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Declining US Birth Rate Adds Urgency To The Need For Smart Immigration Reform. May 13, 2021 714
Declining US birthrate requires immigration reform. May 12, 2021 700
Tough asylum approach is slammed by United Nations. May 12, 2021 208
UK to ban asylum for refugees who've been through France in Tory clampdown; New plans to overhaul the asylum system to deter people from making the perilous Channel crossing have been set out in the Queen's Speech. By, Lizzy Buchan May 11, 2021 290
Injustice faced by Windrush families; THE SCANDAL. May 9, 2021 240
Biden's not-so-humane immigration policies. May 9, 2021 620
Right way to help migrant families separated under Trump. May 6, 2021 772
The Right Way To Help Migrant Families Separated Under Trump. May 5, 2021 675
Activists call on Korean gov't to support building Myanmar refugee camp. May 5, 2021 620
Afghan, Iran borders to be sealed for inbound pedestrians from Wednesday. May 5, 2021 365
BORDER CONTROL | RT-PCR test result eyed for tourists entering the city. May 5, 2021 410
Taiwan tightens maritime border controls after Chinese man's illegal crossing. May 4, 2021 396
Who is really a patriotic Nigerian today? May 3, 2021 1211
Biden to start reunifying migrant families separated by Trump-era border policy. Reuters News Service May 3, 2021 340
NCOC decides to ban inbound pedestrian movement from Afghanistan, Iran. May 3, 2021 192
NCOC decides to ban inbound pedestrian movement from Afghanistan, Iran from Wednesday. May 3, 2021 203
NCOC reviews Land Border Management policy for Afghanistan, Iran amid COVID surge. May 3, 2021 279
NCOC reviews Land Border Management policy for Afghanistan, Iran amid COVID surge. May 3, 2021 279
Covid-19: Pakistan tightens border restrictions with Afghanistan, Iran. May 2, 2021 279
I lost one home to a war. Now I face losing another to cladding scandal... Syrian refugee fears huge repair bill EXCLUSIVE. JOHN SIDDLE May 2, 2021 692
Singapore bans Pakistani travellers from transiting or entering country. May 1, 2021 271
A hard Scotland-England border would be impossible to police warn politicians; The prospect of a hard border has alarmed community leaders either side of the Scotland/England dividing line, with one councillor warning of 'border guards in sentry boxes' and barbed wire being used to stop crossings. Joseph Anderson Apr 30, 2021 1113
AP Fact Check: Biden skews record on migrants, support for his spending plans. ELLIOT SPAGAT and JOSH BOAK Associated Press Apr 29, 2021 1355
Interior ministers of Estonia, Slovenia discuss EU internal security issues. Apr 29, 2021 603
Border control tightened as Vietnam eyes Cambodia, Laos outbreaks. Apr 28, 2021 776
Vietnam's southwestern provinces tighten border control amid rising Covid-19 threats from Cambodia. Apr 27, 2021 617
Stung Treng provincial governor continues to tighten border crossings as Laos' border province of Champasak erupts with Covid cases. Apr 27, 2021 177
Border crisis and environmental crisis. Apr 25, 2021 744
Hundreds stranded due to new border control policy. Apr 24, 2021 763
The 14th anniversary of death of babies from 'Bjelave' Children's Home marked. Apr 22, 2021 152
Why Kenya is on thin ice in its justification for sending Somali refugees back home. Apr 22, 2021 866
Nigeria tightens border over Chad security situation. Apr 22, 2021 578
Cops bust biggest marijuana grow-op in Taiwan's history. Apr 21, 2021 445
North Korea tightens antivirus measures in border city. Apr 21, 2021 163
Asylum to IPOB: UK replies FG. Apr 21, 2021 223
Nigeria Condemns UK's Plan To Grant Asylum To IPOB Members. Apr 20, 2021 352
Wrestler representing UK slams 'cruel' immigration policy after wife refused visa. Arab News Apr 17, 2021 457
