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Imitate Anacreon! Mimesis, Poiesis and the Poetic Inspiration in the Carmina Anacreontea.


Imitate Anacreon! Mimesis, Poiesis and the Poetic Inspiration in the Carmina Anacreontea

Edited by Manuel Baumbach and Nicola DEmmler

De Gruyter


310 pages



Millennium Studies; Band 46


In the summer of 2011, specialists in the Carmine Anacreontea from around the world gathered in Zurich for a conference on the collection of 60 short poems dating from the late Hellenistic times to the sixth century CE. The poems received much attention through the centuries until the early 20th century when scholars showed that they were not in fact written by Anacreon of Teos (575-480 BC). Among the topics are Anacreon's palinode, an Anacreonic reading of Menecrates' sepulchral epigram IKyzikos 18, 520, the poetics of ecphrasis in the Anacreontea, imitation and enactment in the Anacreontics, the shape and significance of neo-Latin Anacreonic poetry, and the curious literary phenomenon of Tschernikovsky's Songs of Anacreon. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Jan 1, 2015
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