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Disability campaigner former Corrie star in airport security scanner ordeal. Nov 26, 2021 396
Image processing based autonomous landing zone detection for a multi-rotor drone in emergency situations. Turan, Veysel; Avsar, Ercan; Asadihendoustani, Davood; Aydin, Emine Avsar Oct 1, 2021 4694
Al-Powered 3D Scanners with HD Mode. Oct 1, 2021 265
Standardized Method for Defining a 1-[mm.sup.2] Region of Interest for Calculation of Mitotic Rate on Melanoma Whole Slide Images. Wang, Minhua; Aung, Phyu P.; Prieto, Victor G. Report Oct 1, 2021 6542
Influence of Image Enhancement Techniques on Effectiveness of Unconstrained Face Detection and Identification. Vukovic, Igor; Cisar, Petar; Kuk, Kristijan; Bandjur, Milos; Popovic, Brankica Oct 1, 2021 7704
Patch size adaptive image inpainting. Liu, Huaming; Lu, Guanming; Bi, Xuehui; Wang, Weilan Report Oct 1, 2021 10679
Semi-Supervised Spatial Attention Method for Facial Attribute Editing. Yang, Hyeon Seok; Han, Jeong Hoon; Moon, Young Shik Report Oct 1, 2021 9174
The efficacy of Rhodiola Rosea based on DTI image Segmentation Algorithm for patients with delayed Encephalopathy caused by CO poisoning. Yuming Gao, Haitao Cui, Wei Ren and Bing Han Sep 30, 2021 1813
Construction and application of color fundus image segmentation algorithm based on Multi-Scale local combined global enhancement. Yanjie Hao, Hongbo Xie and Rong Qiu Sep 30, 2021 2654
The effect of vaginal delivery and Caesarean section on the anal Sphincter complex of Primipara based on optimized three-dimensional ultrasound image and nuclear regression Reconstruction Algorithm. Naxin He and Liang Shi Medical condition overview Sep 30, 2021 2540
Efficacy of liver cancer microwave ablation through ultrasonic image guidance under deep migration feature algorithm. Changkong Ye, Wenyan Zhang, Zijuan Pang and Wei Wang Sep 30, 2021 2564
Analysis of the Clinical Characteristics of Tuberculosis Patients based on Multi-Constrained Computed Tomography (CT) Image Segmentation Algorithm. Feng Zhu and Bo Zhang Sep 30, 2021 2260
Honeywell asks ITC to block Zebra barcode scanner imports. Sep 30, 2021 174
Trade Facilitation: Customs Gets Two New Scanners At Tin Can Port. Sep 22, 2021 157
New scanner at Onne 'll facilitate trade, says Comptroller. Sep 18, 2021 190
Absence of scanners frustrates cargo clearance, trade facilitation. Sep 8, 2021 979
Lagos, Onne Ports to get scanners in 2 weeks-Customs. Sep 8, 2021 434
Samsung launches new image sensors with ultra-fine pixel technologies. Sep 2, 2021 427
Minutiae-Based Fingerprint Identification Using Gabor Wavelets and CNN Architecture. Gorgel, Pelin; Eksi, Abdulsamet Report Sep 1, 2021 4291
Multi-scale Local Difference Directional Number Pattern for Group-housed Pigs Recognition. Huang, Weijia; Zhu, Weixing; Zhang, Zhengyan; Guo, Yizheng Report Sep 1, 2021 6323
Higher-Order Conditional Random Field established with CNNs for Video Object Segmentation. Hao, Chuanyan; Wang, Yuqi; Jiang, Bo; Liu, Sijiang; Yang, Zhi-Xin Report Sep 1, 2021 6999
A Two-Layer Steganography for Mosaic Images. Horng, Ji-Hwei; Chang, Chin-Chen; Sun, Kun-Sheng Report Sep 1, 2021 6656
Adaptive data hiding scheme based on magic matrix of flexible dimension. Wu, Hua; Horng, Ji-Hwei; Chang, Chin-Chen Report Sep 1, 2021 7451
Handheld introduces new wearable RS60 Ring Scanner. Aug 29, 2021 293
The street where nobody sleeps because it's home to rare noisy toads; Their nocturnal calling has been likened to the beep of a supermarket checkout scanner. By, Nathan Bevan Aug 27, 2021 424
Inspection system using AI. Aug 1, 2021 175
Reflectance estimation for infrared and visible image fusion. Gu, Yan; Yang, Feng; Zhao, Weijun; Guo, Yiliang; Min, Chaobo Report Aug 1, 2021 6112
Pose Tracking of Moving Sensor using Monocular Camera and IMU Sensor. Jung, Sukwoo; Park, Seho; Lee, KyungTaek Report Aug 1, 2021 4409
Computed tomography in the diagnosis of intraperitoneal effusions: The role of texture analysis. Csutak, Csaba; Stefan, Paul-Andrei; Lupean, Roxana-Adelina; Lenghel, Lavinia Manuela; Mihu, Carmen M Report Aug 1, 2021 4729
Design and Evolution of a Prosthetic Socket for Lower Limb Amputation to Patient. Ratnakar, G. Giri; Ramu, I. Jul 1, 2021 3681
MULTIPLE EXPERTS IMAGE SEGMENTATION FOR OBJECT DETECTION. Taloi, Bogdan-Cristian; Dumitru, Alin-Gabriel; Penariu, Patricia-Steliana; Boiangiu, Costin-Anton Jul 1, 2021 3057
FD-StackGAN: Face De-occlusion Using Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks. Jabbar, Abdul; Li, Xi; Iqbal, M. Munawwar; Malik, Arif Jamal Report Jul 1, 2021 7831
Abu Dhabi approves use of EDE scanners to detect Covid-19 infections. Arab News Jun 28, 2021 256
Binovi Technologies seeing success with its vision technology products at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy. Jun 11, 2021 347
Samsung releases industry's first 0.64-micrometer pixel image sensor. Jun 10, 2021 273
Satellite imagery maps farm crops; Farmers are being asked to help assess the accuracy of new satellite imagery analysis which has been used to create interactive maps of crops in every field farmed in Scotland. Jun 10, 2021 219
'Alarm' at police use of fingerprint scanners. SAM BROOKE Jun 8, 2021 472
Police 'stop and scan' under fire from race charity; REPORT SAYS NEW FINGERPRINT SCANNER ROLLOUT COULD INCREASE DISCRIMINATION. SAM BROOKE @examiner Jun 5, 2021 448