Uncertainty at US-Mexico border: Lack of plan for migrants inflames tensions, heightens worries for asylees. Salgado, Soli Apr 16, 2021 2291
Ukip manifesto insults its 'bossyboots' rivals. Apr 14, 2021 842
US cuts deal with Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala on border security. Apr 13, 2021 257
Qatar has made great progress in reforming labour law and promoting migrant workers' rights: Ambassador. Apr 13, 2021 447
Qatar's labour reforms tangible: GCO. Apr 11, 2021 743
Qatar's labour reforms outstanding, tangible. Apr 10, 2021 743
UNHCR proposes new resettlement plan for refugees in Kenyan camps. Apr 9, 2021 436
Malaysia's borders still closed to foreign workers, says home minister. Apr 9, 2021 284
UNHCR proposes new resettlement plan for refugees. Apr 9, 2021 374
Zambales tightens border entry through S-PaSS travel management system. Apr 8, 2021 551
Nicky Gang: Authorities tighten border control, distribute members' photographs. Apr 5, 2021 265
South America tightens restrictions, closes borders as virus cases surge. Apr 2, 2021 626
Exploring Immigrant (In)Security: Arizona, California, New York, and Texas. Pedron, Stephanie Apr 1, 2021 8790
Korea to ease visa rules for skilled foreign IT, R and D workers. Mar 31, 2021 773
Cambodia lauded for migrant policies. Mar 28, 2021 382
On Ramadan and Passover, a reminder of how far we have come. Rabbi Marc Schneier Mar 26, 2021 1053
Asylum policy plays politics at expense of the vulnerable. DARREN MCGARVEY Mar 26, 2021 600
Planning, immigration ministers launch website of 'Nawart Baladk' initiative. Egypt Today staff Mar 26, 2021 426
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 208
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 208
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 208
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 208
Migrants plan 'misery'. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Mar 25, 2021 276
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 208
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 206
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 208
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 208
Patel plans UK asylum system overhaul. Mar 25, 2021 208
US' Biden pushes back amid quickly growing criticism over border policy. Mar 22, 2021 599
Biden Ends National Emergency Along Southern Border, Pushes Amnesty, Prompting New Immigration Crisis. Hoar, William P. Mar 22, 2021 1960
Tighten borders or we risk 3rd wave here, say experts. JOHN SIDDLE Mar 21, 2021 556
Good news for illegal American immigrants. Mar 21, 2021 629
Papua New Guinea imposes stricter restrictions as COVID-19 cases surge. Mar 19, 2021 172
Gibraltar rules out plans to house asylum seekers for UK. Mar 19, 2021 164
Gibraltar rules out plans to house asylum seekers for UK. Mar 19, 2021 164
Gibraltar rules out plans to house asylum seekers for UK. Mar 19, 2021 164
Gibraltar rules out plans to house asylum seekers for UK. Mar 19, 2021 164
US House passes immigration bills including pathway for 'Dreamers'. Mar 19, 2021 474
House OKs two bills on immigration. ALAN FRAM Associated Press Mar 19, 2021 404
Homeland Security head rejects GOP claims of border 'crisis'. BEN FOX and NOMAAN MERCHANT Associated Press Mar 18, 2021 842
Biden's border crisis to play key role in 2022. Dalia Al-Aqidi Mar 18, 2021 766
UK Government accused of 'lurching from one inhumane' proposal to another over plans to process asylum seekers abroad; The UK Government has been accused of "lurching from one inhumane' proposal to another over plans to process asylum seekers abroad. Alexander Brown Mar 18, 2021 410
Panic Grip African Migrants As German Government Begins Massive Deportation Of Nigerians Tomorrow. Mar 17, 2021 528
