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Images of a life.

Images of a life

76-year-old Elnora Simms of Columbus, Ohio has certainly seen her share of hardship. The severe rheumatoid arthritis she has had for 24 years has ravaged most of her joints. Many years ago, her husband and 11-year old son were killed in a car accident. Seven years ago, her second husband died, too.

Elnora now lives alone in a small apartment. She is homebound due to arthritis and other illnesses, but her spirit is still as strong and energetic as ever.

Using an electric typewriter, Elnora stays busy writing. She has written a number of short articles about how to live better with arthritis and how to cope with being alone, in the hopes that these articles will help others. And she shares her self-help tips with the local Arthritis Foundation chapter.

"Helping other people is what I live for," says Elnora. Her latest project is trying to get Meals on Wheels delivered to homebound people on weekends and holidays as well as weekdays. "I've sent 60 letters out so far to the governor, the media and others," Elnora says. The satisfaction and pride she gets from helping others fuel her optimistic outlook on life.

Though the odds appear to be stacked against her, Elnora Simms has met challenge and overcome it with spirit and compassion. Meet a woman you won't soon forget in these photos by Columbus photographer Mary Lou Uttermohlen.

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Author:Witter, Dianne C.
Publication:Arthritis Today
Date:Mar 1, 1989
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