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Health care for older immigrants gains steam Immigrant: More than 5,100 have applied to Illinois program since December. SOPHIA TAREEN Associated Press Jul 25, 2021 876
Health care for older immigrants gains steam. SOPHIA TAREEN Associated Press Jul 25, 2021 876
Mano a Mano works to provide vaccine facts to immigrants. Trey Arline Jul 23, 2021 299
End 'racism and trauma' suffered by immigrants; city centre rally opposes 'inhuman' home office policies. DANNY RIGG ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Jul 16, 2021 358
NSC: Cyber threats, influx of immigrants among 66 national security challenges. Jul 12, 2021 427
Irish-born priest gets immigrant award. Jul 11, 2021 748
Visual Impairments Among Immigrants Living in Northeast Turkey and Their Ocular Finding Differences Compared to the Local Population. Ugurlu, Adem; Icel, Erel; Tasli, Nurdan Gamze; Ucak, Turgay Report Jul 10, 2021 5342
Sisters are there to help newly arrived immigrants. Salgado, Soli Jul 9, 2021 1411
238 immigrants tried to cross Channel in seven incidents on Sunday; Record numbers of people have made the perilous journey across the English Channel in small boats so far this year. By, Neil Shaw Jul 5, 2021 512
German shepherd theology. Aja, Antonio "Tony" Jul 5, 2021 616
Supreme Court says some immigrants have no right to a hearing. Associated Press Jun 30, 2021 338
LOS DELIVERISTAS: After work conditions deteriorated, New York's immigrant bicycle couriers united to bring a revolution to the gig economy. Piser, Karina Jun 29, 2021 1117
Labuan's walk-in Covid-19 vaccination drive extended to immigrants. Jun 28, 2021 290
Our Voices: Navigating the Silences in Refugee and Immigrant Women's Narratives. Skillman, Amy E. Personal account Jun 24, 2021 4434
L'ecole francophone en milieu minoritaire est-elle apte a integrer les eleves immigrants et refugies recemment arrives au pays? Liboy, Malanga-Georges; Patouma, Judith Report Jun 22, 2021 8207
Relentless Border Walls: Challenges of Providing Services and Supports to Migrant Agricultural Workers in British Columbia. Caxaj, C. Susana; Cohen, Amy Report Jun 22, 2021 11714
Concerns over teaching of other cultures as study reveals students' attitudes to immigrants. Jun 16, 2021 369
Charity begins at home, Suhakam reminds Putrajaya amid govt's immigrant crackdown. Jun 14, 2021 314
'Coloured immigrants' banned from palace clerical roles until late 1960s. RUSSELL MYERS Royal Editor Jun 3, 2021 167
Association between Birth Region and Time to Tuberculosis Diagnosis among Non-US-Born Persons in the United States. Talwar, Amish; Li, Rongxia; Langer, Adam J. Report Jun 1, 2021 5329
Our Voices: Navigating the Silences in Refugee and Immigrant Women's Narratives. Skillman, Amy E. Critical essay Jun 1, 2021 4434
EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Center Program. Straut-Eppsteiner, Holly Jun 1, 2021 1329
Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Programs. Bruno, Andorra Jun 1, 2021 15261
Khairy says will discuss Home Ministry's plans to detain undocumented migrants during lockdown with Hamzah. May 30, 2021 346
Senate passes bill strengthening legal protection for immigrants -BYLN- By TIM KIRSININKAS Capitol News Illinois TIM KIRSININKAS Capitol News Illinois May 29, 2021 481
Legislative Latino Caucus lays out agenda to protect immigrants -BYLN- By SARAH MANSUR Capitol News Illinois SARAH MANSUR Capitol News Illinois May 28, 2021 764
FilAms are 3rd top US Asian migrants. May 24, 2021 921
Diriyah Gate project targets returning Saudi expatriates, new immigrants. Arab News May 20, 2021 307
Boris Johnson to reduce access to courts for refugees -making it easier to deport them; The Queen's Speech includes plans to overturn a decade of legal precedent, removing the right of immigrants to challenge tribunal decisions in the High Court. By, Mikey Smith May 11, 2021 335
CAPMAS: Number of Egyptians who acquired immigrant status falls by 47.4% in 2020. Egypt Today staff May 9, 2021 192
DOS provides update on immigrant visa prioritization. May 8, 2021 675
Mediatized Realities of Migrants in a Comparative Perspective: Media Use, Deservingness, and Threat Perceptions in the United States and Western Europe. De Coninck, David; Ogan, Christine; Willnat, Lars; d'Haenens, Leen May 1, 2021 8711
BI names category of aliens that can enter PH starting May 1. Apr 30, 2021 204
Agency Start-up Sigo Serving Latinx, Immigrant Drivers Raises $1.5M. Apr 27, 2021 339
Filipinos behind viral California tricycle: TNT Traysikel celebrates Pinoy immigrants despite 'Asian hate' crimes. Apr 21, 2021 660