Retrospective Evaluation of Different Shade Selection Methods in the Context of the Vital Bleaching Technique. Bayraktar, Ezgi Tuter; Cimilli, Zuhre Hale; Kartal, Nevin; Turkmen, Cafer Jun 1, 2021 2284
A Study on Pagoda Image Search Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology for Restoration of Cultural Properties. Lee, ByongKwon; Kim, Soo Kyun; Kim, Seokhun Report Jun 1, 2021 3448
Vehicle Face Re-identification Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Time Difference Constraint. Ma, Na; Wen, Tingxin Report Jun 1, 2021 5398
A Novel Cross Channel Self-Attention based Approach for Facial Attribute Editing. Xu, Meng; Jin, Rize; Lu, Liangfu; Chung, Tae-Sun Report Jun 1, 2021 4394
South Korean Government donates 40 thermal imaging scanners to Viet Nam. May 29, 2021 402
TECNO TAIVOS Lab: How can signal processing and AI Imaging build the ultimate selfie. May 18, 2021 686
Do the combination of multiparametric MRI-based radiomics and selected blood inflammatory markers predict the grade and proliferation in glioma patients? Guo, Jing; Ren, Jialiang; Shen, Junkang; Cheng, Rui; He, Yexin Report May 1, 2021 5824
A Novel Steerable Filter in the Frequency Domain: The Rose Curve Filter. Mintemur, Omer; Kaya, Hilal; Demirci, Recep Report May 1, 2021 5199
Infrared and visible image fusion based on Laplacian pyramid and generative adversarial network. Wang, Juan; Ke, Cong; Wu, Minghu; Liu, Min; Zeng, Chunyan Report May 1, 2021 5650
DP-LinkNet: A convolutional network for historical document image binarization. Xiong, Wei; Jia, Xiuhong; Yang, Dichun; Ai, Meihui; Li, Lirong; Wang, Song Report May 1, 2021 7731
Single Low-Light Ghost-Free Image Enhancement via Deep Retinex Model. Liu, Yan; Lv, Bingxue; Wang, Jingwen; Huang, Wei; Qiu, Tiantian; Chen, Yunzhong Report May 1, 2021 5042
Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Chaotic Systems on the Robustness of Image Encryption. Yildirim, Melih Report May 1, 2021 3256
Detection and evaluation of the fibers' deposition parameters during wet filament winding. Hopmann, Christian; Magura, Nadine; Lopez, Nicolas Rozo; Schneider, Daniel; Fischer, Kai Report May 1, 2021 8147
High capacity scanner to be installed at Karachi Airport: Adviser. Apr 30, 2021 181
High capacity scanner to be installed at Karachi Airport: Adviser. Apr 30, 2021 178
PFVA welcomes signing of MoU for installation of state of the art scanners at airports. Apr 29, 2021 222
HCM City airport opens moreA check-in counters,A security scanners as congestion worsens. Apr 21, 2021 688
X-ray scanners rolled out in bid to clamp down on crime in prisons. THOMAS PARKES Apr 5, 2021 240
X-ray scanners rolled out to cut down prison crime. THOMAS PARKES Apr 5, 2021 276
Convolutional Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic-based Hybrid Melanoma Diagnosis System. Yalcinkaya, Fikret; Erbas, Ali Apr 1, 2021 6923
Fast and Accurate Single Image Super-Resolution via Enhanced U-Net. Chang, Le; Zhang, Fan; Li, Biao Report Apr 1, 2021 6724
Image Deduplication Based on Hashing and Clustering in Cloud Storage. Chen, Lu; Xiang, Feng; Sun, Zhixin Report Apr 1, 2021 5969
Stylized Image Generation based on Music-image Synesthesia Emotional Style Transfer using CNN Network. Xing, Baixi; Dou, Jian; Huang, Qing; Si, Huahao Report Apr 1, 2021 8621
Eyeglass Remover Network based on a Synthetic Image Dataset. Kang, Shinjin; Hahn, Teasung Report Apr 1, 2021 5688
High Capacity Information Hiding Method Based on Pixel-value Adjustment with Modulus Operation. Li, Teng; Zhang, Yu; Wang, Sha; Sun, Jun-Jie Report Apr 1, 2021 4984
Edge imaging driven by AI, say Embedded World experts: Greg Blackman reports from the Embedded World show, where a panel gave insights into vision processing at the edge. Blackman, Greg Apr 1, 2021 1436
New Kuwait airport scanners mean passengers can leave liquids and devices in bags. Arab News Mar 29, 2021 237
Evaluation and Comparison of Root Resorption Resulting from Traditional and Bone-borne Rapid Maxillary Expansion Appliances Using Cone-beam Computed Tomography/Konik Isinli Bilgisayarli Tomografi Kullanilarak Geleneksel ve Kemik Destekli Hizli Ust Cene Genisletme Yontemlerinin Kok Rezorpsiyonuna Etkisinin Degerlendirilmesi ve Karsilastirilmasi. Akin, Mehmet; Ozturk, Onur Report Mar 23, 2021 4299
Animating old portraits. Paredes, Raffy Mar 23, 2021 657
What's the First Thing to Do in Lightroom? Malinao, Chris Mar 16, 2021 923
A Robust Machine Learning Algorithm for Cosmic Galaxy Images Classification Using Neutrosophic Score Features. El-Khalek, A.A. Abd; Khalil, A.T.; El-Soud, M.A. Abo; Yasser, Ibrahim Mar 15, 2021 7968
Police could use hand-held scanners in stop and searches. PETER MADELEY Mar 11, 2021 401
Those fever scanners that everyone is using to fight covid can be wildly inaccurate, researchers find. Mar 5, 2021 1666
Dynamic monitoring algorithm of natural resources in scenic spots based on MODIS Remote Sensing technology/Algoritmo de monitoreo dinamico de recursos naturales en lugares escenicos con base en la tecnologia de deteccion remota MODIS. Li, Maolin Mar 1, 2021 7299
Application of UAV-Low Altitude Remote Sensing System in Sea Area Supervisio/Aplicacion del sistema de teledeteccion con aeronaves no tripuladas de baja altitud en la supervision de zonas maritimasn. Chen, Rong Mar 1, 2021 2567
A New Three-dimensional Integrated Multi-index Method for CBIR System. Zhang, Mingzhu Report Mar 1, 2021 9213
