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Effects of L-dopa on expression of prolactin and synaptotagmin IV in 17[beta]-estradiol-induced prolactinomas of ovariectomized hemiparkinsonian rats. Zorovic, Maja; Kolmancic, Kaja; Zivin, Marko Report Nov 1, 2021 6727
A Timely Update of Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Classification in the Diagnosis and Risk Assessment of Endometrial Carcinomas. Wang, Minhua; Hui, Pei Report Nov 1, 2021 6632
Endosalpingiosis Is Negative for GATA3: A Useful Marker for Distinguishing Metastatic Breast Carcinoma From a Benign Mimicker. White, Marissa J.; Vang, Russell; Argani, Pedram; Cimino-Mathews, Ashley Report Nov 1, 2021 3155
Realizing the promise of digital pathology. McClintock, David Nov 1, 2021 1647
IMMUNOHISTOCHEMICAL EXPRESSION OF BRAFV600E IN MELANOMA CASES. Muhammad Umer Ch, Farhan Akhtar, Nighat Jamal, Rabia Ahmad, Sumaira Buksh and Hamza Mansur Oct 31, 2021 2493
Evaluation of Molecular Positive Margins Using Surrogate P53 and Retinoblastoma Protein Expression and Correlation with Surgical Outcomes in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Thakur, Bimlesh; Singhal, Ashish; Agarwal, Akash; Hadi, Rahat; Puttaswamy, Rajshekar; Hussain, Nuzha Oct 18, 2021 4276
Oestrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor Expression on Epithelial Tumours of Ovary and Correlation with Their Clinicopathological Features. Soumya, Jose; Seena, A.R. Oct 18, 2021 2179
Clinicopathological and Prognostic Significance of Klotho and Estrogen Receptors Expression in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Huang, Shu; Wang, Wei; Cheng, Yajun; Lin, Jie; Wang, Min Report Oct 1, 2021 5000
Significance of chromogranin A and synaptophysin in medullary thyroid carcinomas. Tomita, Tatsuo Report Oct 1, 2021 5202
Clinicopathological Characteristics of Colorectal Carcinoma in Adults and Demonstration of Microsatellite Instability. Longkumar, Sungjemla; Seena, A.R. Report Sep 20, 2021 2476
Oral Pathology--The Soul of Dentistry. Singhal, Ishita; Dave, Aparna; Arora, Manpreet; Saluja, Pulin; Rai, Radhika Sep 13, 2021 3552
Human Papillomavirus Testing in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Impact of the 2018 College of American Pathologists Guideline Among Referral Cases at a Large Academic Institution. Ferguson, Donna C.; Mehrad, Mitra; Ely, Kim A.; Shinn, Justin R.; Lewis, James S., Jr. Report Sep 1, 2021 7176
Interobserver Variation of PD-L1 SP142 Immunohistochemistry Interpretation in Breast Carcinoma: A Study of 79 Cases Using Whole Slide Imaging. Hoda, Raza S.; Brogi, Edi; D'Alfonso, Timothy M.; Grabenstetter, Anne; Giri, Dilip; Hanna, Matthew G Report Sep 1, 2021 4041
CD8 T-Cell-Predominant Lymphocytic Esophagitis is One of the Major Patterns of Lymphocytic Inflammation in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Moiseff, Robin; Olson, Nicholas; Suriawinata, Arief A.; Rothstein, Richard I.; Lisovsky, Mikhail Report Sep 1, 2021 4498
Changing Trends in Dermatopathology Case Complexity: A 9-Year Academic Center Experience. Stagner, Anna M.; Tahan, Steven R.; Nazarian, Rosalynn M. Report Sep 1, 2021 2713
The spectrum of abdominal wall desmoid fibromatosis and the outcomes of its surgical treatment. Bombil, I.; Ngobese, L. Sep 1, 2021 2404
The Importance of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Expression in Carotid Body Paragangliomas. Yasan, Hasan; Kumbul, Yusuf Qagdas; Qris, Ibrahim Metin; Sivrice, Mehmet Emre; Okur, Erdogan Report Sep 1, 2021 3427
Characterization of Cancer Immune Landscape in Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma. Fei, Fei; Wang, Kai; Peker, Deniz Report Sep 1, 2021 3953
Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor of Testis Mimicking Testicular Malignancy. Camur, Emre; Yilmaz, Deniz; Camur, Arzu Develi Report Sep 1, 2021 1325
THE FREQUENCY OF MISMATCH REPAIR DEFICIENCY IN COLORECTAL CARCINOMA DETERMINED BY IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY. Maria Naseem, Muhammad Asif, Hafeez Ud Din, Muhammad Tahir Khadim, Ahmed Ahson Khan, Shahid Jamal an Aug 31, 2021 3069
Evaluation of Ki67 Expression in Relation to Tumor Stage and Fuhrman Nuclear Grade of Renal Cell Carcinoma and MUC1 Expression in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Ganesan, Sarumathy; Arumugam, Prathiba; Ilanchezhian, Nithya; Manickam, Saraswathi Aug 16, 2021 3775
Juniperus communis extract induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of colorectal adenocarcinoma in vitro and in vivo. Lai, Wen-Lin; Lee, Shan-Chih; Chang, Kai-Fu; Huang, Xiao-Fan; Li, Chia-Yu; Lee, Chien-Ju; Wu, Chun-Y Aug 15, 2021 6573
p-120 Catenin is a Useful Diagnostic Biomarker for Distinguishing Plasmacytoid and Sarcomatoid Variants From Conventional Urothelial Carcinoma. Acosta, Andres M.; Barletta, Justine; Sonpavde, Guru; Schnitt, Stuart; Hirsch, Michelle S. Report Aug 1, 2021 6997
Pan-TRK Immunohistochemistry: An Example-Based Practical Approach to Efficiently Identify Patients With NTRK Fusion Cancer. Conde, Esther; Hernandez, Susana; Sanchez, Elena; Regojo, Rita Maria; Camacho, Carmen; Alonso, Marta Report Aug 1, 2021 6529
