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Immune dysfunction and immunotherapy in heart disease.


Immune dysfunction and immunotherapy in heart disease.

Ed. by Ronald Ross Watson and Douglas F. Larson.

Blackwell Futura


308 pages




Heart failure (HF) affects some five million Americans. Since there are currently no FDA-approved therapeutics for diastolic HF and those for systolic disease are considered palliative, Watson and Larson (both affiliated with the Sarver Heart Center, College of Medicine, U. of Arizona, Tucson) are among those seeking to develop immunomodulatory therapeutics to treat HF. In 28 chapters, international immunologists discuss such aspects of the multifactoral pathophysiology of HF as the roles of ultraviolet radiation, T-lymphocytes, and pro-inflammatory cytokines in disease progression; experimental models and clinical trials targeting such inflammatory mediators; and immune dysfunction relating to oral pathogens and diseases such as diabetes. Dietary markers of HF and the anti-inflammatory actions of antioxidants are also considered.

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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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