Novel Secure Hybrid Image Steganography Technique Based on Pattern Matching. Hamza, Ali; Shehzad, Danish; Sarfraz, Muhammad Shahzad; Habib, Usman; Shafi, Numan Report Mar 1, 2021 11511
Reversible Sub-Feature Retrieval: Toward Robust Coverless Image Steganography for Geometric Attacks Resistance. Liu, Qiang; Xiang, Xuyu; Qin, Jiaohua; Tan, Yun; Zhang, Qin Report Mar 1, 2021 8004
Samsung mass-produces new image sensor with enhanced auto-focusing features. Feb 23, 2021 455
Photo news. Paredes, Raffy Feb 22, 2021 881
Epson intros new WorkForce series business scanners. Feb 16, 2021 545
Episurf Medical wins new US patent within 3D visualisation. Feb 2, 2021 172
Episurf Medical wins new US patent within 3D visualisation. Feb 2, 2021 173
Episurf Medical wins new US patent within 3D visualisation. Feb 2, 2021 171
Contact image sensor for pipe QC. Feb 1, 2021 192
Adaptive Algorithm in Image Reconstruction Based on Information Geometry. Wang, Meng; Ning, Zhen Hu; Yu, Jing; Xiao, Chuang Bai Report Feb 1, 2021 5527
Road Damage Detection and Classification based on Multi-level Feature Pyramids. Yin, Junru; Qu, Jiantao; Huang, Wei; Chen, Qiqiang Report Feb 1, 2021 4678
Fuzzy Contrast Enhancement System with Multiple Transform Domain Operations. Javid, Tariq; Abid, Muhammad Report Feb 1, 2021 3800
Samsung rolls out new 108-megapixel image sensor. Jan 15, 2021 427
OmniVision Announces 40MP Smartphone Image Sensor. Jan 11, 2021 382
OmniVision Announces 40MP Smartphone Image Sensor. Jan 11, 2021 392
OmniVision Announces 40MP Smartphone Image Sensor. Jan 11, 2021 392
Remote Human Respiration Detection Using Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radar Mounted on a Linearly Flying Platform. Rohman, Budiman P.A.; Nishimoto, Masahiko Jan 1, 2021 3497
Orthorectification of WorldView-3 Satellite Image Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data. Pradhan, Biswajeet; Ahmed, Ahmed A.; Chakraborty, Subrata; Alamri, Abdullah; Lee, Chang-Wook Jan 1, 2021 4661
Design of 3D Modeling Face Image Library in Multimedia Film and Television. Lei, Di; Kim, Sae-Hoon Jan 1, 2021 7612
Application of Photoshop Graphics and Image Processing in the Field of Animation. Ye, Fan Jan 1, 2021 9019
Innovation Strategy of 3D Printing in Industrial Design Based on Vision Sensor. Sun, Haijiao Jan 1, 2021 7044
Study on Air Void Characteristics and Hydraulic Characteristics of Porous Asphalt Concrete Based on Image Processing Technology. Wang, Zhanqi; Xie, Jianguang; Gao, Lei; Liu, Yanping; Li, Kuan Jan 1, 2021 6292
Application of Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Partial Differential Equation in Legal Case Text Classification. Sun, Jingliang Jan 1, 2021 5584
Image Texture Analysis and Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Anisotropic Diffusion Equation. Li, Xiaoqin Jan 1, 2021 7321
Image Processing Design and Algorithm Research Based on Cloud Computing. He, Defu; Xiong, Si Jan 1, 2021 5374
Osteolysis: A Literature Review of Basic Science and Potential Computer-Based Image Processing Detection Methods. Saadi, Soroush Baseri; Ranjbarzadeh, Ramin; Ozeir kazemi,; Amirabadi, Amir; Ghoushchi, Saeid Jafarza Jan 1, 2021 12370
Lightweight Object Detection Ensemble Framework for Autonomous Vehicles in Challenging Weather Conditions. Walambe, Rahee; Marathe, Aboli; Kotecha, Ketan; Ghinea, George Jan 1, 2021 6827
Research on the Application of Visual Sensing Technology in Art Education. Mao, Wenli; Zhang, Bingyu Jan 1, 2021 5036
The Use of Digital Media Art Using UI and Visual Sensing Image Technology. Mao, Tong; Jiang, Xunxun Jan 1, 2021 6136
An Expert System for COVID-19 Infection Tracking in Lungs Using Image Processing and Deep Learning Techniques. Subramaniam, Umashankar; Subashini, M. Monica; Almakhles, Dhafer; Karthick, Alagar; Manoharan, S. Report Jan 1, 2021 7351
Emergence of Deep Learning in Knee Osteoarthritis Diagnosis. Yeoh, Pauline Shan Qing; Lai, Khin Wee; Goh, Siew Li; Hasikin, Khairunnisa; Hum, Yan Chai; Tee, Yee Jan 1, 2021 13709
Deep Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network for Segmentation of Melanoma Skin Lesion. Yang, Cheng-Hong; Ren, Jai-Hong; Huang, Hsiu-Chen; Chuang, Li-Yeh; Chang, Po-Yin Jan 1, 2021 8157
Classification of Date Fruits into Genetic Varieties Using Image Analysis. Koklu, Murat; Kursun, Ramazan; Taspinar, Yavuz Selim; Cinar, Ilkay Report Jan 1, 2021 5611
Image Quality Evaluation of Sanda Sports Video Based on BP Neural Network Perception. Fan, Kai; Gu, Xiaoye Jan 1, 2021 5365
Target Recognition Algorithm Based on Optical Sensor Data Fusion. Lv, Chunlei; Cao, Lihua Jan 1, 2021 6810
Observe Athlete's Ankle Pain and Ankle Joint Muscle Characteristics Based on Microscope Images. Li, Mingzhi; Sun, Lina Jan 1, 2021 8895
An OCaNet Model Based on Octave Convolution and Attention Mechanism for Iris Recognition. Zou, Dong; Feng, Jianbing; He, Zhixin; Liu, Liping; Zhao, Meijun; Zheng, Lizhong Jan 1, 2021 5164
FRGAN: A Blind Face Restoration with Generative Adversarial Networks. Wei, Tongxin; Li, Qingbao; Chen, Zhifeng; Liu, Jinjin Report Jan 1, 2021 7992
Fast Decomposition Algorithm Based on Two-Dimensional Wavelet Transform for Image Processing of Graphic Design. Jiang, Feifei; Yao, Wenting Jan 1, 2021 7232
A Partial Differential Equation-Based Image Restoration Method in Environmental Art Design. Li, Chen Jan 1, 2021 6190