-Hydroxybutyrate, One of the Three Main Ketone Bodies, Ameliorates Acute Pancreatitis in Rats by Suppressing the NLRP3 Inflammasome Pathway. Sahin, Erhan; N.Aykanat, Ezgi Bektur; Kacar, Sedat; Bagci, Ridvan; Sahinturk, Varol Report Aug 1, 2021 4690
Dishevelled family proteins (DVL1-3) expression in IUGR placentas. Sola, Ida Marija; Serman, Alan; Karin-Kujundzic, Valentina; Paic, Frane; Skrtic, Anita; Slatina, Pau Report Aug 1, 2021 4323
-Hydroxybutyrate, One of the Three Main Ketone Bodies, Ameliorates Acute Pancreatitis in Rats by Suppressing the NLRP3 Inflammasome Pathway. Sahin, Erhan; Aykanat, N.Ezgi Bektur; Kacar, Sedat; Bagci, Ridvan; Sahinturk, Varol Aug 1, 2021 5094
Single Institutional Experience on Orbital Inflammatory Pseudotumor: Diagnostic and Management Challenge. Derakhshandeh, Roshanak; Dimopoulos, Yiannis Petros; Goodglick, Todd Alan; Chanine, Joeffrey; Sabet, Report Jul 31, 2021 3121
Comparison of In Situ Hybridization, Immunohistochemistry, and Reverse Transcription-Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Testing in Tissue. Roden, Anja C.; Vrana, Julie A.; Koepplin, Justin W.; Hudson, Angela E.; Norgan, Andrew P.; Jenkinso Report Jul 1, 2021 7987
Evaluating Estrogen Receptor Immunohistochemistry on Cell Blocks From Breast Cancer Patients in a Low-Resource Setting. Kimambo, Asteria H.; Vuhahula, Edda A.; Mwakigonja, Amos R.; Ljung, Britt-Marie; Zhang, Li; Van Loon Report Jul 1, 2021 6016
Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Protein Expression Is More Frequent in Acral Lentiginous Melanoma Than in Other Types of Cutaneous Melanoma. Cho, Woo Cheal; Wang, Wei-Lien; Milton, Denai R.; Ingram, Davis R.; Nagarajan, Priyadharsini; Curry, Report Jul 1, 2021 5778
Telepathology Practice in Cancer Diagnosis in Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital--Tanguieta, Benin. Azakpa, Assogba Leopold; Priuli, Friar Florent; Ndayake, Essodina; Ganhouingnon, Eric; Gonzalez-Rodi Report Jul 1, 2021 4443
HER2 Testing for Breast Cancer in the Genomics Laboratory: A Sea Change for Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization. Geiersbach, Katherine B.; Sill, Daniel R.; Meyer, Reid G.; Yuhas, Jason A.; Sukov, William R.; Mouna Report Jul 1, 2021 3192
Quantitative Impact of the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)/College of American Pathologists (CAP) Practice Guideline Update on Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Testing in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Analysis. Wei, Christina H.; Garcia, Lino; Murata-Collins, Joyce; Schmolze, Daniel; Apple, Sophia Report Jul 1, 2021 2951
Uncommon Cervical Lesions: A Review and Discussion of the Differential Diagnosis. Griesinger, Laurie M.; Szczepanski, Julianne M.; McMullen, Emily R.; Skala, Stephanie L. Report Jul 1, 2021 7903
Corrective effect of verbascoside on histomorphological differences and oxidative stress in colon mucosa of rats in which colon ischemia-reperfusion injury was induced. Deger, Ayse Nur; Ozyigit, Filiz; Kocak, Fatma Emel; Bayhan, Zulfu; Zeren, Sezgin; Arik, Ozlem; Deger Jul 1, 2021 5978
Corrective Effect of Verbascoside on Histomorphological Differences and Oxidative Stress in Colon Mucosa of Rats in Which Colon Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury was Induced. Deger, Ayse Nur; Ozyigit, Filiz; Kocak, Fatma Emel; Bayhan, Zulfu; Zeren, Sezgin; Arik, Ozlem; Deger Report Jul 1, 2021 5449
LEVEL OF ERRORS, CHANGE IN DIAGNOSIS AND THEIR IMPACT ON MANAGEMENT IN CASES REFERRED FOR SECOND OPINION. Madeeha Anwar, Muhammad Asif, Rabia Ahmed, Muhammad Tahir Khadim, Shahid Jamal and Hamza Mansur Jun 30, 2021 2566
IMMUNOHISTOCHEMICAL EXPRESSION OF P16 IN LOW GRADE UROTHELIAL CARCINOMA. Muhammad Umar Ch, Farhan Akhtar, Nighat Jamal, Hamza Mansur, Nozaif Sarwar and Yusra Saleem Jun 30, 2021 2203
Effects of Nogo-A and its receptor on the repair of sciatic nerve injury in rats. Jiang, Junjie; Yu, Yuanchen; Zhang, Zhiwu; Ji, Yuan; Guo, Hong; Wang, Xiaohua; Yu, Shengjun Jun 30, 2021 4148
Histologic and Immunohistochemical Evaluation of 65 Placentas From Women With Polymerase Chain Reaction-Proven Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Infection. Levitan, Daniel; London, Viktoriya; McLaren, Rodney A., Jr.; Mann, Justin David; Cheng, Ke; Silver, Report Jun 1, 2021 6567
Triple-Positive Breast Carcinoma: Histopathologic Features and Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy. Zeng, Jennifer; Edelweiss, Marcia; Ross, Dara S.; Xu, Bin; Moo, Tracy-Ann; Brogi, Edi; D'Alfonso, Ti Report Jun 1, 2021 5549
Reevaluation of Salivary Lymphadenoma: A Subgroup Identified as Warthin-like Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma Following Molecular Investigation for MAML2 Rearrangement. Zhang, Chunye; Gu, Ting; Hu, Yuhua; Sun, Jingjing; Xia, Ronghui; Tian, Zhen; Wang, Lizhen; Li, Jiang Report Jun 1, 2021 4776