Nigerian Government's Border Closure Policy: Between Economy And Security. Mar 17, 2021 1071
Durbin: Outlook bleak on immigration bills. ALAN FRAM Associated Press Mar 16, 2021 375
Biden moves forward with open-door immigration policy. Why? Michael Barone Mar 14, 2021 807
Biden sticks with open-door immigration policy. Why? Mar 14, 2021 715
'Flawed' border policy affecting trade with Afghanistan: ANP. Ibrahim Shinwari Mar 11, 2021 556
Biden's first 50 days: Where he stands on key promises. ALEXANDRA JAFFE Associated Press Mar 11, 2021 1236
Immigration reform changed my life; now, let's help others. Mar 10, 2021 759
'Migrant president' Biden stirs Mexican angst over boom time for gangs. Reuters News Service Mar 10, 2021 787
BANG DOWN DOORS TO GET MORE JABS.. CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: SCRAMBLE Top prof in vaccines plea Hope as no new fatalities. TREVOR QUINN Mar 9, 2021 568
Buhari orders NIS to tighten security around borders. Mar 5, 2021 548
India tightens border security after 20 cross over from Myanmar. Mar 5, 2021 398
Buhari To Immigration Officials: Tighten Surveillance Around Our Borders. Mar 5, 2021 295
UN fears return to 'square one' in treatment of Rohingya by Myanmar. Ephrem Kossaify Mar 4, 2021 524
Tighten security around borders, Buhari orders Immigration Service. Mar 4, 2021 637
Plea to change 'hostile policy on immigration'. Mar 3, 2021 183
UN High Commissioner commends Egypt for inclusive refugee policies. Noha El Tawil Mar 3, 2021 461
DOES DEPORTATION INFRINGE RIGHTS? Draper, Kaila Mar 1, 2021 12215
A Year of Border Lockdown, and Counting: How Biden is defending a Trump-era immigration policy. Brown, Marcia Mar 1, 2021 2078
Reveal list of asylum seekers, refugees also deported to Myanmar, Immigration told. Feb 27, 2021 615
Malaysia deports over 1K Myanmar nationals, defying court order. Feb 25, 2021 430
Rights groups urge meeting with 1,200 Myanmar deportees. Feb 24, 2021 324
Executive orders on immigration just a start. Editorial Feb 19, 2021 916
Democrats unveil immigration reforms offering citizenship to 11 M. Feb 19, 2021 714
TOP NEWS: Democrats To Unveil Biden's US Immigration Reform Bill. Feb 18, 2021 406
Councillors throw out plans for asylum hostel. Feb 17, 2021 306
Pakistan introduces new visa rules, eases travel for health emergencies and work. Feb 16, 2021 635
On Immigration Expansion, Go Slow And Steady, One Step At A Time. Feb 16, 2021 784
Asylum seeker hostel plans are thrown out. GEORGE MAKIN Local Democracy Reporter Feb 16, 2021 273
Border policy is defended. Feb 15, 2021 569
UK's new COVID-19 border quarantine policy effective from 15 February 2021. Feb 15, 2021 189
UK's new COVID-19 border quarantine policy effective from 15 February 2021. Feb 15, 2021 185
Slovakia tightens seal on borders as country breaks Covid records. Feb 15, 2021 594
Visa categories reduced to 11, health emergency visa rules introduced. Feb 15, 2021 749
On Immigrants And Mobs. Feb 15, 2021 306
Border closure, meant to compel neighbouring countries to adhere to protocols, says Ali. Feb 14, 2021 677
Tightened border regime next week: State orders self-isolation and testing for all incomers. Feb 12, 2021 811
No planning permission for asylum seeker camp. AAMIR MOHAMMED AND RICHARD YOULE Reporters Feb 12, 2021 446
Asylum seekers plan for former barracks. Feb 12, 2021 191
Immigration Reform Shouldn't Ignore Enforcement. Feb 10, 2021 648
Borno plans to repatriate 9,800 refugees from Cameroon. Feb 10, 2021 226
Fears over crime scuppers asylum seeker bedsits plan; Controversial proposal rejected for HMO after objections from worried neighbours in street. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Feb 8, 2021 486
President ending deals restricting asylum. Associated Press Feb 7, 2021 328