Image Processing Method Based on Chaotic Encryption and Wavelet Transform for Planar Design. Liu, Yiying; Ko, Young Chun Jan 1, 2021 8026
Mathematical Modeling for Ceramic Shape 3D Image Based on Deep Learning Algorithm. Zhang, Lijian; Liu, Guangfu Jan 1, 2021 6388
Denoising of Tourist Street Scene Image Based on ROF Model of Second-Order Partial Differential Equation. Yang, Xiaofeng Jan 1, 2021 6970
Improved Consistency of an Automated Multisatellite Method for Extracting Temporal Changes in Flood Extent. Mahmud, Husniyah Binti; Katiyar, Vaibhav; Nagai, Masahiko Report Jan 1, 2021 8224
An Improved Image Steganography Scheme Based on Partial Preservation Embedding Algorithm for Wireless Visual Sensor Networks. Shen, Qian; Jiang, Tao; Zhu, Yongjun; Wu, Yin Report Jan 1, 2021 8086
Analysis of the Noise Reduction Characteristics of a Diffuser with Fizeau Interferometry. Wang, Hongjun; Zhu, Xueliang; Liu, Bingcai; Tian, Ailing Jan 1, 2021 4509
Advances in Imaging Technology of Anterior Segment of the Eye. Han, Sang Beom; Liu, Yu-Chi; Mohamed-Noriega, Karim; Mehta, Jodhbir S. Jan 1, 2021 7420
Combined Fuzzy Clustering and Chan_Vese Model for Multicolor Gradual Ochotona curzoniae Image Segmentation. Chen, Haiyan; Zhang, Huaqing Report Jan 1, 2021 5375
A Novel Face Super-Resolution Method Based on Parallel Imaging and OpenVINO. Huang, Zhijie; Zheng, Wenbo; Yan, Lan; Gou, Chao Report Jan 1, 2021 5305
Multimodality Image Analysis in a Cohort of Patients with Atypical Juvenile Ocular Toxocariasis. Guo, Xiaohong; Liu, Hui; Li, Manli; Fan, Ke; Li, Shuyin; Lei, Bo Jan 1, 2021 3098
A Quadratic Traversal Algorithm of Shortest Weeding Path Planning for Agricultural Mobile Robots in Cornfield. Zhang, Le; Li, Rui; Li, Zhiqiang; Meng, Yuyao; Liang, Jinxin; Fu, Leiyang; Jin, Xiu Jan 1, 2021 10028
Crack Identification on the Fresh Chilli (Capsicum) Fruit Destemmed System. Huynh, Quoc-Khanh; Nguyen, Chi-Ngon; Vo-Nguyen, Hong-Phuc; Tran-Nguyen, Phuong Lan; Le, Phan-Hung; L Jan 1, 2021 5139
Facial Image Segmentation Based on Gabor Filter. Li, Hong-An; Fan, Jiangwen; Zhang, Jing; Li, Zhanli; He, Dandan; Si, Ming; Zhang, Yun Jan 1, 2021 4074
Multiview ISAR Imaging for Complex Targets Based on Improved SBR Scattering Model. Feng, Tiantian; Guo, Lixin Jan 1, 2021 4235
Sylvester Matrix-Based Similarity Estimation Method for Automation of Defect Detection in Textile Fabrics. Kumari, R. M. L. N.; Bandara, G. A. C. T.; Dissanayake, Maheshi B. Jan 1, 2021 5095
Quantum Image Processing: Opportunities and Challenges. Ruan, Yue; Xue, Xiling; Shen, Yuanxia Report Jan 1, 2021 6442
Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer based on Ensemble Deep Learning Network using Colposcopy Images. Chandran, Venkatesan; Sumithra, M. G.; Karthick, Alagar; George, Tony; Deivakani, M.; Elakkiya, Bala Jan 1, 2021 8862
Deep Learning for Plastic Waste Classification System. Bobulski, Janusz; Kubanek, Mariusz Jan 1, 2021 4136
On Chamfer Distances on the Square and Body-Centered Cubic Grids: An Operational Research Approach. Kovács, Gergely; Nagy, Benedek; Stomfai, Gergely; Turgay, Neset Deni̇z; Vizvári, Béla Jan 1, 2021 7512
Fast Mumford-Shah Two-Phase Image Segmentation Using Proximal Splitting Scheme. Shah, Nilima; Patel, Dhanesh; Fränti, Pasi Jan 1, 2021 6662
Rethinking Separable Convolutional Encoders for End-to-End Semantic Image Segmentation. Wang, Lin; Wang, Xingfu; Hawbani, Ammar; Xiong, Yan; Zhang, Xu Jan 1, 2021 6945
A Lightweight Model for Traffic Sign Classification Based on Enhanced LeNet-5 Network. Zaibi, Ameur; Ladgham, Anis; Sakly, Anis Jan 1, 2021 6990
Pixel-Level Recognition of Pavement Distresses Based on U-Net. Li, Deru; Duan, Zhongdong; Hu, Xiaoyang; Zhang, Dongchang Jan 1, 2021 6271
Semantic-Segmentation-Based Rail Fastener State Recognition Algorithm. Li, Liming; Sun, Rui; Zhao, Shuguang; Chai, Xiaodong; Zheng, Shubin; Shen, Ruichao Jan 1, 2021 9375
Effect of Alkali Pollutant in Influencing Crack Propagation in Soils. Yuan, Junhong; Cui, Jingbo; Chang, Jianmei; Zhang, Guanhong; Liu, Mingxi Jan 1, 2021 4505
Image Processing Technology Based on Internet of Things in Intelligent Pig Breeding. Hua, Shan; Han, Kaiyuan; Xu, Zhifu; Xu, Minjie; Ye, Hongbao; Zhou, Cheng Quan Jan 1, 2021 6656
Optimization of Ultrasound Information Imaging Algorithm in Cardiovascular Disease Based on Image Enhancement. Shao, Yongfu; Wu, Jue; Ou, Hongping; Pei, Min; Liu, Li; Movassagh, Ali Akbar; Sharma, Ashutosh Jan 1, 2021 7714
FrHPI: A Discriminative Patch-Image Model for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection. Li, Hao; Fan, Ganghui; Zeng, Shan; Kang, Zhen Jan 1, 2021 5763
Fresh Tea Sprouts Detection via Image Enhancement and Fusion SSD. Chen, Bin; Yan, Jili; Wang, Ke Jan 1, 2021 6578
Mediative Fuzzy Extension Technique and Its Consistent Measurement in the Decision Making of Medical Application. Sharma, M. K.; Dhiman, Nitesh; Mishra, Lakshmi Narayan; Mishra, Vishnu Narayan; Sahani, Suresh Kumar Jan 1, 2021 5169
Automated High-Resolution Structure Analysis of Plant Root with a Morphological Image Filtering Algorithm. Gong, Liang; Du, Xiaofeng; Lin, Chenhui; Zhu, Kai; Liu, Chengliang; Liang, Wanqi Jan 1, 2021 4374
Canopy Extraction and Height Estimation of Trees in a Shelter Forest Based on Fusion of an Airborne Multispectral Image and Photogrammetric Point Cloud. Wang, Xuewen; Zhao, Qingzhan; Han, Feng; Zhang, Jianxin; Jiang, Ping Jan 1, 2021 9252