Effect of Chronic Administration of Date Palm Seeds Extract on Some Biochemical Parameters, Oxidative Status and Caspase-3 Expression in Female Albino Rats. Mahmoud, Hany S.; Zeidan, Dalia W.; Almallah, Amani A.; Hassan, Abeer Gaffer Ali; Khalil, Waleed F.; Report Jun 1, 2021 4230
Effect of Methylcobalamin on Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels (VGSCS) Expression in Neuropathic Pain animal Model. Mutiawati, Endang; Meliala, K.R.T. Lucas; Partadiredja, Ginus; Adji, Dhirgo; Wasito, Raden Report Jun 1, 2021 3024
Raloxifene inhibits the overexpression of TGF-[beta]1 in cartilage and regulates the metabolism of subchondral bone in rats with osteoporotic osteoarthritis. Ping, Shao-Hua; Tian, Fa-Ming; Liu, Hao; Sun, Qi; Shao, Li-Tao; Lian, Qiang-Qiang; Zhang, Liu Report Jun 1, 2021 5912
ANKRD22 enhances breast cancer cell malignancy by activating the Wnt/[beta]-catenin pathway via modulating NuSAPt expression. Wu, Yange; Liu, Hongxia; Gong, Yufeng; Zhang, Bo; Chen, Wenxiu Report Jun 1, 2021 5255
Epithelial Membrane Antigen, Vimentin, Desmin, Calretinin, E-Cadherin on Cell Block Preparations to Distinguish Well Differentiated Adenocarcinoma from Benign, Reactive, Atypical Mesothelial Cells. Jaiswal, Neha; Makrande, Jayant; Vagha, Sunita May 3, 2021 4794
Distribution of subtypes and immunophenotypic characterization of 1379 cases of paediatric acute leukaemia. Saba Jamal, Fatima Meraj, Neelum Mansoor, Sadia Parveen, Ameerah Shaikh and Naeem Jabbar May 1, 2021 3339
Rare Variant of Adult Rhabdomyosarcoma Presenting as a Palatal Swelling. Hafiz Aamer Iqbal, Rabia Anjum and Nadia Naseem May 1, 2021 1493
Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis With Trophoblast Necrosis Is a Risk Factor Associated With Placental Infection From Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Intrauterine Maternal-Fetal Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Transmission in Live-Born and Stillborn Infants. Schwartz, David A.; Baldewijns, Marcella; Benachi, Alexandra; Bugatti, Mattia; Collins, Rebecca R.J. Report May 1, 2021 8574
Initial Evaluation of Rapid, Direct-to-Digital Prostate Biopsy Pathology. Torres, Richard; Olson, Eben; Homer, Robert; Martin, Darryl T.; Levene, Michael J.; Perincheri, Sudh Report May 1, 2021 5663
PAX8 Expression And Its Associations in Primary Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Cross Sectional Study. Ahmed Zamir, Farhan Akhtar, Samina Waqar and Aminah Hanif Apr 30, 2021 2420
Can CXCL13 be a Prognostic Marker in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma? Sayar, Esma; Coban, Ganime Report Apr 1, 2021 316
Do INI1 and E-cadherin Expression Loss Have Any Significance in Endometrial Carcinomas? Karabag, Sevil Report Apr 1, 2021 3742
Characterization of DDX4 Gene Expression in Human Cases with Non-Obstructive Azoospermia and in Sterile and Fertile Mice. Azizi, Hossein; NiaziTabar, Amirreza; Mohammadi, Atiyeh; Skutella, Thomas Apr 1, 2021 3598
Safety Study of Xenogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cells Seeded Rat Dermal Matrix in Healing of Skin Defects. Mathew, D.D.; Sharma, A.K.; Kumar, Naveen; Kumar, Vineet; Maiti, S.K.; Remya, V.; Mohsina, A.; Arvin Report Apr 1, 2021 9975
Expression of CK-19 in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and Its Association with Prognostic Factors--A Cross-Sectional Study. V.J., Revathy; Kumar A., Sarath Mar 15, 2021 3377
Morphology and one immunohistochemical marker are enough for diagnosis of primary thyroid angiosarcoma. Negura, Ion; Badescu, Minerva Codruta; Rezus, Ciprian; Danila, Radu; Florescu, Alexandru Florin; Bla Report Mar 1, 2021 3224
Co-Expression of LGR5 and CD133 Cancer Stem Cell Predicts a Poor Prognosis in Patients With Gastric Cancer. Wattanawongdon, Wareeporn; Bathpho, Theeraya Simawaranon; Tongtawee, Taweesak Mar 1, 2021 4245
Co-Expression of LGR5 and CD133 Cancer Stem Cell Predicts a Poor Prognosis in Patients With Gastric Cancer. Wattanawongdon, Wareeporn; Bathpho, Theeraya Simawaranon; Tongtawee, Taweesak Report Mar 1, 2021 4239
A CASE OF INFILTRATING LOBULAR CARCINOMA OF THE BREAST WITH GASTRIC METASTASIS 22 YEARS AFTER INITIAL SURGERY. Hanafiah, Mohammad; Sidek, Sabrilhakim; Low, Soo Fin; Ngiu, Chai Soon Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 2003
Immunohistochemical Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 and Its Relationship With Prognostic Parameters in Breast Cancer. Tekin, Leyla; Celik, Serkan Yasar Mar 1, 2021 3265
Association of CDH1 -160 C [right arrow] A and -347 G[right arrow] GA polymorphisms and expression of E-cadherin and gastric cancer: A case-control study. Akcakaya, Adem; Unver, Nurcan; Kiris, Tugba Aydogan; Guzel, Mehmet; Akcakaya, Fatma Betul; Cakmakogl Report Mar 1, 2021 5791
Determination of the Expression of Latent Epstein Barr Virus in Omani Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients. Shidhani, Sheikha Nasser Said Al-; Sinawi, Shadia Al-; Bahri, Maiya Al; Kindi, Masoud Al; Mabruk, Mo Report Mar 1, 2021 3983