What If Biden Can't Deliver For His Party's Left Wing? Feb 7, 2021 632
Au pairs warn new UK visa rules will lead to huge shortages. Feb 7, 2021 199
Border checks threat. ANDY PHILIP Feb 6, 2021 176
UK sets mid-February start for new hotel quarantine rules. Feb 5, 2021 419
Biden signs executive orders reversing Trump's anti-immigrant policies. Feb 4, 2021 826
[INTERVIEW] 'Korea needs to put immigration policies into action'. Feb 4, 2021 1004
Tighten borders to beat variants; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER Feb 3, 2021 605
Biden Signs Executive Orders Undoing Trump's Immigration Policies. Feb 3, 2021 292
I'll be the voice of migrants in Seanad; Councillor's plans for seat Ex-banker to fight racism. CIARA PHELAN Political Correspondent Feb 2, 2021 435
Step forward for 'new Scots' refugee plan. DAVID MCPHEE Feb 1, 2021 349
Immigration Ministry launches National Strategy for Egyptian Youth Abroad. Daily News Egypt Feb 1, 2021 364
Eastern Samar tightens border control vs ASF, bans live pigs, meat. Feb 1, 2021 183
Donahue Speaks: U.S. Chamber CEO urges A Rally For Recovery Through infrastructure And More. Kuhar, Mark S. Feb 1, 2021 642
IT'S TIME TO FIX GREEN CARD QUOTAS. Dalmia, Shikha Feb 1, 2021 683
Recent White House Actions on Immigration. Smith, Hillel R.; Santamaria, Kelsey Y. Feb 1, 2021 2388
The Trump Administration's "Zero Tolerance" Immigration Enforcement Policy. Kandel, William A. Feb 1, 2021 16942
Govt needs to rethink citizenship, immigration policies on foreign spouses to grow Malaysia's talent pool, says DAP MP. Jan 30, 2021 502
Congress has to seize moment to fix immigration. Jan 28, 2021 936
New rules for travelers to be announced today, says minister; It is expected everyone will have to quarantine in a hotel. By, Neil Shaw Jan 26, 2021 382
Kenyans in diaspora reject proposed investment Bill. Jan 26, 2021 856
Borders tightened as coronavirus curfew fury spills over. Jan 25, 2021 653
TOP NEWS: Borders Tightened As Coronavirus Curfew Fury Spills Over. Jan 25, 2021 401
GLOBAL BRIEFING: Borders Tightened As Covid Curfew Fury Spills Over. Jan 25, 2021 1161
GLOBAL TOP NEWS SUMMARY: Borders Tightened Against Coronavirus Threat. Jan 25, 2021 1525
Biden's immigration bill: who benefits? Jan 23, 2021 782
We should've had a border policy like our friends Down Under! With Geoff Ford Jan 22, 2021 380
Biden undoes Trump migration orders, pushes for major reform. Jan 22, 2021 751
Factbox: What's in Biden's immigration bill proposal? Jan 22, 2021 425
Viet Nam to tighten border controls to prevent spread of COVID-19. Jan 22, 2021 603
Biden Reverses Trump's Order Withdrawing US From WHO, Climate Change Accord, Others. Jan 21, 2021 853
On first day Biden issues orders undoing key Trump policies. Jan 21, 2021 856
Ministry plans to equip immigration officers. Jan 21, 2021 468
EU leaders weigh travel curbs over virus variant fears. Jan 21, 2021 449
If Biden Gets Congress To Act On Immigration Reform, He'll Be A Miracle Worker. Jan 21, 2021 696
Biden begins sweeping away immigration barriers, announces return of US to global climate accord. Reuters News Service Jan 21, 2021 1567
EU leaders weigh travel curbs over virus variant fears. Reuters News Service Jan 21, 2021 381
Biden hits the ground running with flurry of orders. Jan 21, 2021 595
Biden's proposal for immigration brings hope for migrants on Mexico-US border. Jan 21, 2021 480
Biden plans immediate US immigration policy reversal. LISA MASCARO and BILL BARROW Jan 20, 2021 540
Biden plans to reverse Trump policies during first days in office. Reuters News Service Jan 20, 2021 680
Biden immigration plan opposed by GOP, conservative groups. Fram, By Alan; Mascaro, Lisa; Press, Bill Barrow Associated Jan 20, 2021 921
