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Images of England.

Images of England's website says that it is a unique site. But not necessarily so. There is the oddly named View Buildings at which gives the lie to this. This site claims that only around 20 per cent of the work of EH's Images has been completed. So far View Buildings has field worked around a quarter of England although there isn't a real timetable for the rest. This project seems to be the responsibility of John Vigar, tour guide, lecturer and chief honcho of the Historical Appreciation Society. And it seems to be connected with, maybe even part of, the Digital Atlas of England at whose aim is to produce a detailed digital photographic record of every pre-1900 building of architectural significance in England. One section of the site is devoted to a country-by-county study of which churches are not locked up and are viewable. Apparently a lot of churchwardens and vicars tell porkies about their churches being locked. And then there is Looking at Buildings at which is being developed by the Pevsner Architectural Guides. I know we are supposed to provide readers with elucidations and clarity but all I can suggest is that you try them all, except that the English Heritage thing is not yet on line and the others will take years to complete. Maybe they should all get together and get it all done quite soon. Still, you may well say that the buildings have waited all this time, what's your big hurry now?

Revenge of the Suth--Sutherland Lyall straps on his trusty light sabre in the pursuit of truth and justice in the cyber universe.
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