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Imports rise 9.1% during September.

Beer shipments to the United States in September increased 9.1 percent for a total of 20.7 million gallons, according to figures compiled by the Beer Institute.

Through the first nine months of 1992, beer imports to the U.S. increased to 195.9 million gallons from 1991's 187.8 million for a 4.3-percent rise.

Netherlands beer shipments to America during the month rose a dramatic 37.1 percent to 6.07 million gallons. Year-to-date figures put Holland's exports to the U.S. at 56.2 million gallons--a 6.1-percent increase over last year's 53 million.

Canada reported shipments of 5.3 million gallons in September, which was a 16.5-percent jump from 4.5 million during the same period a year ago. Through September, Canadian beer exports to the U.S. were up 3.0 percent to 51.8 million gallons from 1991's 50.3 million.

Mexico, meanwhile, showed a-decrease in exports to the States. Shipments from south of the boarder dropped 8.6 percent to 3.5 million gallons during September. Through the first nine months, however, Mexican shipments increased 12.1 percent to 37.5 million gallons from 33.5 million last year.

Germany reported a slight 2.4-percent increase in its September shipments to the U.S., rising from 2.65 million gallons in September 1991 to 2.71 million in during the corresponding period in 1992. The country also showed a 0.6-percent increase in shipments through the first three-quarters of the year when compared to the same time span in 1991.

In the Pacific, Japan continued to show signs of improved beer sales in the U.S. as the country notched a 14.1-percent increase to 449,460 gallons. For the year, Japanese beer shipments totaled 4.06 million gallons--up 10.7 percent from last year's 3.66 million.

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Title Annotation:beer shipments to the US
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 7, 1992
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