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Illusion, when you are at a breaking point, comes as an angelic saviour.

India, Aug. 24 -- Illusion is not always a debilitating factor in life. At times, when you are at a breaking point, it acts as an angelic savior. The Oxford dictionary defines illusion as "false impression or belief".

The argument that 'false impression and belief' keep you alive, at times, can be a surely highly debatable but, at the same time, its utility cannot be ruled out. That does not mean, however, that one can be under the spell of a false impression and belief all the time. That will be the sure way to disaster and failure and only a fool will build up such a world.

Richard Bach, in his book, Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, has this to say: "Of course, I am a fake; we are all fakes in this world; we are all pretending to be something that we are not. We are not bodies walking around..."

The fact is that all of us, most of the time, live fake lives. Our beliefs that border on illusion never leave us alone to let us be the 'real us' to take on the realities. We imagine and build beautiful castles and keep happily roaming in it until we see a whole lifetime has been wasted and come to an end with nothing solid to show or leave behind.

Life without illusions is a life with many hard and difficult problems; but the end result of combating with the problems is always gratifying and exalting. As Bach says, "There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts."

One who shirks away from the reality necessarily builds up an illusory world; and an illusory world never offers one a chance to wish for something and the power to achieve it. Therefore, you have to ask yourself a few simple but profound questions, in true spirit: "Where am I, am I being true to myself, or am I deluding myself in a world of my own that has no roots in reality?" Ask these ordinary-sounding questions daily and see the profound change in your attitude and approach towards life.

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Date:Aug 24, 2014
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