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Images, Similes, Some Alliteration.

IMAGES, SIMILES, SOME ALLITERATION (late fall 2005 holy cross)

   Someone here somewhere hammering
   Sound loud in the emptiness

   Askew at the curb pieces of swollen furniture
   Crumbling chunks of mud-stained interior walls

   Haphazard belongings

   Silted streets buckled and blocked

   Sky blue sky details
   Constricted signal isolated sound

   Boat smashed down on a house


   October a single hammer
   Tap tap tap like a spirit knocking

   Cloud to somehow

   Flushed from high weeds a small scared cat
   Flashes off

   Boat on that house aground as if
   The roof were a reef

   Steeple aslant in the churchyard
   Houses open to air

   Someone on a ladder nailing something
   Back where it was before

   High green weeds already in the cracked slab

   Tap tap tap taptap

   Flapping loose edge of an azure tarp
   Like the wing of a bird in a trap
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Author:Mullen, Laura
Publication:Colorado Review: A Journal of Contemporary Literature
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2010
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