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Important renewal information from the Georgia Board of Nursing.

The pages of the calendar are flying by and January 31, 2015 is fast approaching.

That means that many registered nurses will need to renew their license. Please take a moment to visit the Board's web site at www. and verify the expiration date of your license.

If your license expires on January 31, 2015, and you wish to renew, please visit the Board's web site, click on "License Renewal" and follow the onscreen directions to complete your renewal. You will be asked to complete a brief survey at the beginning of the renewal process to assist the Board in workforce data collection.

As you complete the online renewal application, be sure to read and follow all instructions. Also, keep a copy of any information submitted in support of your renewal application. If you answer "yes" to any of the renewal questions regarding arrests, disciplinary action or substance abuse treatment, you will be required to submit certified documents showing the final disposition of the case as well as a personal letter of explanation regarding the incident(s). Your renewal cannot be completed until the required documents have been submitted and reviewed.

Finally, after you have completed your renewal, please visit the Board's web site and use the online licensure search feature to ensure that your license is active and that the expiration date has been updated. It is your responsibility to ensure that the renewal is completed. Remember, the Professional Licensing Boards Division no longer mails pocket cards to licensees. You may visit the Board's web site at click on "Print License" and follow the onscreen instructions to print a copy of your pocket card.

The Board has received many inquiries regarding the citizenship documentation required by Georgia law. To make the renewal process easier, affidavits of citizenship were mailed to each licensee scheduled to participate in the January 2015 renewal. The information packet contained an affidavit of citizenship and detailed instructions for completing and submitting the document ahead of the renewal period to ensure that the renewal process was simple as possible for licensees. If you are scheduled to renew your license in January 2015 and you did not receive the affidavit of citizenship form, please visit the Board's web site at click on "Application/Form Downloads" and select the Citizenship Affidavit Form. Complete and submit the form by email to or by fax to 877-371-5712.

When submitting documents as part of the renewal process, please allow adequate time for our staff to process and review the information. Most importantly, complete your renewal now do not wait until January 31st! To ensure that your license renewal is completed by February 1, 2015, please complete the online renewal process and submit your required documentation as soon as possible.

by Jim Cleghorn, Executive Director Georgia Board of Nursing

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Author:Cleghorn, Jim
Publication:Georgia Nursing
Date:Nov 1, 2014
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