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Immolation'11: featuring the "biggest LAN gaming college event".

India, Oct. 11 -- "Hushed voices, silent footsteps, reload of a gun, reviving of engines, a gush of nitrous."

If all this is music to your ears then you belong here at the ultimate gaming arcade that is Immolation for the maniacs who just can't get enough of reality.

Immolation'11 at Aranya'11 is getting geared up to be the biggest LAN gaming event this year. Participants from all across India will gather at Thapar University, Patiala to attend this event.

Immolation means destruction and rightly so, this time it is going to vanquish every limit. It is going to be an experience of excitement, inducing pressure in the best of the best gaming pros, a feeling like no other, and we bet you'll love it.

FIFA, Counter-Strike, COD, Need for Speed, Age of Empires and DOTA, its all here. Counter-Strike is the oldest, and most popular - consequently the bar for this game is set very high - the moment you blink, you are gone. Then here's FIFA'11 for football freaks. Can't play it on the field? So what! Experience it virtually and feel the same pressure that players experience on the field.

For those who love to ride monsters and rule the roads, this event gives you the golden opportunity , play NFSMW and prove you are the king here and if its not enough then through games like DOTA and AOE II you can show your strategy skills. Besides this, it includes all night long LAN parties and hourly tournaments.

It is all about playing extreme, showing your best and guess what. Winners will get prizes worth a total of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. So where do you want to be? Let your heart do the reasoning!

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The following games are being organized under Immolation'11 from 13-15 October -

1. Counter strike 1.6 (5v5)

Prize -

1st prize (Rs 18K Cash ) + (Goodies)

2nd prize (Rs 8K Cash) + (Goodies)

2. Counter strike 1.6(3v3)


1st prize (Rs 6K worth Cash + Goodies)

2nd prize (Rs 3K worth Cash + Goodies)

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted


1st prize (Rs 3K Cash) + (Goodies)

2nd prize (Rs 1.5K Cash) + (Goodies)

4. FIFA 11


1st prize (Rs 3K Cash) + (Goodies)

2nd prize (Rs 1.5K Cash) + (Goodies)

5.AOE II (3V3)


1st prize (Rs 4K Cash) + (Goodies)

2nd prize (Rs 2K Cash)+(Goodies)

*will take place only if 10 clans or more participate



1st prize (Rs 6K worth Cash+ Goodies)

7. COD4 (5V5)


1st prize worth (Rs 20K worth Cash + Goodies)

2nd prize worth (Rs 8K worth Cash + Goodies)

*will take place only if 10 clans or more participate

8. DOTA (5V5)


1st prize (Rs20K worth Cash + Goodies)

2nd prize (Rs 8K worth Cash + Goodies)

*will take place only if 10 clans or more participate

Other fun games to be played at the event: Pocket Tanks and a very popular: IP Curve (Zataka).

Apart from these we will host LAN Parties every night for all those gamers who can't get enough of the games.

Further there will be HOURLY FRAG TOURNAMENTs every hour where gamers can win attractive prizes.

Complimentary XBOX Games to be played during the course of the event.

Total prizes worth Rs. 2.5 lakhs!


Address- Thapar University, Patiala


Venue- Cos Complex

Dates: 13-15 Oct,2011


Vivek Agrawal(+919878951470)

Ravi Garg (+918437165456)


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