Top US court doubts 'green cards' for some protected migrants. Reuters News Service Apr 19, 2021 515
Home minister: 145,830 undocumented migrants registered under recalibration programmes. Apr 19, 2021 328
Three women among 39 undocumented migrants nabbed in Melaka. Apr 17, 2021 186
Oscar-nominated 'Minari' depicts immigrant family's American dream. Gautaman Bhaskaran Apr 13, 2021 494
Cover their daily cost if you care so much about undocumented migrants, home minister tells human rights NGOs. Apr 8, 2021 424
Penniless Sicilian teenager came to hang out with stars; Young immigrant Rino Ruisi arrived from Sicily with not much more than a loaf of bread to his name - before going on to work amongst some of the biggest names in sport and showbiz. Today, he recalls life as head waiter at Lorenzo's restaurant, the place to be seen in 1980s Brum. Graham Young reports... Apr 6, 2021 1384
Exploring Immigrant (In)Security: Arizona, California, New York, and Texas. Pedron, Stephanie Apr 1, 2021 8790
Immigrant and Latinx Solidarity Group statement: COVID-19 worse in minority communities. Apr 1, 2021 495
International Immigrant Investment Programs: Illicit Finance Risks. O'Regan, Katarina C. Apr 1, 2021 1588
Stop Taking Bribes From Illegal Miners, Immigrants, Makinde Warns Community Leaders. Mar 31, 2021 470
Somali immigrants face deportation as state flexes muscles. Mar 26, 2021 987
Filipina immigrant killed, remains burned in Metro Vancouver. Mar 26, 2021 309
Somali immigrants appeal for Kenyan IDs, birth certificates. Mar 23, 2021 532
Suspect charged in the US for attacking Sri Lankan immigrant. Mar 22, 2021 163
The benefit of immigrant populations. Antonis Loizou Mar 22, 2021 548
'Biden Blackout' is keeping us from seeing immigrant children. Byron York Mar 17, 2021 730
France criticized for low Arab representation in 'model immigrant' list. Arab News Mar 15, 2021 272
Finding Jesus at the Border: Opening Our Hearts to the Stories of Our Immigrant Neighbors. Pickens, Bailey Mar 15, 2021 553
Our View: Although options limited, barbed wire unlikely to stop flow of migrants. CM: Our View Mar 10, 2021 454
Here's what visa-holding aliens need to know before leaving PH. Mar 10, 2021 222
Customs: JBPT arrests 5 illegal female immigrants, a male accomplice specializes in charms on victims. Mar 10, 2021 515
Bill explores creation of legal services for immigrants facing deportation in Illinois. GRACE BARBIC Capitol News Illinois Mar 5, 2021 692
Immigrants 'overrepresented' in severely ill COVID-19 patients in Germany. Charlie Peters Mar 3, 2021 535
Integration Experiences of Newcomers Across the Prairies: Untangling Perceived Dichotomy Between Immigrants and New-to-Towns. Mackay-Brown, Alexandra; Ashton, William Report Mar 2, 2021 8872
GOF: Five-year-old Indonesian boy among 12 migrants nabbed in Op Benteng in Sarawak. Mar 2, 2021 188
Workers Making COVID Test Kits Exposed to COVID: At Access Bio in New Jersey, mostly Latina immigrant temp workers lacking protections on the job face hazardous conditions. Leon, Luis Feliz Mar 1, 2021 2055
A notion of immigrants. Feb 20, 2021 803
Italy's Lampedusa island to host memorial to immigrants. Francesco Bongarra Feb 18, 2021 483
'Minari' offers delicate, beautiful portrait of an immigrant family. Lindsey Bahr Associated Press Feb 12, 2021 582
'Minari' offers delicate, beautiful portrait of an immigrant family. Lindsey Bahr Associated Press Feb 12, 2021 688
Aliens reminded to show up before BI's deadline. Feb 10, 2021 254
From janitor to restaurant owner: The inspiring story of a Filipino immigrant Down Under. Feb 4, 2021 265
Biden signs executive orders reversing Trump's anti-immigrant policies. Feb 4, 2021 826
Obsessed with Aviation: Indian immigrant living the American dream, shooting for the stars in Air Force Reserve. Babin, Chance Feb 1, 2021 1399
Nigerian Businessman Gets Most Inspiring Immigrants Award. Feb 1, 2021 584
Unauthorized Immigrants' Access to COVID-19 Vaccines. Heisler, Elayne J.; Kolker, Abigail F. Feb 1, 2021 1046
Association of dietary intake and dietary habits with risk of cardiovascular disease among immigrant Pakistanis living in the Netherlands. Raza, Qaisar; Nicolaou, Mary; Cay, Funda; Seidell, Jaap Report Jan 31, 2021 4074
Let America be an island of mercy for immigrants, refugees. Kaine, Tim Jan 22, 2021 1077
Immigrants cheered by possible citizenship path under Biden. Salomon, By Gisela; Torrens, Claudia; Press, Anita Snow Associated Jan 21, 2021 880
New Stone Age: DNA breakthrough of two men buried in a cave near Oban 6,000 years ago; A DNA breakthrough has found that two men laid to rest in a cave in the centre of Oban were immigrants from the Continent who settled in Scotland around 6,000 years ago and were most likely brothers. Alison Campsie Jan 19, 2021 626
