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Importance of solar energy.

Byline: ABDUL SAMAD SAMO - Karachi

Pakistan is amongst those fortunate countries of the world where sun shines most of the days of a year. But, it is quite unfortunate that despite that biggest advantage, our country has not been able to produce electricity from solar energy to meet its electricity requirements, especially to bridge the present gap in demand and supply of the same. Currently, there are five countries in the world which, besides other resources, are producing most electricity from solar energy for the use of their domestic and commercial consumers. These countries are Germany, China, Japan, Italy and the US. The interesting thing about these countries is that on an average, these countries receive less sun shine annually than that we receive in our country during the same period. So, Pakistan may carry tremendous advantage if it goes extensively for producing electricity from the solar energy by installing solar panels. Another good thing about generating electricity from the solar energy would be that it will be cheaper and more environment friendly than the more costly thermal source of energy (both gas and oil) that we are mostly using currently for our electricity production in Pakistan. So, the policy makers on electricity generation in Pakistan should seriously think on the lines of taking maximum advantage of the sunshine of the country and work seriously on producing maximum electricity from solar energy for the domestic and the commercial consumers of this country. This mechanism will help bridge the gap between the current supply and demand in electricity as well. The other advantage that the solar energy carries is that it is a renewable source of energy besides being cheaper than the thermal source of energy, which is non-renewable and costly.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Feb 9, 2019
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