Biden Plans Immediate US Orders On Immigration, Covid, Environment. Jan 20, 2021 216
Mideast mothers count days to Biden, visas to see children. Jan 19, 2021 792
Thousands of US-bound Honduran migrants cross border into Guatemala. Jan 16, 2021 515
IG: Justice bungled 'zero tolerance' policy. COLLEEN LONG Associated Press Jan 15, 2021 519
Britain tightens borders to keep out new COVID-19 variants. Reuters News Service Jan 15, 2021 320
Scientist calls for Scotland-England border shut down as new figures show half of second wave covid strain came from south; A top geneticist has called for the border between Scotland and England to be effectively shut down, citing a recent study which showed half of new Covid-19 strains responsible for Scotland's second wave came from south of the border. Elsa Maishman Jan 9, 2021 623
Brits abroad scramble to get home as airlines begin cancelling hundreds of flights; EasyJet, Jet2, Thomas Cook, Virgin and Tui have all announced plans to cut back on their services as Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announces plans to tighten the UK's borders. By, Milo Boyd Jan 8, 2021 588
MP calls for border checks to curb Covid-19. Jan 7, 2021 316
BiH Women's Network on the migrant crisis: Do not violate anyone's human rights. Jan 7, 2021 242
How the globe is tackling the virus spread amid new variants emerging. Jan 5, 2021 1518
How the globe is tackling the virus spread amid new variants emerging. MARK ANDREWS SENIOR FEATURES WRITER Jan 5, 2021 1525
How the globe is tackling the virus spread amid new variants emerging. MARK ANDREWS SENIOR FEATURES WRITER Jan 5, 2021 1525
Border tightened as new strain of COVID-19 virus detected in Vietnam. Jan 4, 2021 155
Japan Considers Declaring State Of Emergency To Combat Covid-19 Spread. Jan 4, 2021 307
Border tightened as new strain of COVID-19 virus detected in Vietnam. Jan 3, 2021 152
How Biden Can Use Federal Power to Liberate Localities: REVERSING THE GOP'S WAR AGAINST MUNICIPAL SELF GOVERNMENT WOULD BE GOOD POLICY AND GOOD POLITICS. Block, Daniel Jan 1, 2021 5009
Back and Forth. Leutert, Stephanie Jan 1, 2021 3322
Global Refugee Resettlement: Selected Issues and Questions. Margesson, Rhoda Jan 1, 2021 1738
Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visa Categories: Data Brief. Wilson, Jill H. Jan 1, 2021 2602
The Jews of Central and South America. Mariaschin, Daniel S. Jan 1, 2021 1717
What kind of immigration policy does Canada want? Richards, John Jan 1, 2021 516
Korea urged to fix immigration policies. Dec 31, 2020 1524
An Analysis of European Union Policy towards Syrian Refugees. Ameer Ayaz and Dr. Abdul Wadood Dec 31, 2020 6981
Taiwan to tighten border restrictions in New Year after detection of first cases of UK COVID-19 virus variant. Dec 30, 2020 173
Taiwan to tighten border restrictions in New Year after detection of first cases of UK COVID-19 virus variant. Dec 30, 2020 177
KSrelief, UN officials discuss plans to renovate schools for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Arab News Dec 28, 2020 515
Grand dialogue. Dec 27, 2020 902
The Costs of Closing DACA Initial Enrollments. Brannon, Ike; McGEE, M. Kevin Dec 22, 2020 3373
Our Best Immigration Policy. Schaefer, David Lewis Letter to the editor Dec 22, 2020 1370
Border tightened: Mandatory quarantine for everyone crossing Cambodia-Thai border after Thailand outbreak. Dec 21, 2020 1113
Trade expert tasks ECOWAS on border laws, policies. Dec 20, 2020 422
Desperate travellers turn to Eurostar as countries rush to impose UK travel ban; Travellers have booked last-minute Eurostar tickets out of the UK amid flight cancellations, closing international borders and a tightening of Covid-19 restrictions. Tom Pilgrim Dec 20, 2020 622