The New Stone Age - the immigrants from France who changed the face of Scotland 6,000 years ago; They came from the north of France around 6,000 years ago - and changed the face of Scotland forever. Alison Campsie Jan 18, 2021 758
They gave blood, sweat, and tears to the Welsh coal industry after the ravages of war. Sian Burkitt tells the story of the immigrants who helped make Wales what it is today. Jan 4, 2021 439
'These boys came straight into the colliery... and you can't really hate anyone you work alongside for long' They gave blood, sweat, and tears to the Welsh coal industry after the ravages of war. Sian Burkitt tells the story of the immigrants who helped make Wales what it is today. Jan 4, 2021 1858
From immigrant to idealist: Idealism fuels human rights advocate and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. Power, Samantha Jan 1, 2021 3267
President Trump extends immigrant and work visa limits into Biden presidency. Jan 1, 2021 636
84 Lumber's Constrained Polysemy: Limiting Interpretive Play and the Power of Audience Agency in Inspirational Immigrant Narratives. Galarza, Litzy; Stoltzfus-Brown, Lars Jan 1, 2021 8936
Imaginaries About Brazil in the Media Consumption of LGBTIQ+ Immigrants and Refugees in the City of Sao Paulo. Theodoro, Hadriel; Cogo, Denise Jan 1, 2021 8920
Advocacy and Social Justice Approaches With Immigrants and Refugees in Counsellor Education/Les approches de defense des droits et de justice sociale aupres des immigrants et refugies et leur lien avec la formation des conseillers. Snow, Kevin C.; Harrichand, John J.S.; Mwendwa, Joy M. Jan 1, 2021 8652
Career Transition of Immigrant Young People: Narratives of Success/La transition de carriere chez les jeunes immigrants : recits de reussites. Borgen, William; Buchanan, Marla; Mathew, Deepak; Nishikawara, Ria Jan 1, 2021 10444
COVID-19-Related Suspension of Immigrant Entry. Kandel, William A. Jan 1, 2021 1073
EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa. Straut-Eppsteiner, Holly Jan 1, 2021 13288
Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visa Categories: Data Brief. Wilson, Jill H. Report Jan 1, 2021 2602
"No Difference Between African American, Immigrant, or White Children! They Are All the Same.": Working Toward Developing Teachers' Raciolinguistic Attitudes Towards ELs. Song, Kim; Kim, Sujin; Preston, Lauren Rea Jan 1, 2021 8347
3,000+ New Immigrants to Israel from North America in 2020. Dec 31, 2020 675
Bangkok accelerating effort to screen migrant workers for virus. Dec 25, 2020 262
Study highlights Texas Latinos' political diversity, agency, independence. Davison, Madeleine Dec 25, 2020 844
Korea improves visa system for divorced immigrants with children. Dec 22, 2020 412
Making Sense of Resistance: How Adult Immigrant Students Pursue Agency Through Identity Work in Higher Educational Contexts. Suh, Emily K.; Shapiro, Shawna Dec 22, 2020 8812
Taiwan president thanks immigrants on International Migrants Day. Dec 18, 2020 204
Brexit: What Remain camp failed to realise is many immigrants have no emotional ties to Europe and it can be far from welcoming - Ayesha Hazarika; We're being very British about the latest agonising Brexit instalment. As we face a no-deal disasteroo, we're busy doing what we do best. Finding the funny and sardonic on Twitter with endless fish puns. "Stop it or I'll batter you...". Ayesha Hazarika Dec 11, 2020 637
Three dead as fire ravages Spanish warehouse housing migrants. Dec 10, 2020 619
Integration of Immigrants: Morocco, EU Welcome Level of Bilateral Cooperation. Dec 4, 2020 526
A Qualitative Study of Coping Strategies among Korean Immigrant Parents in Aotearoa New Zealand. Lee, Boram; Vaydich, Jenny L. Report Dec 1, 2020 9961
Stressful Life Events and Associations With Child and Family Emotional and Behavioral Well-Being in Diverse Immigrant and Refugee Populations. Berge, Jerica M.; Mountain, Samaria; Telke, Susan; Trofholz, Amanda; Lingras, Katie; Dwivedi, Roli; Report Dec 1, 2020 8393
Deported Mexican migrants dream of change under Biden. Nov 28, 2020 657
Home Office breached equality law over Windrush scandal in 'shameful stain on history'; The Tory government dismissed fears because it wanted to pursue a "hostile environment" against immigrants, according to a damning report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). By, Ted Hennessey & Dan Bloom Nov 25, 2020 848
Bangladesh-born migrant activist wins first Minu Memorial Award. Nov 19, 2020 480
