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Impeller designed to mix highly shear sensitive materials.

The Mixing Solutions Sentinel[TM] impeller for new institutions or retro-fitting to any mixer drive has been recently developed to mix highly shear sensitive-materials, with wide large-diameter blades promoting high flow and uniform distribution of shear. Adaptable to vessels with limited flange size and manway access, and particularly suited to special batch mixing applications, these impellers are available in fully-welded or bolted designs, with different materials, coatings and surface finishes.

Ready to ship immediately for standard applications and rapidly produced on non-standard designs, they may be readily adapted for any unique mixing configuration to meet process requirements and operate with varying liquid levels.

These units were designed for low shear applications where fluid motion is required to suspend solids, blend fluids or disperse as without the risk of product damage from bubble breaking. They also suit C.I.P. (clean-in-place) systems having minimal horizontal hold up surfaces and broad low-angle vertical projections. This impeller is particularly useful in generating uniform agitation effect (power or torque per unit volume) while vessels are filled and/or emptied. This dramatically new state-of-the-art impeller design is already proven in numerous applications polymer production and processing, crystallisation, filter feed fermentation and biological growth processes.

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Title Annotation:PLANT & EQUIPMENT
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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