Deep Learning-Based Image Processing for Cotton Leaf Disease and Pest Diagnosis. M., Azath; Zekiwos, Melese; Bruck, Abey Jan 1, 2021 4627
Automatic Focusing Method of Microscopes Based on Image Processing. Zhang, Hongjun; Yao, Jin Jan 1, 2021 6688
A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Detection of Organic and Nonorganic Cotton Diseases. Kumar, Sandeep; Jain, Arpit; Shukla, Anand Prakash; Singh, Satyendr; Raja, Rohit; Rani, Shilpa; Hars Jan 1, 2021 10002
Sports Video Augmented Reality Real-Time Image Analysis of Mobile Devices. Wang, Hui; Wang, Meng; Zhao, Peng Jan 1, 2021 6871
Automatic Recognition and Classification System of Thyroid Nodules in CT Images Based on CNN. Li, Wenjun; Cheng, Siyi; Qian, Kai; Yue, Keqiang; Liu, Hao Jan 1, 2021 5253
Real-Time Evaluation Algorithm of Human Body Movement in Football Training Robot. Hu, Ning; Lin, Shuhua; Cai, Jiayi Jan 1, 2021 6179
Quantitative Evaluation of Leaf Morphology with Different Rice Genotypes Based on Image Processing. Hua, Shan; Xu, Minjie; Xu, Zhifu; Ye, Hongbao Jan 1, 2021 5248
Calibration and Image Processing of Aerial Thermal Image for UAV Application in Crop Water Stress Estimation. Han, Yunhyeok; Tarakey, Barnabas Abraham; Hong, Suk-Ju; Kim, Sang-Yeon; Kim, Eungchan; Lee, Chang-Hy Jan 1, 2021 6693
An Optimized Approach for Prostate Image Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm with Elbow Method. Sammouda, Rachid; El-Zaart, Ali Jan 1, 2021 5466
Immersive Virtual Reality Physical Education Instructional Patterns on the Foundation of Vision Sensor. Zhang, Xianhao; Shi, Yongxiu; Bai, Hua Jan 1, 2021 6521
Application of Gabor Image Recognition Technology in Intelligent Clothing Design. Qiao, Sujuan Jan 1, 2021 7375
Study on the Effect of Amygdales on Mechanical Characteristics of Basalt Using the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method. Zhang, Shirui; Qiu, Shili; Li, Ping; Kou, Yongyuan; Kou, Pengfei Jan 1, 2021 4642
Application of a Fast RCNN Based on Upper and Lower Layers in Face Recognition. Jiang, Lin; Chen, Jia; Todo, Hiroyoshi; Tang, Zheng; Liu, Sicheng; Li, Yang Jan 1, 2021 6946
Remote Sensing Sea Ice Image Classification Based on Multilevel Feature Fusion and Residual Network. Han, Yanling; Cui, Pengxia; Zhang, Yun; Zhou, Ruyan; Yang, Shuhu; Wang, Jing Report Jan 1, 2021 6245
Medical Multimedia Image Analysis of Scoliosis in Children Aged 3-7 Years Based on Adaptive Multiobjective Differential Evolution Algorithm. Huang, Chunxiang Jan 1, 2021 3663
Review of Breast Cancer Pathologigcal Image Processing. Zhang, Ya-nan; XIA, Ke-rui; LI, Chang-yi; WEI, Ben-li; Zhang, Bing Jan 1, 2021 6362
Automatic Quantification of Atherosclerosis in Contrast-Enhanced MicroCT Scans of Mouse Aortas Ex Vivo. Stadelmann, Vincent A.; Boyd, Gabrielle; Guillot, Martin; Bienvenu, Jean-Guy; Glaus, Charles; Varela Jan 1, 2021 4549
Focusing Algorithm of Automatic Control Microscope Based on Digital Image Processing. Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Tao Jan 1, 2021 7889
Video Recognition of Government Community Management Cases Based on Partial Differential Equation Method. Sun, Yumeng Jan 1, 2021 5877
Elementary Methods for Generating Three-Dimensional Coordinate Estimation and Image Reconstruction from Series of Two-Dimensional Images. Eapen, Naived George; Samanta, Debabrata; Kaur, Manjit; Al-Amri, Jehad F.; Masud, Mehedi Jan 1, 2021 5346
Target Recognition and Trajectory Planning of Apple Harvesting Robot considering Color Multimedia Image Segmentation Algorithm. Wang, Ya Jan 1, 2021 4267
Measurement of Apparent Building Damage by Using a Single Image. Lyu, Junda; Gao, Jiacheng; Gao, Dejun Report Jan 1, 2021 5117
Vision-Based Intelligent Perceiving and Planning System of a 7-DoF Collaborative Robot. Xu, Linfeng; Li, Gang; Song, Peiheng; Shao, Weixiang Jan 1, 2021 10134
Monitoring and Mathematical Model Analysis of Dynamic Changes in Land Resources Based on SAR Sensor Image. Li, Ying Jan 1, 2021 7863
Application of CNN Algorithm Based on Chaotic Recursive Diagonal Model in Medical Image Processing. Ye, Fangfang; Xu, Sen; Wang, Ting; Wang, Zhangquan; Ren, Tiaojuan Jan 1, 2021 5331
Feature Extraction and Recognition of Medical CT Images Based on Mumford-Shah Model. Fan, Lumin; Shen, Lingli; Zuo, Xinghua Jan 1, 2021 8026
Fractional-Order Adaptive P-Laplace Equation-Based Art Image Edge Detection. Chen, Ming Jan 1, 2021 6145
Implementation of Computer-Based Vision Technology to Consider Visual Form of Ceramic Mural Art. Li, Dazhuang; Alkathir, Emad Saadi Jan 1, 2021 10020
Various Approaches for Generalized Integral Transforms. Rathie, Arjun Kumar; Geum, Younghee; Kim, Hwajoon Jan 1, 2021 766
Research Based on Visual Sensors and VR in the Field of Visual Culture. Li, Yunpeng Jan 1, 2021 6664
Research on Subpixel Algorithm of Fixed-Point Tool Path Measurement. Zhang, Xi; Guo, Zixie; Liu, Xiangwei; Zhang, Longjia Jan 1, 2021 5017
Iterative Algorithms for Deblurring of Images in Case of Electrical Capacitance Tomography. Jaffri, Nasif R.; Almogren, Ahmad; Ahmad, Aftab; Abrar, Usama; Radwan, Ayman; Khan, Farzan A. Report Jan 1, 2021 5849
Postsurgical Stability of Temporomandibular Joint of Skeletal Class III Patients Treated with 2-Jaw Orthognathic Surgery via Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Simulation and Navigation in Orthognathic Surgery (CASNOS). Wang, Ling-Chun; Lee, Yi-Hao; Tsai, Chi-Yu; Wu, Te-Ju; Teng, Ya-Ying; Lai, Jui-Pin; Lin, Shiu-Shiung Report Jan 1, 2021 4693
