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Imporved UML. (Software Tools).

Popkin Software, product, System Architect, now offers improved Unified Modelling Language (UML) functionality. New feature highlights include richer semantic and notational support for much of the newly adopted UML 1.4 specification, and a package-based user interface that makes navigating in UML more intuitive. The newest release offers the ability to extend UML modesl by adding user-defined images, enabling support of all UML profiles including Web Application Extensions (WAB). System Architect is a modelling tool set designed to address modelling needs within an organisation, including business processiong, objects, components and data using a shared, multi-user repository,

Other new features include:

* Cross-reference matrix editor that allows users to correlate design artefacts across the repository

* Support for package-based development, to facilitate the organisation of information and improve product quality "Support for semantic integrity of UML models

* Improved user customisation, including the ability to extend the UML model with stereotypes and tagged values. Users can personalise symbols with user-defined rastor or vector-based images.

Customisation enables users to present a more-accurate-and clearer representation of the system or program

* Integrated support for Web Application Extensions (WAB), enabling users to design and present a more accurate model of Web designs to other developers and management

System Architect also provides business and process modelling, traditional structured analysis and design techniques, It ships with a selection of generators and interfaces for application developers. A multi-user repository aids workgroup development. Forward and reverse engineering is supported in most major languages, including Java, C++ and Visual Basic, and databases, including Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.
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Publication:Software World
Date:Sep 1, 2001
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