Relationship of ER, PR, HER2 / neu with Other Prognostic Factors in Breast Cancer along with the Role of Androgen Receptor in Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Khan, Arshi; Malik, Reeni; Jain, Pramila; Verma, Deepshikha; Newasker, Vedanti Feb 22, 2021 2893
Utility of Immunohistochemistry for MUC4 and GATA3 to Aid in the Distinction of Pleural Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma From Pulmonary Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. Terra, Simone B.S.P.; Roden, Anja C.; Aubry, Marie Christine; Yi, Eunhee S.; Boland, Jennifer M. Report Feb 1, 2021 3827
Multinational Retrospective Central Pathology Review of Neuroblastoma: Lessons Learned to Establish a Regional Pathology Referral Center in Resource-Limited Settings. Santiago, Teresa; Polanco, Ana C.; Fuentes-Alabi, Soad; Hayes, Caleb; Orellana, Elizabeth; Gomero, B Report Feb 1, 2021 6797
Evaluation of Positive B- and T-Cell Gene Rearrangement Studies in Patients With Negative Morphology, Flow Cytometry, and Immunohistochemistry. Mendoza, Hadrian; Tormey, Christopher A.; Siddon, Alexa J. Report Feb 1, 2021 3106
Investigation of Cytomegalovirus in Intestinal Tissue in a Country With High CMV Seroprevalence. Hazir-Konya, Hande; Avkan-Oguz, Vildan; Akpinar, Hale; Sagol, Ozgul; Sayiner, Arzu Clinical report Feb 1, 2021 5966
Predicting Mucosal Proliferation in Ulcerative Colitis by Assessing Mucosal Vascular Pattern Under Narrow Band Imaging Colonoscopy. Guo, Tao; Qian, Jia-Ming; Yang, Ai-Ming; Li, Yue; Zhou, Wei-Xun Feb 1, 2021 4214
Investigation of Cytomegalovirus in Intestinal Tissue in a Country With High CMV Seroprevalence. Hazir-Konya, Hande; Avkan-Oguz, Vildan; Akpinar, Hale; Sagolv, Ozgul; Sayiner, Arzu Report Feb 1, 2021 5889
Predicting Mucosal Proliferation in Ulcerative Colitis by Assessing Mucosal Vascular Pattern Under Narrow Band Imaging Colonoscopy. Guo, Tao; Qian, Jia-Ming; Yang, Ai-Ming; Li, Yue; Zhou, Wei-Xun Report Feb 1, 2021 4187
Bioinformatics analysis reveals TSPAN1 as a candidate biomarker of progression and prognosis in pancreatic cancer. Ma, Chenhui; Cui, ZeLong; Wang, YiChao; Zhang, Lei; Wen, JunYe; Guo, HuaiBin; Li, Na; Zhang, WanXing Report Feb 1, 2021 6159
Immunohistochemical Study of BCL2 Protein, Oestrogen Receptor Alpha and Oestrogen Receptor Beta Expression in Adenocarcinoma Prostate and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Appukuttan, Aria Jyothi Report Jan 25, 2021 4975
Malignant Phyllode Tumour with Heterologous Sarcomatous Differentiation--A Rare Case Report. Kediya, Anup Shivom; Agrawal, Anil Kalyandas; Bhake, Arvind Shridharrao; Noman, Obaid Jan 25, 2021 1696
Caprion-HistoGeneX Acquires Histology and Immunohistochemistry Services Provider Mosaic Laboratories. Jan 14, 2021 375
Caprion-HistoGeneX Acquires Histology and Immunohistochemistry Services Provider Mosaic Laboratories. Jan 14, 2021 347
Placental Morphology and Cellular Characteristics in Stillbirths in Women With Diabetes and Unexplained Stillbirths. Kerby, Alan; Shingleton, Daniel; Batra, Gauri; Sharps, Megan C.; Baker, Bernadette C.; Heazell, Alex Report Jan 1, 2021 5923
SMARCA4/BRG1-Defident Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinomas: A Case Series and Review of the Literature. Nambirajan, Aruna; Singh, Varsha; Bhardwaj, Nishu; Mittal, Saurabh; Kumar, Sunil; Jain, Deepali Report Jan 1, 2021 6415
Intrahepatic Expression of C-C Motif ligand 5 in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B. Zhao, Xiang-An; Wang, Jian; Chang, Haiyan; Liu, Yong; Chen, Yuxin; Chen, Guangmei; Huang, Rui; Wu, C Jan 1, 2021 3352
Leptin Influence Cholelithiasis Formation by Regulating Bile Acid Metabolism. Wen, Jian; Jiang, Yu; Lei, Zhengming; He, Jingyu; Ye, Mingxin; Fu, Wenguang Jan 1, 2021 4339
Intrahepatic Expression of C-C Motif ligand 5 in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B. Zhao, Xiang-An; Wang, Jian; Chang, Haiyan; Liu, Yong; Chen, Yuxin; Chen, Guangmei; Huang, Rui; Wu, C Report Jan 1, 2021 3318
Leptin Influence Cholelithiasis Formation by Regulating Bile Acid Metabolism. Wen, Jian; Jiang, Yu; Lei, Zhengming; He, Jingyu; Ye, Mingxin; Fu, Wenguang Report Jan 1, 2021 4211
Mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate partial bladder outlet obstruction-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition type II independent of mast cell recruitment and degranulation. Kadam, Rutuja; Wiafe, Bridget; Metcalfe, Peter D. Report Jan 1, 2021 4043
Adventitial Progenitor Cells of Human Great Saphenous Vein Enhance the Resolution of Venous Thrombosis via Neovascularization. Ling, Siying; Ma, Zhen; Teng, Yong; Jiang, Xuemei; Cheng, Junning; Li, Ruihao; Zhang, Mingyi Jan 1, 2021 9951
Gut Dysbiosis and Abnormal Bile Acid Metabolism in Colitis-Associated Cancer. Liu, Li; Yang, Min; Dong, Wenxiao; Liu, Tianyu; Song, Xueli; Gu, Yu; Wang, Sinan Jan 1, 2021 7041
Shi-Zhen-An-Shen Decoction, a Herbal Medicine That Reverses Cuprizone-Induced Demyelination and Behavioral Deficits in Mice Independent of the Neuregulin-1 Pathway. Ma, Chao; Wu, Yan; Liu, Xinyao; He, Yi; Jia, Yuan; Chen, Pei; Yin, Dongqing Jan 1, 2021 7923