A Method for Optimal Detection of Lung Cancer Based on Deep Learning Optimized by Marine Predators Algorithm. Lu, Xinrong; Nanehkaran, Y. A.; Karimi Fard, Maryam Jan 1, 2021 5657
LSM-SEC: Tongue Segmentation by the Level Set Model with Symmetry and Edge Constraints. Gao, Shanshan; Guo, Ningning; Mao, Deqian Jan 1, 2021 7900
Decision-Making Model of Product Modeling Big Data Design Scheme Based on Neural Network Optimized by Genetic Algorithm. Hu, Ming Jan 1, 2021 5275
Traffic Flow Parameters Collection under Variable Illumination Based on Data Fusion. Jin, Shaojie; Gao, Ying; Jing, Shoucai; Hui, Fei; Zhao, Xiangmo; Liu, Jianzhen Jan 1, 2021 8385
Development of AI-Based Vehicle Detection and Tracking System for C-ITS Application. Tak, Sehyun; Lee, Jong-Deok; Song, Jeongheon; Kim, Sunghoon Jan 1, 2021 9307
Image Segmentation Method for an Illumination Highlight Region of Interior Design Effects Based on the Partial Differential Equation. Wang, Lina; Liu, Yaoming; Qian, Zhike Jan 1, 2021 6673
Machine Learning and IoT-Based Waste Management Model. Khan, Rijwan; Kumar, Santosh; Srivastava, Akhilesh Kumar; Dhingra, Niharika; Gupta, Mahima; Bhati, N Jan 1, 2021 7578
Art Image Processing and Color Objective Evaluation Based on Multicolor Space Convolutional Neural Network. Jing, Liang; Lv, Shifeng Jan 1, 2021 6190
Satellite and Scene Image Classification Based on Transfer Learning and Fine Tuning of ResNet50. Shabbir, Amsa; Ali, Nouman; Ahmed, Jameel; Zafar, Bushra; Rasheed, Aqsa; Sajid, Muhammad; Ahmed, Afz Jan 1, 2021 9733
Detection of Oil Spill Using SAR Imagery Based on AlexNet Model. Wang, Xinzhe; Liu, Jiaxu; Zhang, Shuai; Deng, Qiwen; Wang, Zhuo; Li, Yunhao; Fan, Jianchao Jan 1, 2021 8417
Generative Adversarial Network Performance in Low-Dimensional Settings. Jimenez, Felix; Koepke, Amanda; Gregg, Mary; Frey, Michael Jan 1, 2021 6641
Exact Tile-Based Segmentation Inference for Images Larger than GPU Memory. Majurski, Michael; Bajcsy, Peter Jan 1, 2021 8093
Location-Based Saliency Maps from a Fully Connected Layer using Multi-Shapes. Kim, Hoseung; Han, Seong-Soo; Jeong, Chang-Sung Report Jan 1, 2021 4447
Self-Supervised Rigid Registration for Small Images. Ma, Ruoxin; Zhao, Shengjie; Cheng, Samuel Report Jan 1, 2021 5796
Enhanced Anisotropic Scattering Targets Imaging in Wide-Angle SAR. Wang, Xin; Chang, Guiqing; Chi, Chenchen Report Jan 1, 2021 5423
Dubai's sports eases out thermal scanners. Dec 31, 2020 296
Range Masks in Lightroom (They're Awesome!). Dec 21, 2020 752
Modulim awarded CE Mark for Clarifi Imaging System for microvascular assessment. Dec 3, 2020 201
Modulim awarded CE Mark for Clarifi Imaging System for microvascular assessment. Dec 3, 2020 205
Teeth Segmentation of Bitewing X-Ray Images Using Wavelet Transform. Salimzadeh, Sina; Kandulu, Sara Dec 1, 2020 3250
A Robust Model Using SIFT and Gamma Mixture Model for Texture Images Classification: Perspectives for Medical Applications. Benlakhdar, Said; Rziza, Mohammed; Thami, Rachid Oulad Haj Report Dec 1, 2020 3890
Automated Localized Approach for Airway Segmentation in 3D Chest CT Volume. Khanna, Anita; Londhe, Narendra Digambar; Gupta, Shubhrata Report Dec 1, 2020 5260
Estimating Microbial Diversity via Morphological Based Microscopic Image Analysis: Methods and Metrics. Dhindsa, Anaahat; Bhatia, Sanjay; Agrawal, Sunil; Sohi, B.S. Dec 1, 2020 5145
Continuity Detection Method in Binary Image Signal. Hercik, Radim; Machacek, Zdenek; Koziorek, Jiri; Vanus, Jan; Schneider, Miroslav; Walendziuk, Wojcie Dec 1, 2020 4197
A New Classification Approach with Deep Mask R-CNN for Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Segmentation. Yayla, Ridvan; Sen, Baha Dec 1, 2020 3892
ON PERFORMING SKEW DETECTION AND CORRECTION USING MULTIPLE EXPERTS' DECISION. Tarba, Nicolae; Schmidt, Daniel; Popovici, Anda-Elena; Staniloiu, Eduard; Avatavului, Cristian; Prod Dec 1, 2020 1821
Deeper SSD: Simultaneous Up-sampling and Down-sampling for Drone Detection. Sun, Han; Geng, Wen; Shen, Jiaquan; Liu, Ningzhong; Liang, Dong; Zhou, Huiyu Report Dec 1, 2020 8972
A Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Brain Tumors Using a Fine-Tuned YOLO-based Model with Transfer Learning. Montalbo, Francis Jesmar P. Report Dec 1, 2020 7858
Facial Feature Based Image-to-Image Translation Method. Kang, Shinjin Report Dec 1, 2020 4995
Incorporating Recognition in Catfish Counting Algorithm Using Artificial Neural Network and Geometry. Aliyu, Ibrahim; Gana, Kolo Jonathan; Musa, Aibinu Abiodun; Adegboye, Mutiu Adesina; Lim, Chang Gyoon Report Dec 1, 2020 7794
Blida : Le citoyen entre frais des tests PCR, serologique et du scanner. Nov 27, 2020 295
Zebra scanner aids pharmacies and labs. Nov 9, 2020 332
IQ-AI says leading US cancer centre has bought subsidiary's unique brain imaging technology. Nov 6, 2020 190
NeoSpectra Scanner--Portable and handheld spectral sensing scanner. Nov 1, 2020 163
DCNN Optimization Using Multi-Resolution Image Fusion. Alshehri, Abdullah A.; Lutz, Adam; Ezekiel, Soundararajan; Pearlstein, Larry; Conlen, John Report Nov 1, 2020 8194
A multisource image fusion method for multimodal pig-body feature detection. Zhong, Zhen; Wang, Minjuan; Gao, Wanlin Report Nov 1, 2020 5608
Realistic Scenes Reproduction Based on Total Variation. Li, Weizhong; Ma, Honghua Report Nov 1, 2020 4181
