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Immigration, Trade, and the Labor Market.

Immigration, Trade, and the Labor Market, edited by John M. Abowd and Richard B. Freeman, is available from the University of Chicago Press for $49.95. This NBER Project Report focuses on the growing internationalization of the American labor market that began in the 1970s and 1980s.

Among the interesting findings of this project are: 1) Immigration into an area does not discernibly reduce the wages and employment of low-skilled native workers in that area. But increased imports reduce the pay and employment of workers in competing domestic industries. 2) There are far fewer illegal immigrants in the United States than has been reported in the media. Further, the immigrant share of labor force growth has been relatively moderate over the last 20 years or so because of increased entry into the labor market by natives.

Abowd is a research associate in, and Freeman is director of, the NBER's Program in Labor Studies. Abowd is also a professor of labor economics and management at Cornell University. Freeman is a professor of economics at Harvard University.
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Publication:NBER Reporter
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Date:Mar 22, 1991
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