Catholic immigrant group in Canada to provide sessions to help overseas Pinoys. Nov 15, 2020 260
Why did judge terminate parental rights of Kenyan immigrant mother? Nov 13, 2020 1019
Acculturative stress and life satisfaction of Chinese rural-to-urban migrants. Liang, Dekuo; Wang, Lei; Xia, Liying; Xu, Dawei Report Nov 1, 2020 4679
Duy Huynh: S&H editor Ben Nussbaum spoke with Charlotte-based artist Duy Huynh about memory, graphic novels, and being an immigrant and artist. Nov 1, 2020 707
Tweeting in Solidarity: Examining Frame Diffusion and Alignment Processes Among Immigrant-Serving NGOs Before and After Donald Trump's Travel Ban. Liu, Wenlin; Harlow, Summer Nov 1, 2020 9125
Breaking the Silence: Applying and Extending the Theory of Situational Support to Understand Mental Health Services Use Among Chinese Immigrants in the United States. Li, Jo-Yun Nov 1, 2020 9263
Interpreting Ellis Island's Immigrant Hospitals: Medicine and Abandoned Buildings. Peskin, Jim; Brouhard, Torri Nov 1, 2020 2152
Pritzker to extend moratorium on evictions Administration targets $30 million to immigrant communities. PETER HANCOCK Capitol News Illinois Oct 21, 2020 439
Pritzker to extend moratorium on evictions Administration targets $30 million to immigrant communities. PETER HANCOCK Capitol News Illinois Oct 20, 2020 442
Pritzker to extend moratorium on evictions Administration targets $30 million to immigrant communities. PETER HANCOCK Capitol News Illinois Oct 20, 2020 442
Schaumburg Library Offers Online Literacy Classes And ,C[pounds sterling]Constitutional Rights for Immigrants,C[yen]. Susan Miura Oct 14, 2020 204
Survey points to rising Islamophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment in Britain. Alicia Buller Oct 13, 2020 985
Should America Still Welcome Immigrants? Feliz, Wendy; Gosar, Paul Oct 12, 2020 855
Federal inmates headed back to Kane County jail, but not unauthorized immigrants. James Fuller Oct 8, 2020 539
'Worse than Moria': migrants get to grips with new Greek camp. Oct 3, 2020 586
Israeli Agency Plans to Attract 250,000 Jewish Immigrants. Oct 2, 2020 156
The number of immigrants from Croatia to Germany drops significantly. Oct 1, 2020 311
Negotiating Balance of Cultures in Families of Chinese Immigrants in Australia. Liu, Shuang; Hong, Yanyan Report Oct 1, 2020 6081
Islam, Immigrants, and the Angry Young Man: Laurent Cantet and the "limits of fabricated realism". Toohey, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2020 13678
The Virtues of Being Human: Faith, Hope, and Love in James Gray's The Immigrant (2013), The Lost City of Z (2016), and Ad Astra (2019). Adair, John Oct 1, 2020 9553
Mitek Systems, Nova Credit partner to help immigrants establish U.S. credit. Sep 23, 2020 179
Labor group details struggle facing Taiwan's migrant workers. Sep 22, 2020 1127
Francophone Sub-Saharan African Immigrants Organizing Tontines in Toronto: A Basis for Solidarity and Integration. Mianda, Gertrude Report Sep 22, 2020 8463
"If You Say You Have Mental Health Issues, Then You Are Mad": Perceptions of Mental Health in the Parenting Practices of African Immigrants in Canada. Yohani, Sophie; Salam, Bukola; Okeke-Ihejirika, Philomina; Vallianatos, Helen; Alaazi, Dominic; Nsal Report Sep 22, 2020 8092
Re-envisioning Resilience from African Immigrants' Perspectives. Okeke-Ihejirika, Philomina; Creese, Gillian; Frishkopf, Michael; Wane, Njoki Report Sep 22, 2020 8794
Pope honours priest slain by immigrant; politician urges vendetta. Reuters News Service Sep 16, 2020 271
186 Would-be Immigrants Arrested in National Waters (Military Source). Sep 16, 2020 169
Ramotswa police holding aliens. Sep 15, 2020 237
Thousands spend third night in the open after Greek migrant camp fire. Sep 11, 2020 786
COVID-19 makes life tougher for immigrant workers. Sep 10, 2020 843
Migrant worker football league takes off in Taiwan. Sep 8, 2020 840
Anti-migrant protestors clash with police in Dover as officers pin person to ground; Ugly scenes have broken out as groups of anti-immigrant demonstrators singing Rule, Britannia! protest the arrival of migrants who risk their lives to cross the English Channel. By, Dave Burke Sep 5, 2020 434
Bilingual gatekeepers' experiences of immigrant women's acculturative stress and mental health improvement in Korea: A qualitative analysis. Choi, Yun-Jung Sep 1, 2020 4356
EXPOSED: Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's slavish COVID19 detentions centers where African immigrants are left to rotten. Aug 31, 2020 1530
Businesses urged to delay hiring immigrant labour to avoid Covid-19 danger. Aug 29, 2020 347