A Reversible Data Hiding Method for AMBTC Compressed Image without Expansion inside Stego Format. Hui, Zheng; Zhou, Quan Report Nov 1, 2020 7628
Structure-Preserving Mesh Simplification. Chen, Zhuo; Zheng, Xiaobin; Guan, Tao Report Nov 1, 2020 6333
Ensemble Deep Learning Features for Real-World Image Steganalysis. Zhou, Ziling; Tan, Shunquan; Zeng, Jishen; Chen, Han; Hong, Shaobin Report Nov 1, 2020 6015
Microwave Staring Correlated Imaging Based on Quasi-Stationary Platform with Motion Measurement Errors. Jiang, Zheng; Yuan, Bo; Zhang, Jianlin; Guo, Yuanyue; Wang, Dongjin Nov 1, 2020 4399
Partners eye new plateau in scanner-derived structural data capture. Nov 1, 2020 206
Quantitative influence of adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction on CT image histology of patients with primary colorectal cancer. Chen Yue; Li Wei; Liu Sibin Report Oct 31, 2020 3152
What's New in Lightroom Classic Version 10? Malino, Chris Product/service evaluation Oct 26, 2020 863
Adobe Lightroom Classic and Lightroom get Lumetri Colour Grading as part of Adobe Max announcement. Oct 20, 2020 547
Googles new Pixel and Android beef up iPhone competition. Oct 20, 2020 457
Zebra introduces new scanner, mobile computers. Oct 13, 2020 156
Machine Learning for Plant Breeding and Biotechnology. Niazian, Mohsen; Niedbala, Gniewko Oct 1, 2020 13314
An Efficient Data Retrieval Parallel Reeb Graph Algorithm. Hajij, Mustafa; Rosen, Paul Oct 1, 2020 15294
Intelligent Hybrid Fusion Algorithm with Vision Patterns for Generation of Precise Digital Road Maps in Self-driving Vehicles. Jung, Juho; Park, Manbok; Cho, Kuk; Mun, Cheol; Ahn, Junho Report Oct 1, 2020 5599
Optimization of 3D Triangular Mesh Watermarking Using ACO-Weber's Law. Narendra, Modigarl; Valarmathi, M.L.; Anbarasi, L. Jani Report Oct 1, 2020 5525
No-reference Image Blur Assessment Based on Multi-scale Spatial Local Features. Sun, Chenchen; Cui, Ziguan; Gan, Zongliang; Liu, Feng Report Oct 1, 2020 8799
Dealing with data: Matthew Dale explores the software to simplify the management and labelling of deep learning data. Dale, Matthew Oct 1, 2020 2323
Suppliers. Oct 1, 2020 717
Quantifying colour difference in animals with variable patterning. Drackova, Tereza; Smolinsky, Radovan; Hiadlovska, Zuzana; Dolinay, Matej Oct 1, 2020 3976
FG Introduces Security Baggage Scanners In Rail Transport. Sep 29, 2020 160
FG Prioritises Security In Railway Transport Sector, Introduces Scanners. Sep 28, 2020 447
Samsung expands 0.7-micrometer pixel image sensor lineup. Sep 15, 2020 360
TIKA donates seven professional digitization scanners for the archives in BiH. Sep 14, 2020 314
Campaigner hopes MSPs will get behind scanner; ? Scottish Parliament committee to look at petition this week. Sep 8, 2020 398
Bionano Genomics announces publication of study on genome imaging technology. Sep 2, 2020 378
Vision-Based Spacecraft Pose Estimation via a Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Noncooperative Docking Operations. Phisannupawong, Thaweerath; Kamsing, Patcharin; Torteeka, Peerapong; Channumsin, Sittiporn; Sawangwi Report Sep 1, 2020 10444
A Fast Image Thresholding Algorithm for Infrared Images Based on Histogram Approximation and Circuit Theory. Manda, Manikanta Prahlad; Kim, Hi Seok Report Sep 1, 2020 6356
Spatially Adaptive Regularization in Image Segmentation. Antonelli, Laura; de Simone, Valentina; diSerafino, Da Niela Report Sep 1, 2020 5692
An Image Hashing Algorithm for Authentication with Multi-Attack Reference Generation and Adaptive Thresholding. Du, Ling; He, Zehong; Wang, Yijing; Wang, Xiaochao; Ho, Anthony T.S. Report Sep 1, 2020 9100
Evaluation of Cultivar Identification Performance Using Feature Expressions and Classification Algorithms on Optical Images of Sweet Corn Seeds. Tang, Yu; Cheng, Zhishang; Miao, Aimin; Zhuang, Jiajun; Hou, Chaojun; He, Yong; Chu, Xuan; Luo, Shao Sep 1, 2020 9257
Automatic Image Segmentation for Material Microstructure Characterization by Optical Microscopy. Ramou, Naim; Chetih, Nabil; Boutiche, Yamina; Rabah, Abdelkader Sep 1, 2020 3409
An Efficient Microbes Detection System using Microscopic Images via Morphological and Correlation Based Features. Dhindsa, Anaahat; Bhatia, Sanjay; Agrawal, Sunil; Sohi, B.S. Report Sep 1, 2020 6570
Accurate Classification and Detection of Brain Cancer Cells in MRI and CT Images using Nano Contrast Agents. Ruba, T.; Tamilselvi, R.; Beham, M. Parisa; Aparna, N. Report Sep 1, 2020 4212
Pectoral Muscle Segmentation in Mammograms. Suganthi, G.Vaira; Sutha, J.; Parvathy, M.; Devi, C. Durga Report Sep 1, 2020 3463
Video smoke detection with block DNCNN and visual change image. Liu, Tong; Cheng, Jianghua; Yuan, Zhimin; Hua, Honghu; Zhao, Kangcheng Sep 1, 2020 6523
Low-Rank Representation-Based Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction with Edge-Preserving. Gao, Rui; Cheng, Deqiang; Yao, Jie; Chen, Liangliang Sep 1, 2020 6654
A reliable quasi-dense corresponding points for structure from motion. Oh, Jangseok; Hong, Hyunggil; Cho, Yongjun; Yun, Haeyong; Seo, Kap-Ho; Kim, Hochul; Kim, Mingi; Lee, Sep 1, 2020 4683
Perona-Malik Model with Diffusion Coefficient Depending on Fractional Gradient via Caputo-Fabrizio Derivative. Aug 31, 2020 7178
Accurate Computation of Fractional-Order Exponential Moments. Xu, Shujiang; Hao, Qixian; Ma, Bin; Wang, Chunpeng; Li, Jian Aug 31, 2020 9892
