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Immigration issues.

I read with great interest your article "We the People Make This a Great Country" [Jul/Aug]. I agree that when our families came to America they worked, learned the language and contributed their talents, which made our country great. However, things changed along the line and immigrants came here to receive free education, food, medical coverage, and welfare or social security benefits without ever contributing to our great country. This makes it bad for those who do work hard and try to better themselves and contribute to the system. In the '50s, they had a quota as to how many people at a time could come here. My aunt waited a long time. She finally came and contributed to social security and paid her taxes. I am not the only one who feels this way.

Americans are being short-changed. They have no jobs, food, or shelter, and we continue to take care of everybody else. That is not what America is supposed to do. We offer opportunities for people to educate themselves and work hard to have a better life.

Mary LaFuardia, Coconut Creek, Florida

Editor's note: We invited Frederick Allen, author of the Jul/Aug immigration story to reply to your letter. He writes: "It is very hard for me to imagine that many people would have the heroic energy, ambition, and resourcefulness to take the great risk of leaving everything behind and moving to a new country, but then also have the complete lack of energy and ambition and resourcefulness that would leave them doing nothing more once here than going on the dole. And of course there is less free medical coverage here than in most developed nations, and no Social Security for anyone who never contributes to our country. The vast majority of immigrants work very long and hard to get anywhere above the bottom rung of society's ladder--which is why the usual complaint is that they are taking away our lowest level jobs, not that they are refusing to work."
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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:LaFuardia, Mary
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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