Edinburgh Fringe comedy review: Lucie Pohl's Immigrant Jam, Shedinburgh; German-born, NYC-raised comedian brings her NY Times Critic's Pick show to the Shedinburgh Fringe Festival. Jay Richardson Aug 28, 2020 352
Welsh woman convicted of racism for calling English neighbour a 'dirty immigrant'; Ellen Jones, 66, shouted the slur at English-born neighbour Ben McLean during a row about parking, a court heard -she was guilty of using racially aggravated language. By, Richie Edwards Aug 27, 2020 414
Paphos mayor slams landlords exploiting immigrants and refugees. Jonathan Shkurko Aug 26, 2020 384
Melania Trump brings compassion on pandemic, immigrants at Republican convention. Aug 26, 2020 829
Family and a personal touch RNC: Trump pardons felon, welcomes immigrants. Peoples, By Steve; Price, Michelle L.; Press, Darlene Superville Associated Aug 26, 2020 935
Govt clarifies viral video of Nigerian immigrants being allegedly chased in a desert in Dubai. Aug 20, 2020 258
Jewish Agency: Israel to have 250,000 New Immigrants over Next Five Years. Aug 17, 2020 759
Immigrant finds strength, solace in Carlos Bulosan. Aug 16, 2020 1129
Our View: Nicosia municipality needs more state help with migrant housing. Jean Christou Aug 14, 2020 469
Navy 'will not' force the boat migrants back; French slam UK plans to tackle crisis in Channel. Aug 11, 2020 284
Why immigrants should support Trump. Aug 8, 2020 677
Film reviews: An American Pickle / Perfect 10 / Young Ahmed / Papicha / Endings, Beginnings; Seth Rogen's satirical tale of a time-warped Jewish immigrant is a tad too sentimental, while Scottish director Eva Riley makes a promising debut with Perfect 10. Alistair Harkness Aug 6, 2020 1070
Assimilation and Educational Achievement: The Case of Coptic Orthodox Egyptian Immigrants in Texas. Amin, Neveen Shafeek Aug 1, 2020 9541
Census head wasn't told about Trump order on immigrants. Mike Schneider Associated Press Jul 30, 2020 300
Italy warns of migrant strain as virus repercussions felt. Jul 30, 2020 527
Cops raid people smuggling gang; 11 HELD OVER CHANNEL MIGRANTS. Alan Selby Jul 26, 2020 289
Recipes to feed body and soul; BHOGAL'S 'IMMIGRANT FOOD' BLENDS FLAVOURS OF TWO CULTURES. ELLA WALKER Recipe Jul 25, 2020 1249
FBI says immigrant stole material for brother who is in Iran's nuke program. Jul 24, 2020 732
First national survey on migration and migrants in Tunisia launched. Jul 22, 2020 232
Only foreigners with permanent or immigrant visas can enter PH starting August 1 -- BI. Jul 21, 2020 364
Identifying the truth: GDI vets 'immigrant' complaints over document seizures. Jul 21, 2020 1036
Dr Mahathir tells Putrajaya to rebut Al Jazeera over report on migrants instead. Jul 21, 2020 374
Delivering quality healthcare to immigrant farm workers. Jul 20, 2020 236
Parenting children in an alien culture. Jul 19, 2020 2280
About 75,000 foreigners have immigrant visas - Guevarra. Jul 18, 2020 255
Fury as care staff left out of points system; ? Government accused of ignoring immigrants' Covid-19 contribution. CALUM ROSS Jul 14, 2020 518
Residence cards set for over 80,000 immigrants. Jul 13, 2020 312
Malaysia migrant boat death toll rises to 12, some 25 missing. Jul 13, 2020 209
Priti Patel unveils how we will decide which immigrants can come to UK; The new points-based system is designed to cut the number of low-skilled migrants entering Britain. By, Neil Shaw Jul 12, 2020 402
Turkey using migrants and sending them to borders says National Guard chief. Source: Cyprus News Agency Jul 11, 2020 329
Glasgow barber who ran his own salon for 53 years; Son of Italian immigrants, Peter followed in the family barbering business and was also married for 67 years to beloved wife Rita. Obituary Jul 10, 2020 586
Malaysian police question Al Jazeera journalists over report on immigrants. Nor Arlene Tan Jul 10, 2020 564
Identifying migrants who died at sea meticulous work for Tunisia. Jul 5, 2020 821
Ssebakka assists Ugandan immigrants settle in USA. Jun 28, 2020 760
Our View: No simple answer to immigrant issues in old Nicosia. CM: Our View Jun 24, 2020 431
Quality of Life of Immigrants in Canada. Nangia, Parveen; Gingrich, Kelly Jun 22, 2020 9382
Understanding the Lived Experiences and Financial Realities of Older Immigrants. Ferrer, Ilyan; Lee, Yeonjung; Khan, Mohammad N. Jun 22, 2020 9653
Keeping Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer: Affective Constructions of "Good" and "Bad" Immigrants in Canadian Conservative Discourse. Gaucher, Megan Jun 22, 2020 8875
L'agentivite des immigrants comme vecteur d'integration socioprofessionnelle au Quebec. Dioh, Marie-Laure Jun 22, 2020 6879