Transplantation of Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improves Cartilage Repair in a Rabbit Model. Yang, Guihua; Shao, Jiashen; Lin, Jiachen; Yang, Haixia; Jin, Jing; Yu, Chenxi; Shen, Bo Jan 1, 2021 5315
Schistosoma japonicum Infection in Treg-Specific USP21 Knockout Mice. Zhang, Youxiang; Xiong, De-Hui; Li, Yangyang; Xu, Guina; Zhang, Baoxin; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Shan Jan 1, 2021 10030
A Systematic Review of Lymphangioleiomyomatosis on Diagnosis and Molecular Mechanism. Dong, Xiaotong; Jin, Lvcheng; Wang, Ailan; Wu, Liping; Fan, Xintong; Hou, Qian; Li, Tianbao Report Jan 1, 2021 6005
, D-Leu[sup.5]] Enkephalin Inhibits TLR4/NF-? B Signaling Pathway and Protects Rat Brains against Focal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. Fu, Danyun; Liu, Haitong; Zhu, Jiang; Xu, Hongjiao; Yao, Junyan Jan 1, 2021 5986
Pretreatment with S-Nitrosoglutathione Attenuates Septic Acute Kidney Injury in Rats by Inhibiting Inflammation, Oxidation, and Apoptosis. Fan, Heng; Le, Jian-wei; Sun, Min; Zhu, Jian-hua Jan 1, 2021 4332
Effects and Mechanisms of Cutting Upper Thoracic Sympathetic Trunk on Ventricular Rate in Ambulatory Canines with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation. Cai, Jie; Tang, Min; Liu, Hao; Ding, Shiao; Lu, Rongxin; Wang, Wei; Ma, Nan Jan 1, 2021 3995
Downregulated mRNA Expression of ZNF385B Is an Independent Predictor of Breast Cancer. Yan, Ning; Liu, Cong; Tian, Fang; Wang, Ling; Wang, Yimin; Yang, Zhaoying; Jiao, Yan Jan 1, 2021 5938
Angelica Polysaccharide Ameliorates Sepsis-Induced Acute Lung Injury through Inhibiting NLRP3 and NF-? B Signaling Pathways in Mice. Zhu, Yan; Meng, Taocheng; Sun, Aichen; Li, Jintao; Li, Jinlai Jan 1, 2021 4977
Protective Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on Axon Degeneration after Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy. Sri Dewi Untari, Ni Komang; Kusumastuti, Kurnia; Suryokusumo, Guritno; Sudiana, I Ketut Jan 1, 2021 6139
Mangiferin Ameliorates HFD-Induced NAFLD through Regulation of the AMPK and NLRP3 Inflammasome Signal Pathways. Yong, Zhang; Ruiqi, Wang; Hongji, Yao; Ning, Ma; Chenzuo, Jiang; Yu, Zhou; Zhixuan, Xia Jan 1, 2021 8562
GNG4 Promotes Tumor Progression in Colorectal Cancer. Liang, Liang; Huang, Jun; Yao, Ming; Li, Lei; Jin, Xiao-Jian; Cai, Xiao-Yong Jan 1, 2021 3387
RON Mediates Tumor-Promoting Effects in Endometrial Adenocarcinoma. Yu, Qin; Wang, Jianzhang; Li, Tiantian; Xu, Xinxin; Guo, Xinyue; Ding, Shaojie; Zhu, Libo Jan 1, 2021 5483
Adenosine A1 Receptor Deficiency Aggravates Extracellular Matrix Accumulation in Diabetic Nephropathy through Disturbance of Peritubular Microenvironment. Tian, Dongli; Li, Jiaying; Zou, Linfeng; Lin, Min; Shi, Xiaoxiao; Hu, Yuting; Lang, Jiaxin Jan 1, 2021 6112
Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Mixed with Hyaluronan Transplantation Decreased Cartilage Destruction in a Rabbit Osteoarthritis Model. Chang, Yu-Hsun; Ding, Dah-Ching; Wu, Kun-Chi Jan 1, 2021 7208
B7-H4 Expression in Precancerous Lesions of the Uterine Cervix. Zhang, Qianqian; Zong, Liju; Zhang, Hui; Xie, Wei; Yang, Fan; Sun, Wenwen; Cui, Baoxia Jan 1, 2021 4904
Upregulation of Nei-Like DNA Glycosylase 3 Predicts Poor Prognosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Wu, Dongyu; Zhang, Guangcong; Ma, Jiamei; Wu, Hongfen; Xiong, Ju; Huang, Xiaoxi; Tian, Yuanyuan Jan 1, 2021 6207
Xianling Gubao Capsule Prevents Cadmium-Induced Kidney Injury. Huang, Jian; Ma, Xiao-tong; Xu, Duo-duo; Yao, Bao-jin; Zhao, Da-qing; Leng, Xiang-yang; Liu, Jia Jan 1, 2021 5526
N1, N12-Diacetylspermine Is Elevated in Colorectal Cancer and Promotes Proliferation through the miR-559/CBS Axis in Cancer Cell Lines. Mu, Teng; Chu, Tingguang; Li, Wenxin; Dong, Qianze; Liu, Yong Jan 1, 2021 7182
Recurrent Germline Mutations of CHEK2 as a New Susceptibility Gene in Patients with Pheochromocytomas and Paragangliomas. Gao, Yinjie; Ling, Chao; Ma, Xiaosen; Wang, Huiping; Cui, Yunying; Nie, Min; Tong, Anli Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 5615
The Dose-Dependent Effects of Spironolactone on TGF-ß 1 Expression and the Vulnerability to Atrial Fibrillation in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats. Tang, Mirong; Chen, Yan; Sun, Fuqing; Yan, Liangliang Jan 1, 2021 5295
Clinicopathological Analysis of Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix: A Single-Institution Retrospective Review of 9 Cases. Sagniç, Saliha; Birge, Özer; Bakir, Mehmet Sait; Karadag, Ceyda; Simsek, Tayup Jan 1, 2021 4138
Prognostic Significance of a Scoring System Combining p16, Smoking, and Drinking Status in a Series of 131 Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancers. Bouland, Cyril; Dequanter, Didier; Lechien, Jérôme R.; Hanssens, Charlotte; De Saint Aubain, Nicolas Jan 1, 2021 4035
KIF20B Promotes Cell Proliferation and May Be a Potential Therapeutic Target in Pancreatic Cancer. Chen, Jing; Zhao, Cui-Cui; Chen, Fei-Ran; Feng, Guo-Wei; Luo, Fei; Jiang, Tao Jan 1, 2021 5326