'They just created chaos' Travellers make last-minute trips on Eurostar as EU nations ban UK flights; Long, snaking line of passengers formed inside St Pancras station in central London on Sunday. By, Daniel Smith Dec 20, 2020 615
UK's 'migrant prison camps' NO WATER OR POWER AT MOD SITE FOR 300. EXCLUSIVE by Nigel Nelson POLITICAL EDITOR Dec 20, 2020 312
US Senate fails to pass Hong Kong refugee bill. Dec 19, 2020 552
BOI proposes new smart visa rules to lure foreign talent, digital nomads. Dec 15, 2020 428
BI backs COVID-19 passport. Dec 14, 2020 260
Malaysia to legalise migrant workers from 15 countries. Dec 10, 2020 517
Amnesty for illegal workers in Malaysia. Dec 10, 2020 597
Malaysia to legalise migrant workers from 15 countries. Dec 9, 2020 517
Could Trump's Legacy Be A More Lenient Immigration System? Dec 8, 2020 614
Ministers demand clarity talks over new immigration policy. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Dec 3, 2020 784
Ugandans, Tanzanians top list of migrants in Kenya - Survey. Nov 30, 2020 1012
Canada: ALTEC Leads Pathway To Easy Migration For Africans. Nov 30, 2020 395
Island fishermen 'betrayed' by PM. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Nov 28, 2020 391
Deported Mexican migrants dream of change under Biden. Nov 28, 2020 657
Iran's 'anti-human' migrant plan sparks anger in Kabul. Sayed Salahuddin Nov 28, 2020 671
Mayors of Baguio, Benguet end row on border control. Nov 27, 2020 564
Biden Plans Big Changes In Immigration System, But Some Won't Be Easy. Nov 22, 2020 917
Preparing for Biden's proposed immigration reforms. Nov 21, 2020 769
Going to Singapore? From Monday, all travellers leaving from Malaysia subject to 14-day quarantine at centres. Nov 21, 2020 667
Ismail Sabri: Wristbands for migrants just a proposal, will be presented to Security Council today. Nov 20, 2020 396
Baguio tightens border control anew as COVID-19 cases rise in nearby towns. Nov 19, 2020 399
Lawyers for Liberty: Asking migrant workers to wear identification wristbands evokes 'memories of Nazism'. Nov 19, 2020 309
Plan to tempt refugees back to Syria unlikely to succeed. Chris Doyle Nov 16, 2020 1079
Bills amending 1940 immigration law pitched for priority. Nov 16, 2020 568
Cebu City to tighten border controls anew due to sudden surge in COVID-19 cases. Nov 15, 2020 405
Beyond 'pastillas' scam, reform at Bureau of Immigration? Nov 14, 2020 2425
Some big, early shifts on immigration expected under Biden. BEN FOX and ELLIOT SPAGAT Associated Press Nov 12, 2020 919
Guevarra hopes BI modernization will address agency's corruption woes. Nov 11, 2020 265
Duterte ready to certify bills on immigration law update. Nov 11, 2020 510
LCCI Kicks As FG Exempts Dangote, BUA, Gas Firm From Border Closure. Nov 10, 2020 547
Gov't hopeful for more beneficial US immigration policy toward Pinoys. Nov 9, 2020 524
Under a Biden administration, PH hopes for shift in immigration policy. Nov 9, 2020 380
France proposes 'European Act' to fight terrorism, tighten borders. Francesco Bongarra Nov 6, 2020 540
Immigration announces 'one-strike policy' vs erring personnel. Nov 5, 2020 543
More could be done to help vulnerable refugees, MPs say. Elias Hazou Nov 3, 2020 310
U.S. 2020: Nigerian Voters Cite Immigration, Healthcare As Top Issues. Nov 3, 2020 704
[ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL] Korea urged to adopt open immigration policy. Nov 1, 2020 1406
Federal Regulation of Alien Employment and Preemption over State Laws. Smith, Hillel R. Nov 1, 2020 2251
Rivals debate immigration policies, racial issues. Russell Lissau Oct 29, 2020 540
This is breathtaking hypocrisy, Douglas; tory shame over meals for kids Leader hails Rashford campaign.. then snubs it. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Oct 28, 2020 364