Pregnant Immigrants and Asylum Seekers during COVID-19: US Government Abuses at the Border and Beyond. Jun 22, 2020 184
Trump says he will renew effort to end legal protections for immigrants. ASTRID GALVAN and DEB RIECHMANN Associated Press Jun 20, 2020 1062
Israel Expecting 90,000 New Immigrants in Next 18 Months. Jun 18, 2020 475
Meet the Filipina on a mission to help migrants in Dubai one meal at a time. Legaspi, John Jun 17, 2020 562
With Supreme Court set to rule on DACA any day, Durbin calls on Senate to protect Dreamers Durbin highlights important work that immigrant health heroes are doing on the front lines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. SUBMITTED BY EMILY HAMPSTEN Spokesperson for Sen. Dick Durbin Jun 16, 2020 680
Constable: Teen, immigrant neighbor plant seeds of understanding in Winfield. Burt Constable Jun 14, 2020 708
With Supreme Court set to rule on DACA any day, Durbin calls on Senate to protect Dreamers Durbin highlights important work that immigrant health heroes are doing on the front lines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. SUBMITTED BY EMILY HAMPSTEN Spokesperson for Sen. Dick Durbin Jun 12, 2020 680
Seongnam offers COVID-19 relief funds to marriage immigrants, permanent residents. Jun 8, 2020 161
IMMIGRANTS HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY TOO. Dalmia, Shikha Jun 1, 2020 439
Korean pastor bears brunt of death threats to save Chinese immigrants. May 31, 2020 1636
Green Dot expands banking access to immigrants. May 28, 2020 155
Green Dot expands banking access to immigrants. May 28, 2020 153
Black business owners hit hardest by virus shutdown Black: Other minority groups, immigrants also more heavily affected. Hannah Knowles The Washington Post May 26, 2020 892
Migrants offered media training. May 23, 2020 168
MAN 'MADE [euro]1M POSING AS IMMIGRANTS LAWYER' 63-yr-old in court on deception raps. mirror reporter May 22, 2020 273
Filipino immigrant nurses pay heavy price as COVID-19 pandemic races across the globe. May 19, 2020 2006
MOH says screening migrants detained prior to MCO, after Myanmar national tested positive. May 19, 2020 287
Role of immigrants highlighted. May 15, 2020 161
Stilt to offer bank accounts to US immigrants. May 12, 2020 156
Stilt to offer bank accounts to US immigrants. May 12, 2020 158
I invented famous Curly Wurly, says German choc star; IMMIGRANT KARL SPENT 30 YEARS AT CADBURY. CATHRINA HULSE News Reporter May 11, 2020 474
Ariana-COVID-19: aid to sub-Saharan immigrants distributed. May 9, 2020 184
After The Pandemic, The US Will Need More Immigrants. May 5, 2020 504
Minister: Masjid India migrant workers sent to Immigration depots; EMCO extended partially in KL, Selayang Baru. May 4, 2020 532
Perceptions of Diabetes Education Among East African Immigrant Parents. Klee, Kristi; Thomas, Karen; Atkins, Deann; Ness, Kathryn May 1, 2020 5298
Unauthorized Immigrants' Eligibility for COVID-19 Relief Benefits: In Brief. Kolker, Abigail F. May 1, 2020 3266
Indonesian new immigrant in Taiwan shares fruits of her labor amid COVID-19 pandemic. Apr 29, 2020 633
Condition of six infected immigrants worsens. Apr 28, 2020 262
Ex-UKIP chair lost job for tweet attack on UK immigrants; CIVIL SERVANT BLAMES 'DISCRIMINATION' FOR SACKING. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO Reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Apr 27, 2020 592
Bauchi Urges Citizens To Report Immigrants From High Risk States. Apr 27, 2020 337
Dreamers and immigrants. Aja, Tony Apr 27, 2020 646
Desperate immigrants search for new jobs as US fallout deepens. Apr 25, 2020 945
US shuts door on immigrants for now. Apr 22, 2020 389
Gyeonggi to offer universal basic income to marriage immigrants, permanent residents. Apr 21, 2020 221
Touching poem You Clap For Me Now honours immigrant key workers; The video features some of the frontline heroes reading lines from the heartfelt message. By, Neil Shaw Apr 16, 2020 456
Coronavirus: Kisa slams treatment of migrants amid pandemic. Annette Chrysostomou Apr 13, 2020 489
In 'Tigertail,' an intergenerational immigrant tale. Jake Coyle AP Film Writer Apr 11, 2020 295
In Netflix's 'Tigertail,' an intergenerational immigrant tale. Jake Coyle AP Film Writer Apr 11, 2020 426
Inside New York's thriving community of Arab immigrants Little Syria. Rawaa Talass Apr 10, 2020 838
Fury as Priti Patel pushes immigration crackdown guide during coronavirus crisis; Days ago the governmnet said Covid-19 has shown us who the real key workers are. But Priti Patel's Home Office has gone ahead and published guidance on new rules -which restrict 'low-skilled' immigrants to the UK. By, Mikey Smith Apr 10, 2020 530
