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Imelda's 'plot to kill husband's mistress' IMELDA MARCOS - Consumed by jealousy.

THE former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos, was behind a plot to assassinate her husband's lover.

Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos had a year-long affair with US actress Dovie Beams.

But when their relationship turned sour, Beams, 38, threatened to sell her story because she claimed Marcos owed her pounds 100,000 from a film she'd starred in about his life.

Imelda - famed for her huge shoe collection - had the actress followed. And the first lady said she wanted to "buy her or eliminate her".

A letter in 1970, from the Governor's Office in Hong Kong to the British Emb-assy in Manila, describes what happened.

In January, 1970, Beams became disillusioned with Marcos and returned to America. She wanted Marcos to pay up and decided to reveal tape recordings of the pair of them in bed and love letters.

She later returned to the Philippines but had a row with Marcos. She then held a press conference to disclose the damaging information but authorities suppressed any stories of it in newspapers.

The letter says: "Marcos himself was keeping in the background but Mrs Marcos instructed she was to be given no money and thrown out of the country."

Miss Beams then got on a plane back to America, stopping off in Hong Kong.

The letter says: "She was seen on to the plane by a member of the US embassy but as he left the plane, the seat next to her was taken by Delfin V Cueto, whom she knew was Marcos' 'number one hatchet man'. He made no approach to her during the flight but she was frightened."

In Hong Kong a Filipino offered Beams pounds 100,000 so long as she dismissed ever having any relationship with Marcos. But she refused.

The letter says: "This tends to confirm Beams' story that she was being persecuted by Mrs Marcos, not by Mr Marcos."

Imelda also drove British officials to distraction with her moods and whims when she visited London.

Diplomats said the tactics of Imelda in securing an audience with the Queen had been tantamount to "blackmail".

One foreign official said: "The Philippine effrontery is almost breathtaking."
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