The Indication of Poor Prognosis by High Expression of ENO1 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung. Huang, Wan-Ying; Chen, Gang; Chen, Shang-Wei; Dang, Yi-Wu; Deng, Yun; Zhou, Hua-Fu; Kong, Jin-Liang Jan 1, 2021 6901
Immune Characters and Plasticity of the Sentinel Lymph Node in Colorectal Cancer Patients. Li, Xiaoyun; Tang, Jingling; Du, Hang; Wang, Xinjun; Wu, Liyun; Hu, Pingsheng; Zhang, Hua Jan 1, 2021 5984
The Value of Immune-Related Genes Signature in Osteosarcoma Based on Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis. Wang, Xin; Gan, Li; Ye, Ju; Tang, Mengjie; Liu, Wei Jan 1, 2021 8331
Knockdown of NOLC1 Inhibits PI3K-AKT Pathway to Improve the Poor Prognosis of Esophageal Carcinoma. Kong, Fanguo; Shang, Yansheng; Diao, Xingyuan; Huang, Jiaguo; Liu, Hui Jan 1, 2021 5011
Tacrolimus Protects Podocytes from Apoptosis via Downregulation of TRPC6 in Diabetic Nephropathy. Ma, Ruixia; Wang, Ying; Xu, Yan; Wang, Rui; Wang, Xianghua; Yu, Ning; Li, Minghui Jan 1, 2021 6792
CEP55 Positively Affects Tumorigenesis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Is Correlated with Poor Prognosis. Yan, Shu-Mei; Liu, Lili; Gu, Wan-Yi; Huang, Li-Yun; Yang, Yi; Huang, Yu-Hua; Luo, Rong-Zhen Jan 1, 2021 5914
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Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Modulate Fibrosis and Inflammation in the Peritoneal Fibrosis Model Developed in Uremic Rats. Costalonga, Elerson C.; Fanelli, Camilla; Garnica, Margoth R.; Noronha, Irene L. Jun 30, 2020 5426
The Efficacy of Processing Strategies on the Gastroprotective Potentiality of Chenopodium quinoa Seeds. Mariod, Abdalbasit Adam; Salama, Suzy Munir Jun 30, 2020 11074
Endothelial Plaques as Sign of Hyphae Infiltration of Descemet's Membrane in Fungal Keratitis. Qi, Xiaolin; Liu, Ting; Du, Man; Gao, Hua Jun 30, 2020 3189
HEATR1 Deficiency Promotes Chemoresistance via Upregulating ZNF185 and Downregulating SMAD4 in Pancreatic Cancer. Fang, Yuan; Han, Xu; Li, Jianang; Kuang, Tiantao; Lou, Wenhui Jun 30, 2020 5227
Glucocorticoid Receptor Expression Predicts Good Outcome in response to Taxane-Free, Anthracycline-Based Therapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Elkashif, Ahmed; Bingham, Victoria; Haddock, Paula; Humphries, Matthew P.; McQuaid, Stephen; Mullan, Jun 30, 2020 5719
RCC2 Expression Stimulates ER-Positive Breast Tumorigenesis. Wang, Weiqi; Xu, Bing; Zhang, Zhaoxu; Fang, Kehua; Chang, Xiaotian Jun 30, 2020 7049
Cognitive Protective Mechanism of Crocin Pretreatment in Rat Submitted to Acute High-Altitude Hypoxia Exposure. Zhang, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Xianjun; Dang, Zhancui; Su, Shanshan; Li, Zhanqiang; Lu, Dianxiang Jun 30, 2020 9010
PLP2 Expression as a Prognostic and Therapeutic Indicator in High-Risk Multiple Myeloma. Bai, Hua; Zhu, Yudi; Xu, Peipei; Chen, Bing Jun 30, 2020 4687
RANKL Is Involved in Runx2-Triggered Hepatic Infiltration of Macrophages in Mice with NAFLD Induced by a High-Fat Diet. Zhong, Li; Yuan, Jianghan; Huang, Lu; Li, Shan; Deng, Liang Jun 30, 2020 4777
Overexpression of 14-3-3[delta] Predicts Poor Prognosis in Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Patients. Wu, Qiao; Fan, Hua; Lang, Ren; Li, Xianliang; Zhang, Xingmao; Lv, Shaocheng; He, Qiang Jun 30, 2020 4065
Electroacupuncture Improves IBS Visceral Hypersensitivity by Inhibiting the Activation of Astrocytes in the Medial Thalamus and Anterior Cingulate Cortex. Zhao, Min; Wang, Zhaoqin; Weng, Zhijun; Zhang, Fang; Li, Guona; Ma, Zhe; Wu, Huangan; Xin, Yuhu; Liu Jun 30, 2020 5564
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Correlation of ROS1 Immunohistochemistry With ROS1 Fusion Status Determined by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization. Huang, Richard S.P.; Smith, Derek; Le, Catherine H.; Liu, Wen-Wei; Ordinario, Ellen; Manohar, Chitra Jun 1, 2020 5662
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Treatment with [beta]-elemene combined with paclitaxel inhibits growth, migration, and invasion and induces apoptosis of ovarian cancer cells by activation of STAT-NF-[kappa]B pathway. Xiaomeng, Fu; Lei, Lv; Jinghong, An; Juan, Jiang; Qi, Yue; Dandan, Yuan Jun 1, 2020 5243
A Brazilian regional basic diet-induced chronic malnutrition drives liver inflammation with higher ApoA-I activity in C57BL6J mice. Santos, M.J.S.; Canuto, K.M.; de Aquino, C.C.; Martins, C.S.; Brito, G.A.C.; Pessoa, T.M.R.P.; Berto Jun 1, 2020 5226
Qingxin Kaiqiao Recipe Improves Cognitive Performance, Inhibits Apoptosis, and Reduces Pathological Deposits in APP/PS1 Double Transgenic Mice via the PI3K/Akt Pathway. Lin, Shi-Yi; Wang, Tian-Qi; Xu, Lu-Ting; Lai, Xiao-Xiao; Shen, Yan; Lin, Jian- Wei; Gao, Shi-Yu; Hu, May 31, 2020 5817
Effect of Berberine from Coptis chinensis on Apoptosis of Intestinal Epithelial Cells in a Mouse Model of Ulcerative Colitis: Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress. Yan, Shen; Yingchao, Liu; Zhangliu, Wang; Xianli, Ruan; Si, Li; Siyi, Ni; Jihong, Zhong May 31, 2020 5036