Multiple Morphological Constraints-Based Complex Gland Segmentation in Colorectal Cancer Pathology Image Analysis. Zhang, Kun; Fu, JunHong; Hua, Liang; Zhang, Peijian; Shao, Yeqin; Xu, Sheng; Zhou, Huiyu; Chen, Li; Aug 31, 2020 8034
Learning-Based Dark and Blurred Underwater Image Restoration. Xu, Yifeng; Wang, Huigang; Cooper, Garth Douglas; Rong, Shaowei; Sun, Weitao Aug 31, 2020 9991
Impact of Matching Point Selections on Image Registration Accuracy between Optical Scan and Computed Tomography. Mai, Hai Yen; Lee, Du-Hyeong Report Aug 31, 2020 4185
A Multiscale-Based Adjustable Convolutional Neural Network for Multiple Organ Segmentation. Tian, Zhiqiang; Song, Jingyi; Zhang, Chenyang; Tian, Xiaohui; Shi, Zhong; Yu, Xiaofu Aug 31, 2020 6694
Infrared and Visible Image Fusion with Hybrid Image Filtering. Zhang, Yongxin; Li, Deguang; Zhu, WenPeng Report Aug 31, 2020 9851
Relation and Application Method of Deep Learning Sea Target Detection and Segmentation Algorithm. Li, Guangfu; Wang, Zheng; Ren, Jia Report Aug 31, 2020 6938
Convergence of Slice-Based Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm for Convolutional Sparse Coding. Li, Jing; Yu, Hui; Wei, Xiao; Wang, Jinjia Report Aug 31, 2020 5614
An Image Decomposition Fusion Method for Medical Images. Chang, Lihong; Ma, Wan; Jin, Yu; Xu, Li Report Aug 31, 2020 4617
Exact k-Component Graph Learning for Image Clustering. Min, Yufang; Zhan, Yaonan Report Aug 31, 2020 6615
On the Cryptanalysis of a Bit-Level Image Chaotic Encryption Algorithm. Hu, Yingchun; Yu, Simin; Zhang, Zeqing Report Aug 31, 2020 7027
Enhanced Mask R-CNN for Chinese Food Image Detection. Li, Y.; Xu, X.; Yuan, C. Report Aug 31, 2020 5516
Ship Target Detection Based on Improved YOLO Network. Huang, Hong; Sun, Dechao; Wang, Renfang; Zhu, Chun; Liu, Bangquan Report Aug 31, 2020 4809
Nonlinear Finite Volume Scheme Preserving Positivity for 2D Convection-Diffusion Equations on Polygonal Meshes. Lan, Bin; Dong, Jianqiang Report Aug 31, 2020 5424
Semantic Segmentation Algorithm Based on Attention Mechanism and Transfer Learning. Ye, Jianfeng; Lu, Chong; Xiong, Junfeng; Wang, Huaming Report Aug 31, 2020 6024
Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Fractional Function Regularity. Han, Xuanli; Peng, Jigen; Cui, Angang; Zhao, Fujun Report Aug 31, 2020 7386
Deep Learning Technology for Weld Defects Classification Based on Transfer Learning and Activation Features. Ajmi, Chiraz; Zapata, Juan; Elferchichi, Sabra; Zaafouri, Abderrahmen; Laabidi, Kaouther Aug 31, 2020 11544
A Novel Speckle Noise Removal Algorithm Based on ADMM and Energy Minimization Method. Chen, Bo; Lv, Yan; Zou, Jinbin; Chen, Wensheng; Pan, Binbin Aug 31, 2020 6062
Variational Method to p-Laplacian Fractional Dirichlet Problem with Instantaneous and Noninstantaneous Impulses. Chen, Yiru; Gu, Haibo; Ma, Lina Aug 31, 2020 4133
Personal Communication Technologies for Smart Spaces Density-Based Clustering for Content and Color Adaptive Tone Mapping. Javed, Maleeha; Dawood, Hassan; Khan, Muhammad Murtaza; Banjar, Ameen; Alharbey, Riad; Dawood, Hussa Report Aug 31, 2020 6196
Robust 2D Otsu's Algorithm for Uneven Illumination Image Segmentation. Xing, Jiangwa; Yang, Pei; Qingge, Letu Aug 31, 2020 7390
A Complex Chained P System Based on Evolutionary Mechanism for Image Segmentation. Liu, Xiyu; Wang, Lin; Qu, Jianhua; Wang, Ning Aug 31, 2020 11051
TISNet-Enhanced Fully Convolutional Network with Encoder-Decoder Structure for Tongue Image Segmentation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Huang, Xiaodong; Zhang, Hui; Zhuo, Li; Li, Xiaoguang; Zhang, Jing Aug 31, 2020 6407
Technical fault in scanner machine causes disruption in goods clearance at Torkham. Aug 18, 2020 192
Colorize your B&W photos using these AI apps. Paredes, Raffy Aug 14, 2020 635
'Stop use of thermal scanners, mists at checkpoints'. Aug 9, 2020 331
Here's an Easy Way to Make Videos in Lightroom. Aug 7, 2020 889
MBRSC releases 0.7 metre satellite mosaic image captured by KhalifaSat. Staff Reporter Aug 4, 2020 501
MBRSC releases satellite image captured by KhalifaSat. Aug 4, 2020 522
An Open-Source User Interface Development for Widely Used Low-cost Spectrometer Designs. Gurkan, Guray Report Aug 2, 2020 4401
A Method of License Plate Location and Character Recognition based on CNN. Fang, Wei; Yi, Weinan; Pang, Lin; Hou, Shuonan Aug 1, 2020 5219
Cross-Camera Erased Feature Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification. Wu, Shaojun; Gao, Ling Report Aug 1, 2020 5756
Pavement Defect Segmentation in Orthoframes with a Pipeline of Three Convolutional Neural Networks. Louk, Roland; Riid, Andri; Pihlak, Rene; Tepljakov, Aleksei Report Aug 1, 2020 12469
Open-source robotics gains traction in manufacturing. Santos, Christoph Hellmann Aug 1, 2020 1382
Smart Vision Lights Featured product. Aug 1, 2020 153
Suppliers: Find the suppliers you need quickly and easily. Also available online at Aug 1, 2020 714
Post-Antibiotic Effect of Ampicillin and Levofloxacin to Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus Based on Microscopic Imaging Analysis. Proma, Farjana Hanif; Shourav, Mohiuddin Khan; Choi, Jungil Aug 1, 2020 4828
Restoring CONFIDENCE: Andy Clarke, aviation director at Costain, explains how integrating thermal imaging technology will help to restore air passengers' confidence. Aug 1, 2020 1002

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