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Imports drop almost 14% in April.

Imports drop almost 14% in April

Imports into the United States continue to plummet in the first few months of 1989. April saw imports plunge another 13.6 percent, bringing the yearly drop to eight percent.

The two countries being hit hardest by this scourge are ones that basked in the glow of outstanding profits not 12 months ago; Mexico and Australia.

Mexico's problems have been finding their way into the media, but whereas some people assumed it was a normal drop after stupendous growth, it now looks to be a permanent affliction. For April the gallonage drop was just short of three million, approximately 44 percent. This continued to fuel the yearly drop which just recently broke the 30 percent barrier.

For Australia lovers it's a lot less "G'Day"andabitmore"G'Night."

Australian imports dropped a whopping 63 percent in April to 252,150 gallons from 680,907 gallons one year ago. The yearly totals so far show a 41.6 percent decline in sales.

The one country hit hardest this April is China, which witnessed a 95 percent fall off in gallonage from last year's numbers. The Far East nation sold all of 6,000 gallons of beer in April.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 3, 1989
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