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Immigration threats; LETTER FROM THE PAST.

COUN Meyrick Rees is to ask the Birmingham Trades Council to support his resolution which expresses concern at the dangers arising from the continued uncontrolled influx of immigrants to this city.

He grieves little notice was taken of Alderman Bowen when he advocated control years ago. Presumably, Coun Rees indicts the Socialist Party because, as the controlling party on our city council, his party determines local policy.

When I moved that a special committee be formed to investigate this serious matter, I was greeted by the Socialists with cries of 'colour bar' and 'little Fuehrer' and one of this Socialist speakers 'welcomed all immigrants to this city'.

Has it now become clear that the situation is deteriorating and threatens the economy and health of our city? I suggest that Coun Reese moves a stage further and brings his resolution before the council and public rather than the Trades Council. Coun Charles A Collett, Birmingham 11 Birmingham Mail, September 1, 1956
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jul 19, 2013
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