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Immigration is the issue.

SIR - Aled Blake seems the sort of decent person and good citizen you would like to encourage so why was his article of May 8 so regrettable? In a word, immigration. It would take a book and not a letter to explain fully why but in outline: This country is already very badly over-populated; Aside from our having far more modern equipment (not all of which does us any real good) the quality of life has gone down since 1945 and we have degraded our land and environment markedly; It would take only one of a number of possible disasters to see starvation here; Why can Germany produce more (excellent) doctors than it needs and we can't produce enough? Why can Poland produce (excellent) plumbers and technicians and we don't produce enough ? If our own manual workers don't want to do hard, dirty work out in the weather, either we don't pay them enough or there is something wrong with our work ethic. Importing workers is just a way of avoiding putting our own society right.

We still have something of Christian morality remaining so we ought to make room for people in danger of their lives, of course. However, many of the people fleeing from Africa and the Middle East are escaping from the results of our interference there.

We cannot take them all and we would do everyone a good turn if we tried to put right what we did wrong in those countries.

Talking of a multi-cultural society is like talking of a three-wheeled bicycle, it's a contradiction in terms.

Of course it is a natural duty to respect other people's ways and beliefs but if there is not a sufficient concensus on basic values then there is no society.

Talking of jingoism, discrimination and xenophobia is just dodging the real issues.

David Sage Waun y Felin, Penclawdd, Swansea

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 14, 2015
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