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Immigration problem; YourSay.

WHERE have they been, for years? We've been telling our leaders that we can't carry on with uncontrolled immigration, our social services cant cope, the infrastucture is grinding to a halt and we have neither the homes or the jobs to absorb the staggering numbers of people coming into Britain.

This wasn't about racism but sheer mathematical fact.

We hadn't put cultural or ethnic differences into the equations, just numbers. They didn't add up.

They wouldn't listen, and the old bogeyman of "racist" was used to undermine our arguments, but at last senior trade unionists, church leaders and politicians are seeing the dangers.

Tony Blair was wrong on Iraq and wrong on immigration. His policies on both are the legacy to his premiership.

ST Vaughan, Yardley Wood
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 13, 2010
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