Duterte wants speedy creation of OFW agency stuck for funding woes. Oct 27, 2020 824
Duterte wants separate agency for seafarers' welfare, prods Congress to create new dept. of overseas workers. Oct 27, 2020 446
On US-Mexico border, despair at system 'broken by racism'. Oct 27, 2020 710
Biden win is priced-in, as markets support 'Blue Wave' victory. fm Oct 24, 2020 353
Trump-Biden final debate: Covid, wind and Hitler. Oct 23, 2020 668
Parents can't be found for 545 children separated by US border policy. Oct 21, 2020 341
Supreme Court to review Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy; Trump's "Migrant Protection Protocols" policy, known informally as "Remain in Mexico", was introduced in January 2019. By, Neil Shaw Oct 20, 2020 523
Tory MPs vote down law that would ensure child refugees are helped after Brexit; Just six Tory rebels stood firm in a bid to keep a House of Lords amendment that would have put the EU's Dublin III Regulation into UK law. By, Dan Bloom Oct 20, 2020 870
Rivals debate immigration policies, racial issues and more in forum. Russell Lissau Oct 20, 2020 540
ED: A better home for the Rohingya. Oct 19, 2020 427
Taiwan all at sea on illegal fishing practices. Oct 18, 2020 472
Taiwan all at sea on illegal fishing practices. Oct 18, 2020 554
Sturgeon warns no return to normal yet. TOM PETERKIN, POLITICAL EDITOR Oct 16, 2020 659
WORLD FOOD DAY: Help the farmers keep our food chain growing. Oct 16, 2020 1359
Donald Trump told he has 'a lovely smile' in deeply weird moment at TV debate; In one of the weirdest moments of the campaign so far, the President was fully hit on by someone asking a question at the NBC town hall. By, Mikey Smith Oct 16, 2020 371
Tories branded 'inhumane' over plans to snare migrants' boats in nets; Clandestine Channel Threat Commander Dan O'Mahoney, of the Home Office, claimed the move could help return boats to France -but campaigners fear desperate refugees could threaten to jump overboard. By, Ben Glaze Oct 11, 2020 372
Thailand tightens border control to prevent import of COVID-19. Oct 10, 2020 333
Ryanair warns of Cork, Shannon base seasonal closures. Oct 9, 2020 325
Police, Armed Forces to tighten border control in Sabah. Oct 8, 2020 400
Cairo committed to protecting asylum seekers, refugees: Ministry. Mohammed Abu Zaid Oct 7, 2020 286
Japan to toughen visa rules amid fears of Chinese espionage. Oct 6, 2020 254
Egypt reaffirms commitment to protecting refugees. Daily News Egypt Oct 6, 2020 366
Patel's asylum plans 'make no sense'. OLIVER MILNE Oct 5, 2020 220
US includes Hongkongers in refugee admission plan for 2021. Oct 3, 2020 449
Patel plan for asylum seekers is blasted. TORCUIL CRICHTON Oct 2, 2020 279
Sturgeon fury at 'cattle pen' asylum plans. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE, WESTMINSTER CORRESPONDENT Oct 2, 2020 451
Israeli Agency Plans to Attract 250,000 Jewish Immigrants. Oct 2, 2020 156
Pelosi chronicles wins and losses, not her inner workings. Greene, Dana Book review Oct 2, 2020 924
Nigeria Immigration Introduces New Visa Policies For UK, US, UAE, France, 147 Other Countries. Oct 1, 2020 526
Deciphering the European Union's New Pact on Migration and Asylum. Oct 1, 2020 1782
Fury at Tories' 'vile' plans to put migrants on old ferries, islands and even oil rigs; Downing Street and the Home Office have failed to rule out a litany of leaked plans, from using disused oil rigs and ferries to sending asylum seekers thousands of miles away -and even a wave machine in the Channel. By, Ben Glaze & Dan Bloom Oct 1, 2020 771
First Surgery Benefiting a Refugee in Execution of a UNHCR/CNOM Agreement. Oct 1, 2020 356