Effects of Different Processed Products of Polygonum multiflorum on the Liver. Li, Ruo-Lan; Gao, Feng; Yan, Shu-Ting; Ou, Li; Li, Ming; Chen, Lin; Wei, Pei-Feng; Gao, Zong-Qiang May 31, 2020 5934
Experimental Study on the Effect of Aconite and Angelica sinensis on Myocardial Ischemia Rats with Yang Deficiency and Blood Stasis. Cao, Yongcang; Liang, Xiaodong; Li, Changyi; Chen, Tao; Li, Zhanling; Li, Wanfeng; Liu, Peipei; Li, May 31, 2020 5131
Yiqi Huoxue Recipe Improves Liver Regeneration in Rats after Partial Hepatectomy via JNK Pathway. Li, Wen-cong; Zhao, Su-xian; Ren, Wei-guang; Du, Hui-juan; Zhang, Yu-guo; Nan, Yue-min May 31, 2020 5413
Prognostic Impact of PD-1 and Tim-3 Expression in Tumor Tissue in Stage I-III Colorectal Cancer. Kuai, Wentao; Xu, Xinjian; Yan, Jing; Zhao, Wujie; Li, Yaxing; Wang, Bin; Yuan, Na; Li, Zhongxin; Ji May 31, 2020 7501
Identification and Validation of Prognostically Relevant Gene Signature in Melanoma. Gao, Yali; Li, Yaling; Niu, Xueli; Wu, Yutong; Guan, Xiuhao; Hong, Yuxiao; Chen, Hongduo; Song, Bing May 31, 2020 8217
Treatment with Minocycline Suppresses Microglia Activation and Reverses Neural Stem Cells Loss after Simulated Microgravity. Lin, Tian; Du, Juan; Liu, Li; Wu, Zheng; Kong, Xiangkai; Liu, Yu; Cai, Yiling May 31, 2020 6235
Periostin Mediates Oestrogen-Induced Osteogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells in Ovariectomised Rats. Li, Chunrong; Li, Xin; Wang, Xian; Miao, Pei; Liu, Jia; Li, Cuixia; Li, Doudou; Zhou, Weiwei; Jin, Z May 31, 2020 5279
Effect of COL4A1 Expression on the Survival of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Breast Cancer Patients. Wang, Shin-Mae; Chen, Po-Ming; Sung, Yu-Wen; Huang, Wei-Chieh; Huang, Hung-Sen; Chu, Pei-Yi May 31, 2020 3936
Prognostic Significance of the Tumor-Stromal Ratio in Invasive Breast Cancer and a Proposal of a New Ts-TNM Staging System. Xu, Qian; Yuan, Jing-Ping; Chen, Yuan-Yuan; Zhang, Hong-Yan; Wang, Lin-Wei; Xiong, Bin May 31, 2020 6776
Expression of Tumour-Associated MUC1 Is a Poor Prognostic Marker in Breast Cancer in Kumasi, Ghana. Manu, E. Atta; Bedu-Addo, K.; Titiloye, N.A.; Ameh-Mensah, C.; Opoku, F.; Duduyemi, B.M. May 31, 2020 4561
Engineering Quantum Dot (Cadmium Sulfide) on Antibodies for Fluoroimmunoassays. Lodhi, Madeeha Shahzad; Samra, Zahoor Qadir May 31, 2020 6625
Probiotics Can Boost the Antitumor Immunity of CD[8.sup.+]T Cells in BALB/c Mice and Patients with Colorectal Carcinoma. Mao, Jie; Zhang, Shu-Ze; Du, Peng; Cheng, Zhi-Bin; Hu, Huan; Wang, Shi-Yao May 31, 2020 4115
Enriched LPS Staining within the Germinal Center of a Lymph Node from an HIV-Infected Long-Term Nonprogressor but Not from Progressors. Huang, Lei; Deng, Jianning; Lang, Ren; Liao, Guoyang; Jiang, Wei May 31, 2020 2487
Successful Regulatory T Cell-Based Therapy Relies on Inhibition of T Cell Effector Function and Enrichment of FOXP3+ Cells in a Humanized Mouse Model of Skin Inflammation. Landman, S.; de Oliveira, V.L.; Peppelman, M.; Fasse, E.; van Rijssen, E.; Bauland, S.C.; van Erp, P May 31, 2020 6016
Upregulation of Phosphatase 1 Nuclear-Targeting Subunit (PNUTS) Is an Independent Predictor of Poor Prognosis in Prostate Cancer. Marx, Andreas; Luebke, Andreas M.; Clauditz, Till S.; Steurer, Stefan; Fraune, Christoph; Hube-Magg, May 31, 2020 6271
PPAR-Gamma Agonist Pioglitazone Reduced CD68+ but Not CD163+ Macrophage Dermal Infiltration in Obese Psoriatic Patients. Yemchenko, Ya.O.; Shynkevych, V.I.; Ishcheikin, K.Ye; Kaidashev, I.P. May 31, 2020 3675
IL-33 Inhibits Hepatitis B Virus through Its Receptor ST2 in Hydrodynamic HBV Mouse Model. Gao, Xiuzhu; Chi, Xiumei; Wang, Xiaomei; Wu, Ruihong; Xu, Hongqin; Zhan, MengRu; Li, Dong; Ding, Yan May 31, 2020 4858
[sup.99m]Tc-CXCR4-L for Imaging of the Chemokine-4 Receptor Associated with Brain Tumor Invasiveness: Biokinetics, Radiation Dosimetry, and Proof of Concept in Humans. Vallejo-Armenta, Paola; Santos-Cuevas, Clara; Soto-Andonaegui, Juan; Villanueva-Perez, Rosa M.; Gonz May 31, 2020 4327
From ACTH-Dependent to ACTH-Independent Cushing's Syndrome from a Malignant Mixed Corticomedullary Adrenal Tumor: Potential Role of Embryonic Stem Cells. Ramirez-Renteria, Claudia; Espinosa-De-Los-Monteros, Ana Laura; Etual, Espinosa-Cardenas; Marrero-Ro May 31, 2020 6158
Frequency of Mismatch Repair Protein (MMRP) Deficiency among Young Jordanians Diagnosed with Colorectal Carcinoma (CRC). Maraqa, Bayan; Al-Shbool, Ghassan; Abu-Shawer, Osama; Souleiman, Mamoun; Alshakhatreh, Osama; Al-Oma May 31, 2020 5995
Neuronal Differentiation in a Pituitary Macroadenoma with Focal Small Blue Round Cell Morphology: Report of a Rare Pattern. Alkhalidi, Hisham May 31, 2020 1545
Methotrexate-Associated Lymphoproliferative Disorder Developed Ectopically in the Maxillary Gingiva and Bilateral Lungs. Obata, Kyoichi; Okui, Tatsuo; Kishimoto, Koji; Ibaragi, Soichiro; Sasaki, Akira May 31, 2020 2600
