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Ove informs us that the above vanity plate that was the center of controversy in Colorado recently. According to Jason Arango in General News, "One Colorado woman's quest to share her love of tofu with as many people as possible was brought to a screeching halt when her request for a vanity plate was denied. The reason given, the license plate could potentially be interpreted as profane. While we have nothing against tofu, the complaints do seem largely valid as soon as you look at the license plate below: We might be in the minority, but without any context behind it, our first assumption probably wouldn't be, 'Wow, this driver must really like tofu.' And, we kind of wish the state had just let her have the license plate so she could be constantly amazed at the amount of supportive honks she receives from other like-minded drivers."


Iowa City, Iowa

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Title Annotation:license plates and word play
Author:Morice, David
Publication:Word Ways
Article Type:Brief article
Date:May 1, 2009
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