people able to take the vaccine, more people will be exposed to the flu.

Improvita Health Products, Inc. announces two new products, Improvax Flu Defense and Improflu Cold & Flu Solution. These products bring flu defense and symptom relief to local pharmacies as over-the-counter alternatives to doctor- prescribed flu remedies and prevention systems.

Improvax Flu Defense is a homeopathic product specifically formulated to help prepare the body for exposure to the flu. Improvax Flu Defense provides protection against the flu using the same flu strains chosen by the World Health Organization. Taken orally, this over-the-counter flu product strengthens the immune system and helps prevent the flu. For those already suffering from the flu, Improflu Cold & Flu Solution will help relieve the symptoms.

"With an especially nasty flu season ahead of us," says Dr. Darrell Hulisz, Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, "all of us should take extra precautions." Improvax Flu Defense has been used for many years in Europe as an effective vaccine alternative and will be a powerful addition to the US non-prescription market. Improflu Cold and Flu Solution combines natural homeopathic ingredients to combat the six typical symptoms of flu and colds: fever, chills, headache, body aches, sore throat, and nasal congestion. This pair of anti-flu products in a tablet format is unique to the US market.

Although not created with the shortage in mind, Improvax Flu Defense and Improflu Cold & Flu Solution will come in particularly handy this flu season due to the flu vaccine shortage. "Our US launch has been perfectly timed," says Tom Klamet, President of Improvita Health Products.

"We've been able to capture a tremendous market advantage with two great products that can really help people."

Improvax and Improflu are available at grocery stores, pharmacies, and mass retailers such as CVS, Rite Aid, Albertsons, Longs, Stop N' Shop, Bi-Lo, Wegmans, USA Super D, Brooks, and Duane Reede.

A set of two bottles (one of Improvax and one of Improflu) can also be purchased directly from Improvita Health Products for $24.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. To purchase, send check or money order to: Improvita Health Products, 10055 SweetValley Drive, Cleveland, OH 44125.

Improvita is a Cleveland-based company that specializes in kid-friendly and homeopathic remedies for everyday ailments. For more information on Improvita and their products, visit .

CONTACT: Tom Klamet of Improvita Health Products, Inc., +1-216-573-1850, or ; or Dolly Hiller of Creative Press, +1-440-582-5671, or

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Date:Nov 15, 2004
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