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Impatience would take your Breff away; CAVAN MUST SHOW STRONG LEADERSHIP.

Byline: Bernard Flynn

WHEN county boards are looking for a new manager, what exactly do they want?

Let me be straight. I know Tommy Carr well and I know he is big enough and man enough to fight his own corner over the next few days.

But it has got to a ridiculous stage when a manager who was appointed for three years finds himself back in the hotel he was given the job in just six months previously to fight for his future.

It has a lot to do with guys like myself in the media who push opinions. But county supporters now demand immediate success and in a lot of cases they have no right to do so.


That's certainly the case in Cavan. What exactly do Cavan people, and the county board in particular, want? Tommy Carr took his first session with the Cavan team in January and his first outdoor session with a full panel at the beginning of March because 12 or 13 of his players were involved in Sigerson action.

He had been given a mandate after agreeing a three-year plan to solve the problems in Cavan football. Cavan employed Sportstracker to pinpoint the candidates available and he got the nod ahead of Justin McNulty and Pete McGrath.

So how did it get to this? You look at Glen Ryan at Longford, his team were out of the Leinster Championship after the first round. No outcry there.

In Limerick, Mickey Ned O'Sullivan's team suffered league relegation and should have beaten Cork in the Munster final but were afflicted by white line fever. No outcry there. There are plenty of other examples.

It should be the same in Cavan but there are a lot of people who believe the county have a divine right to win the Ulster title.

Tommy Carr's problem was that his side failed to beat Antrim, but then so did Donegal - and Kerry found it difficult against Liam Bradley's men also.

Cavan weren't relegated from Division Three but people there have to realise that this is a mediocre Cavan side.

I have seen five Cavan matches since January in the McKenna Cup and National League, a challenge game and a Championship game, as well as two TV games.

They are at best a mediocre outfit. I have huge regard for Cavan people, some of them are among the best football people in the country but something is very wrong there at the moment The group that is behind the effort to oust Tommy Carr are entitled to their opinion but are they doing it for the good of Cavan football? Do they have a Plan B in place? I don't imagine they do.

What management team can improve things at this stage? Jason and Larry Reilly as well as Anthony Ford are gone, so this is by and large a young bunch of players who lack leadership.

Seanie Johnston spoke to the BBC after earning the man of the match award against Fermanagh and revealed how much professionalism Tommy had brought to the set-up.

In a conversation I recently had with Larry Reilly, he spoke of the incredible regard he had for Tommy and the job he was doing.

Cavan were accused of a lack of passion in the Antrim game but what Tommy has been doing is trying to get the players to handle their emotions after a big win - that's how the Tyrones and Armaghs have become better sides. It's about a mature approach.

They were poor against Antrim but it is not going to happen in six months.


And unfortunately some of those players who have expressed their support for the manager this week would have served him better by not going to the Oxegen festival the night before they were beaten by Wicklow in the qualifiers.

Cavan may have to go back a few steps before they can go forward, and next year I'm sure Tommy will have weeded out the weaknesses.

This manager is being asked to resign by people with a hidden agenda.

I know Tommy Carr is going to lose out on a lot of money because of his time with Cavan, but that's not what motivates him. It will take a lot of pain and effort for Cavan to move up the ladder but that's what he's there for.

This situation has made a lot of people in the game sit up and take notice and there are managers who have told me it's a mug's game now.

But the important thing now is that the people who want Tommy Carr out step forward and explain their reasons. Is this really the best outcome for Cavan football?


GUTTED The Antrim loss was a low point for Carr and Cavan
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