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Imperial Technology Releases Tuning Software for Optimizing I/O Throughput Between Servers and Storage; Do in Seconds What Used to Take Weeks.

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 6, 2003

Imperial Technology, the company accelerating application performance, today announced Serv2Stor, a new software product that enables IT organizations to optimize and tune I/O throughput between servers and storage devices.

"Today's infrastructure vendors have focused on tuning individual server and storage devices without understanding the deterministic relationship between these devices," said Robert David, CEO and President, Imperial Technology. "To enable IT infrastructures to perform at their maximum capability, you have to manage the whole, not the individual pieces. While this may sound intuitive, there just haven't been tools to do this until now. Serv2Stor is like turning on a flashlight in a dark room -- you can see exactly what's happening where ever you shine the light."

Serv2Stor effectively illuminates server and storage device interaction. If an I/O throughput issue exists, Serv2Stor not only identifies if it's a result of a server or a storage issue, but details what the problem is, where the problem is, and provides information to allow an administrator to remedy the situation. For example, if application and file system block size is set to 16KB, and logical device block size is reading/writing 1MB, Serv2Stor identifies and reports this tuning parameter mismatch for possible action. "If you don't have tools that tell you both what the problem is and where the problem lies, you're certainly going to struggle trying to correct it," said Robert David. "Illuminating misaligned tuning parameters is just one example of Serv2Stor's deliverables."

Serv2Stor also illuminates load balancing issues -- a leading cause of I/O bottlenecks. "Uneven distribution of file access across a storage device creates hot spots," says Marlin Kovaleski, Vice President of Sales, Imperial Technology. "If a server requests more I/O than a storage device can deliver, the result is a bottleneck. The solution is to evenly distribute the load across storage devices. While there is no shortage of tools designed to alert users to this problem, these tools don't tell you how to fix the problem or identify the root cause."

Load balancing is a systemic problem that is very familiar to Database Administrators and System Administrators. Conceptually, solving load balance problems is simple -- move some files off the too-busy disk to a less busy disk. Practically, execution is more difficult: which files to move, where to move them to, not knowing if you've moved enough files, and dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing that in solving one problem that you're not creating another. There have been no tools designed to answer these questions until Serv2Stor. Serv2Stor discretely identifies files per storage device, how much of the storage device's capability those files are using, and storage devices that are either over provisioned or under provisioned in terms of I/O capability usage. With this level of illumination, administrators have an effective tool to understand the ramifications of their actions before making critical infrastructure changes.

Unlike simplistic and cumbersome modeling tools that rely upon averages, Serv2Stor uses actual real-time instrumented data to illuminate I/O flow and identify bottlenecks, imbalances, and misaligned parameters for prompt resolution. "Part of Imperial's growth strategy is to identify and bring to market compelling technologies that are must-haves, solve painful business issues, and address a broad-based market opportunity," said David. "I/O throughput problems can cripple transaction-intensive organizations. Prompt identification and resolution of I/O problems enables organizations to maximize effectiveness and efficiently utilize increasingly scarce human capital resources."

Serv2Stor for Sun Solaris is available immediately with support for other operating environments planned for a future date.

About Imperial Technology, Inc.

Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., Imperial Technology has over twenty-five years experience delivering high-performance, application-accelerating storage solutions on Sun, HP, IBM and Unisys systems. They integrate and install seamlessly in environments that run Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL), Sybase (NASDAQ:SYBS), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Veritas (NASDAQ:VRTS) and EMC (NYSE:EMC) products. Additional information is available online at or Imperial Technology can be contacted at 800/451-0666
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Date:May 6, 2003
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