Iran deports 118 'illegal' Pakistani immigrants. Apr 9, 2020 171
Eight UK doctors died from COVID-19. All were immigrants. Benjamin Mueller, NYT Apr 9, 2020 1324
California Commissioner on Immigrant Eligibility for Workers' Comp Benefits. Apr 6, 2020 351
Coming to America: What it's like to create dance as an immigrant in the United States. Bauer, Claudia Apr 1, 2020 1455
Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Programs. Bruno, Andorra Report Apr 1, 2020 11802
Immersive Learning: Seattle's 'Detention Lottery' gives participants a stark look inside the immigrant experience. Berson, Misha Apr 1, 2020 2361
Access to Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants and Asylum Seekers (AMSA-UNITED KINGDOM). Lim, Victor; Ooi, Bryan; Ng, Aidan; Ng, Chelsia; Ngan, Yung Yung; Haq, Makinah; Wong, Kyle Report Apr 1, 2020 199
They're Only Words: Teacher Candidate Perceptions of the Effects of Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric on the Education of Immigrant Students: immigration. Giambo, Debra Report Mar 22, 2020 4666
Coping With Fear: Counselors Achieving Professional Growth in Working with DACA/DREAMers, Immigration, & Refugees. Whitehead, Suzanne A.; Hernandez, Virginia Montero; Whitehead, Taylor Report Mar 22, 2020 7000
From the Mouths of Experts: Relationship-Building Advice from Immigrant & Refugee Families. Kandel-Cisco, Brooke; Brooks, Katie; Bhathena, Catherine D.; Abdulahad, Howaida; Pimentel-Gannon, Ma Report Mar 22, 2020 2598
The Use of a Multidimensional Support Model to Examine Policies and Practices for Immigrant Students across Canada. Volante, Louis; Lara, Camila; Klinger, Don A.; Siegel, Melissa Mar 22, 2020 13486
Civic Engagement and Wellbeing Among Female Immigrants in Canada. Li, Yiyan Mar 22, 2020 10153
Protectorate of immigrants office sought in Kohat. Mar 17, 2020 367
No deportation from Taiwan of undocumented migrants seeking treatment: NGOs. Mar 13, 2020 478
Grant inspires series celebrating immigrant experiences. Submitted by Rebecca Ferguson Mar 10, 2020 562
Rally demands better work conditions for migrant caregivers in Taiwan. Mar 8, 2020 776
FIA raids Protector Immigrant Office Batkhela. Mar 7, 2020 162
Grant launches series celebrating immigrant experiences. Submitted by Rebecca Ferguson Mar 6, 2020 563
Migrants: A glimpse of the future. Mar 6, 2020 816
New visa rule for immigrants. Mar 6, 2020 177
TEND TO WHAT REPULSES YOU: To be in service to love sometimes goes well beyond being inconvenienced. Hovey, Pauline Mar 6, 2020 1197
EU to help Greece and Cyprus tackle migrant influx. fm Mar 5, 2020 461
Immigrant women to share their stories at ECC forum. Submitted by Elgin Community College Mar 3, 2020 291
Calls for Stricter Legislation and Fear in the European Immigrant Community: Reflections of the Public Charge Debate Ongoing in the United States: Comment on "A Crisis of Humanitarianism: Refugees at the Gates of Europe". Efird, Jimmy Report Mar 1, 2020 737
The Roles of Immigrants and Foreign Students in US Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Ganguli, Ina; Kahn, Shulamit; MacGarvie, Megan Mar 1, 2020 174
The Relationship Between Fox News Use and Americans' Policy Preferences Regarding Refugees and Immigrants. Hoewe, Jennifer; Kim, Bumsoo; Barnidge, Matthew Mar 1, 2020 9357
Acculturation of an Immigrant Family with Pakistani Heritage in The Post 9/11 United States. Aghideh, Zahra Farkhondeh; Noghondari, Zohreh Taebi Mar 1, 2020 5930
Seeking the Immigrant Vote. Bier, David Mar 1, 2020 879
ECC to host Immigrant Women's Roundtable during Women's History Month. Elgin Community College Feb 25, 2020 299
Boris Johnson and Priti Patel are immigrants too. Lionel Laurent Feb 25, 2020 1042
Warning over vital immigrant workers. EMILY BEAMENT Environment writer Feb 22, 2020 504
High court removes obstacle to immigrant 'wealth test'. Robert Barnes The Washington Post Feb 22, 2020 259
Number Of Nigerian Immigrants To Canada Has Tripled In The Last Five Years. Feb 22, 2020 492
Question Time audience member slammed after calling for UK to 'completely close borders'; The woman received a backlash for her views on immigrants "flooding in" who "cannot speak English" in a fiery Question Time debate about Home Secretary Priti Patel's new points based immigration proposal. By, Ryan Merrifield Feb 21, 2020 1202
Immigrants targeted as racist gunman kills nine. DAVID MCHUGH, DAVID RISING AND FRANK JORDANS Reporters Feb 21, 2020 533
Immigrant activists win defense. Feb 21, 2020 167
Grant launches library event series celebrating immigrant experiences. Rebecca Ferguson Feb 20, 2020 577
Justice Party seeks to set up organization for migrants. Feb 19, 2020 601
