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Immunotherapy of Cancer.


Immunotherapy of cancer.

Ed. by Mary L. Disis.

Humana Press Inc.


516 pages



Cancer drug discovery and development


Compared to more standard anti-cancer therapies that are toxic to normal as well as cancerous cells, active immunization (i.e., vaccines) offers many advantages. Disis (U. of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle) introduces this overview of the state-of-the- art science and clinical translation of advances in tumor immunology by noting that the past decade has seen the adoption of immune-based therapies into the standard practice of oncology. International contributors to 28 chapters review the theory, challenges, clinical trials, and novel technologies behind practical applications of such areas as the identification and role of tumor- related immunogenic proteins, and promising new approaches (e.g., monoclonal antibodies, adoptive T-cell therapy, donor lymphocyte infusion) targeting them to treat a variety of existing cancers and even prevent relapse.

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