Distribution and Prognostic Significance of Estrogen Receptor [alpha] (ER[alpha]), Estrogen Receptor [beta] (ER[beta]), and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER-2) in Thyroid Carcinoma. Mishra, Anjali; Kumari, Niraj; Jha, Chandan Kumar; Bichoo, Raouef Ahamed; Mishra, Shravan Kumar; Kri May 31, 2020 5016
Primary pulmonary arterial sarcoma treated with endostar injection and radiotherapy. Xu, Hui; Yang, Wenyu; Wu, Chenyun May 1, 2020 1651
Are There Any Sex-Depended Differences in Water Transporting Proteins of Choroid Plexus in Mice? Sozen, Berna; Aytac, Gunes; Demir, Necdet; Suzen, Bikem; Tanriover, Gamze Report May 1, 2020 2733
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Impact of the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology/College of American Pathologists HER2 Guideline Updates on HER2 Assessment in Breast Cancer With Equivocal HER2 Immunohistochemistry Results With Focus on Cases With HER2/CEP17 Ratio <2.0 and Average HER2 Copy Number [greater than or equal to] 4.0 and <6.0. Hoda, Raza S.; Brogi, Edi; Xu, Jin; Ventura, Katia; Ross, Dara S.; Dang, Chau; Robson, Mark; Norton, May 1, 2020 4537
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Succinate Dehydrogenase-Deficient Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors. Ibrahim, Ahmad; Chopra, Shefali May 1, 2020 3914
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Inflammatory cells in perivascular adipose tissue and the integrity of the tunica media in atherosclerotic coronary arteries. Zorc-Pleskovic, Ruda; Zorc, Marjeta; Suput, Dusan; Milutinovic, Aleksandra Report May 1, 2020 2842
An Unusual Simultaneous Existence of Parathyroid Carcinoma and Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: Case Report and Review of Literature. Lam-Chung, Cesar Ernesto; Rodriguez-Orihuela, Diana Lizbeth; Gonzalez, Jazmin De Anda; Gamboa-Doming Apr 30, 2020 3910
Expression and Significance of Immune Checkpoints in Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix. Zong, Liju; Zhang, Qianqian; Zhou, Yuncan; Kong, Yujia; Yu, Shuangni; Chen, Jie; Zhang, Youzhong; Xi Apr 30, 2020 4670
Clinicopathological and Prognostic Characteristics of Malaysian Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing TAC Chemotherapy Regimen. Aziz, Ahmad Aizat Abdul; Salleh, Md Salzihan Md; Ankathil, Ravindran Apr 30, 2020 3944
Interaction of Cyclooxygenase-2 with Helicobacter pylori Induces Gastric Chronic Nonresolving Inflammation and the Formation of Syndrome of Internal Block of Static Blood in Helicobacter pylori-Related Gastric Diseases. Dai, Yun-Kai; Zhang, Yun-Zhan; Li, Dan-Yan; Chen, Xu; Gong, Lin; Luo, Qi; Lan, Shao-Yang; Chen, Bin; Apr 30, 2020 5508
Establishment of a Human Gastric Cancer Xenograft Model in Immunocompetent Mice Using the Microcarrier-6. Bi, Yanzhen; Wang, Quanyi; Yang, Yonghong; Wang, Quanquan; Zhang, Kai; Zhang, Xiaobei; Cho, William Apr 30, 2020 4630
Resveratrol Plays Protective Roles on Kidney of Uremic Rats via Activating HSP70 Expression. Feng, Shandan; Wang, Jianjie; Teng, Jian; Fang, Zhan; Lin, Chongting Apr 30, 2020 4424
Prognostic Values of Transforming Growth Factor-Beta Subtypes in Ovarian Cancer. Zhou, Junhan; Jiang, Wenxiao; Huang, Wenbin; Ye, Miaomiao; Zhu, Xueqiong Apr 30, 2020 6913
Overexpression of BMPER in Ovarian Cancer and the Mechanism by which It Promotes Malignant Biological Behavior in Tumor Cells. Xi, Yong; Nie, Xin; Wang, Jing; Gao, Lingling; Lin, Bei Apr 30, 2020 5657
Gastric Glomus Tumor: A Clinicopathologic and Immunohistochemical Study of 21 Cases. Lin, Jun; Shen, Juan; Yue, Hao; Li, Qiongqiong; Cheng, Yuqing; Zhou, Mengyun Apr 30, 2020 3617
TRPV1 Contributes to the Neuroprotective Effect of Dexmedetomidine in Pilocarpine-Induced Status Epilepticus Juvenile Rats. Tan, Xingqin; Zeng, Yong; Tu, Zhenzhen; Li, Pan; Chen, Hengsheng; Cheng, Li; Tu, Shengfen; Jiang, Li Apr 30, 2020 5519
Protective Effect of Iridoid Glycosides of the Leaves of Syringa oblata Lindl. on Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Ulcerative Colitis by Inhibition of the TLR2/4/MyD88/NF-[kappa]B Signaling Pathway. Zhang, Yifang; Han, Dandan; Yu, Shen; An, Chiying; Liu, Xin; Zhong, Haijing; Xu, Yuan; Jiang, Lianzh Apr 30, 2020 5816
Superoxide Dismutase Mimic, MnTE-2-PyP Enhances Rectal Anastomotic Strength in Rats after Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy. Yang, Yu; Wang, Qi; Luo, Jiajun; Jiang, Yue; Zhou, Rui; Tong, Shilun; Wang, Zhihua; Tong, Qiang Apr 30, 2020 6113
Meloxicam, a Selective COX-2 Inhibitor, Mediates Hypoxia-Inducible Factor- (HIF-) 1[alpha] Signaling in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Zhou, Yinghong; Dong, Xiaofeng; Xiu, Peng; Wang, Xin; Yang, Jianrong; Li, Lei; Li, Zhongchao; Sun, P Apr 30, 2020 6162
Fibrillary Glomerulopathy with a High Level of Myeloperoxidase-ANCA: A Case Report. Asakawa, Tomohiko; Asou, Mea; Hara, Shigeo; Ehara, Takashi; Araki, Makoto Apr 30, 2020 2386
An Indole Alkaloid Extracted from Evodia rutaecarpa Inhibits Colonic Motility of Rats In Vitro. Wang, Guo-Xiang; Xiang, Yan-Li; Wang, Hong-Gang; Miu, Yang-De; Yu, Guang Apr 30, 2020 4402

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