Nicola Sturgeon responds to reports that UK Government plans to use Scottish island for refugee processing; First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has ripped into reported UK Government plans to process asylum seekers and refugees on a remote Scottish island that would see human beings treated "like cattle". Conor Marlborough Oct 1, 2020 579
Immigration Parole. Bruno, Andorra Oct 1, 2020 11608
Priti Patel looked at sending UK asylum seekers to remote volcanic island in the South Atlantic, according to report; Home Secretary Priti Patel ordered officials to explore plans for building an asylum processing centre on a remote volcanic island in the south Atlantic - more than 4,000 miles from the UK, it has been reported. Press Association Sep 30, 2020 361
Priti Patel 'wanted to send migrants to remote Atlantic island' 4,000 miles from UK; Officials were reportedly told to assess the feasibility of shipping out asylum seekers from the UK to Ascension Island, a British overseas territory in a move Labour has condemned. By, Gavin Cordon & Ryan Merrifield Sep 30, 2020 460
Asylum outsource plan 'Tory agenda gone mad' exclusive refugee rulings row Private firms lined up for crucial interviews. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Sep 28, 2020 345
'Wild' plan to privatise asylum seeker process criticised by SNP; A plan to outsource the interview process of asylum cases to a private contractor has been branded "deeply concerning" and a "wild" move by the UK Government. Gina Davidson Sep 28, 2020 548
ANGER AT SKY-HIGH PS4.7M BILL FOR PM'S DEPORTATION JETS; FURY AT TAXPAYER-FUNDED PRIVATE PLANES MSPs blast cost of flying 548 people from UK in year. John Ferguson / Political Editor Sep 27, 2020 586
ANGER AT SKY-HIGH PS4.7M BILL FOR PM'S DEPORTATION JETS; ROW OVER TAXPAYER-FUNDED PRIVATE PLANES MSPs blast cost of flying 548 people from UK in year. John Ferguson / Political Editor Sep 27, 2020 581
DoLE cites new minimum wage law in Qatar. Sep 27, 2020 350
China relaxes visa rules for select foreigners as COVID-19 seems under control. Sep 23, 2020 204
Health boss warns Brexit poses staffing level threat; ? Immigration policy risks 'long-term implications' for workforce. KIERAN BEATTIE Sep 22, 2020 357
European Commission to unveil 'cash-for-refugees' plan. Reuters News Service Sep 22, 2020 1022
Transnational Migration as a Strategy of Resistance among Refugees: The South Sudanese Diaspora in Canada. Teye-Kau, Mabel; Madibbo, Amal Report Sep 22, 2020 7832
Strategizing to Strengthen Social Inclusion: The Agency of Black African Immigrant Youth in Alberta, Canada. Zaami, Mariama Report Sep 22, 2020 8624
Woman accused of sending ricin to White House arrested. Balsamo, By Michael; Tucker, Eric; Press, Colleen Long Associated Sep 21, 2020 168
Berlin protesters say EU must let in migrants before bloc outlines plans. Reuters News Service Sep 20, 2020 323
Another cop succumbs to COVID-19; PNP death toll up to 17. Sep 19, 2020 169
Mobile application to be used to record data of tourists. Sep 18, 2020 439
US won't lay off 70% of USCIS. Sep 18, 2020 525
Kenyans abroad to enjoy state services just like locals if bill passed. Sep 17, 2020 536
DA3/4aferoviA: We have started resolving the migrant crisis. Sep 14, 2020 406
Crucial asylum reform dismissed as a 'damp squib'. Elias Hazou Sep 13, 2020 1120
Fury at Boris Johnson's plan to have 'opt-outs from human rights laws'; The Prime Minister is reviewing the Human Rights Act -signed more than 20 years ago -and is reportedly drawing up plans for exemptions in cases like migrants and asylum seekers reaching the UK. By, Dan Bloom Sep 13, 2020 531
How Europe's lofty values are drowning in a sea of migrants. Cornelia Meyer Sep 12, 2020 707

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