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Imaging Automation Introduces e-Check, the First Automated Document Authentication Technology for the Hotel Industry.

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Hotels Can Improve Security and Reduce Check-in Time, Verifying

Passports and Driver's Licenses in Seconds

Imaging Automation, the global leader in document authentication and identity verification technologies, today announced the availability of e-Check(TM), the first product offering specifically designed to accommodate the increased security needs of today's hotel industry. Imaging Automation's e-Check is based on the company's proven iA-thenticate(TM) platform, the only verification technology that integrates both document and biometric technologies to authenticate the entire document.

"Just as technology has made travel easier than ever before, technology has also opened up new means for individuals to penetrate current security systems. It is the responsibility of governments, airlines and hotels to provide their citizens and guests with the most effective security solutions available," said William Thalheimer, Chairman and CEO of Imaging Automation. "It is critical that the hotel industry be focused on security to ensure guests a safe stay and technology such as Imaging Automation's e-Check raises the bar for security and at the same time improves customer service with quicker check-in."

The usual check-in process in U.S. hotels requires a desk clerk to review a guest's driver's license and manually archive the record for possible forensic use. In other countries, desk clerks review a passport. In many cases, they then have to supply a folio of this information to the appropriate legal authorities. This process is often a time-consuming inconvenience for the hotel guest and a strain on hotel resources, but most importantly it does not meet the security demands of today's world. There are currently thousands of passports and U.S. drivers' licenses in use, making it impossible for any individual to guarantee the authenticity of an ID without the help of technology like iA-thenticate and e-Check.

e-Check and iA-thenticate take the process of reviewing a hotel guest's passport or driver's license and reduce it to less than 5 seconds. No pre-enrollment is required, and privacy is not violated, since standard identity documents are used.

More Security, Better Customer Service - Benefits of e-Check

The iA-thenticate platform determines whether or not a document is authentic, if it is expired, if it has been tampered with or if the photo or text match any government watch lists of criminals or terrorists. Easily integrated into any existing hotel check-in system, e-Check creates an electronic folio of guests, placing scans of their IDs into a database with text and photos. In addition to automated checks, clerks can type comments to supplement the scanned record. Credit card transactions can be integrated into the folio using a hotel's existing magnetic card reader.

The folio can be sent electronically to local authorities or checked against central databases such as international police watch lists. The integrated unit - software and document reader in one - is based on the iA-thenticate platform, the world's most advanced technology for ID authentication. The iA-thenticate platform performs multiple security checks in seconds, but is user friendly. iA-thenticate reads each document's machine-readable zone, magnetic-stripe, and/or 2D barcode, and performs a battery of tests including tampering, ink, seal, pattern, text, biometric and other analyses to authenticate a document.

A full range of iA-thenticate platform applications is available, including airline flight manifest, entry/exit control systems, border control and a unique passport database. iA-thenticate platform applications are in use with customers such as the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, several U.S. states and Canadian provinces, the Swedish National Police, the Hungarian Border Police, the Finland Frontier Guards, and others.

Pricing and Availability

e-Check is immediately available to the domestic and international hotel industry from Imaging Automation. Further information on iA products is available online at

About Imaging Automation

Imaging Automation is the global leader in document authentication, providing complete solutions that meet real-world needs with innovative technology. Since 1991, Imaging Automation has been making reliable, easy-to-use and effective systems for capturing and processing text, images and biometric data. The Company partners with businesses such as Visionics, EDS, Siemans and Unisys to provide the iA-thenticate platform, the world's most sophisticated document authentication platform, used around the world in immigration, border control, passenger processing and fraud detection.

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Date:Jul 17, 2002
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