'The leadership and skills I acquired through FFA had so much meaning' Young immigrant finds a way to fit in with FFA. Jessica Mozo National FFA Organization Feb 14, 2020 550
First 'new immigrant' legislator looks back on achievements. Feb 14, 2020 499
Rwanda declares missing Ugandan IT expert 'prohibited immigrant'. Feb 13, 2020 214
FFA prepares young immigrant for success. Jessica Mozo National FFA Organization Feb 12, 2020 576
PM to cut pay threshold for immigrants. RECORD REPORTER Feb 10, 2020 201
Cash boost for young immigrants who care. Feb 5, 2020 169
Denials of migrants deemed to need aid. Feb 3, 2020 840
Power to the people: A new parish ministry is putting religious and civic agency into the hands of immigrant Catholics. Lotus, Jean Feb 1, 2020 2302
AT THE WHITE HOUSE: Immigrants from 6 nations restricted. Associated Press Feb 1, 2020 745
Income Mobility in the Families of Immigrants and US Natives. Roche, Jennifer Feb 1, 2020 642
Meet Me on the Bayou: Innovative Houston has a long-held tradition of welcoming immigrants and embracing new ideas. Artavia, David Feb 1, 2020 974
FBI raids Quiboloy's church in LA, arrests 3 leaders in immigrant trafficking scam. Jan 30, 2020 511
Immigrants' class journeys. Atle Hetland Jan 30, 2020 1262
Kumail Nanjiani tells immigrant stories in 'Little America'. Brandon Yu, New York Times Jan 28, 2020 1402
Over 800 undocumented Tunisian migrants detained in Spain in inhuman conditions for more than 5 months (FTDES). Jan 27, 2020 221
UNITED STATES - IMMIGRATION - US attorneys general challenge rule increasing risk of deportation for Caribbean immigrants. Jan 26, 2020 549
Indian Immigrants Are Saving Canadian Hockey: HOW THE PUNJABI DIASPORA RESCUED CANADA'S NATIONAL SPORT. Dalmia, Shikha Jan 24, 2020 4377
Turkey deports 10 illegal Pakistani immigrants. Jan 22, 2020 220
Problems of Pakistani immigrants in US near resolution: Ijaz Shah. Jan 21, 2020 282
Problems of Pakistani immigrants in US near resolution: Ijaz Shah. Jan 21, 2020 269
Wells praises Pakistan's efforts against illegal US immigrants. Jan 20, 2020 293
Immigrant from Pakistan to contest panchayat elections in Rajasthan. ANI Jan 17, 2020 206
Statement on the End of U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa Restrictions in Ghana. Jan 16, 2020 241
Chicago City Council bolsters immigrant sanctuary protections. Sophia Tareen Associated Press Jan 16, 2020 123
Hope every single immigrant in India may equally benefit society and economy: Microsoft CEO on CAA. ANI Jan 14, 2020 390
Hope every single immigrant in India may equally benefit society and economy: Microsoft CEO on CAA. Jan 14, 2020 346
Illegal Pakistani immigrants in Bosnia refuse to return, Senate body told. Jamal Shahid Jan 11, 2020 588
Illegal Pakistani immigrants in Bosnia refuse to return. Jamal Shahid Jan 11, 2020 569
UNITED STATES-POLITICS- US Congressional representative of Caribbean immigrants says Trump forced impeachment on himself. Jan 5, 2020 696
Remember When You Were a Kid? THE FAYGO STORY: In 1907, Russian immigrant brothers Ben and Perry Feigenson started making flavored pops in their Michigan home. Eventually calling their business venture "Faygo," the Feigensons' company became a neighborhood fixture in Detroit's east side that sought to hire local workers and make a difference in the community. Grimm, Joe Jan 1, 2020 2338
There Is No Line: IF WE WANT IMMIGRANTS TO FOLLOW THE LAW, WE NEED BETTER LAWS. Taylor, James Stacey Jan 1, 2020 2222
Egypt's cabinet approves rehabilitation centre for immigrants agreement with Germany. Bassant Mohammed Jan 1, 2020 199
Employability Skills of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors in Canary Islands. Alonso-Bello, Estefania; Santana-Vega, Lidia E.; Feliciano-Garcia, Luis Jan 1, 2020 5864
Ink Knows No Borders: Poems of the Immigrant and Refugee Experience. McCoy, Sarah Mendonca Jan 1, 2020 373
Self-Construal: Perceptions of Work and School in Two Generations of Hmong Immigrants. Vang, Pa Der Jan 1, 2020 6220
musical legacy of calypso king; Film celebrates life of Beatles' first co-manager - and fellow city immigrants. LISA RAND ECHO Reporter @livechonews Dec 29, 2019 1155
Immigrants should be sent back: HD Deve Gowda. ANI Dec 28, 2019 299
Council told to pay after 'threat' to immigrant mum of two; AUTHORITY MUST APOLOGISE FOR CALLING HER LIAR OVER HER STATUS. GEORGE MAKIN Local Democracy Reporter Dec 28, 2019 603
Half of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa consider their migration experience in Tunisia to be "failure". Dec 27, 2019 363

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