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Impeller technology.

Company's impellers are engineered to fit the most challenging application, from miscible and immiscible fluids blending to solids suspension and high viscosity fluid mixing. Models incude:

* RL-3 impeller: Reduces maintenance costs and downtime caused by fibrous material buildup. Easily retrofits to existing agitators, provides safe and reliable operation and offers application versatility with a wide range of available sizes and materials.

* XE-3 axial flow impeller: Designed for heat transfer, blending and solids suspension applications.

* Smoothline impeller: Features liquid-shedding surfaces and concealed hardware for enhanced CIP performance. The Smoothline impeller enhances cleanability, ensures product purity and optimizes process efficiency.

* HE-3 impeller: Efficient in creating greater fluid motion with less energy.

* SC-3 impeller: Engineered for deep tank applications utilizing a rolled blade design.

Chemineer, Inc.

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT REVIEW
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Jun 1, 2012
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