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Illuminating eye gel cream.

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PROCEDURE: Combined phase A ingredients and begin heating to 75 [+ or -] 3[degrees]C. Disperse Cosmedia SP, then combine remaining ingredients and heat to 75 [+ or -] 3[degrees]C. Add phase A to phase B and homogenize until uniform. Switch to lightnin' mixing and cool to 50 [+ or -] 3[degrees]C. Add Phase C and continue mixing. Add Phase D and continue mixing until room temperature. PROPERTIES: Brookfield RVT spindle T-E, 20 rpm--70,000-100,000 cps; pH--6.5-7.5.

Phase A

Cetiol Sensoft (BASF) (Propylheptyl caprylate) 2.00

Livitol Lite (BASF) (Hydrogenated polyisobutene) 2.00

Cetiol CC (BASF) (Dicaprylyl carbonate) 2.25

Dow Corning 200 Fluid 5 CST (Dow Corning) (Dimethicone) 2.50

Lanette 16 (BASF) (Cetyl alcohol) 2.00

Emulgade 1000 NI (BASF) (Cetearyl alcohol (and ceteareth-20) 2.50

Phase B

Euxyl K300 q.s.

Deionied water q.s.

Glycerin 2.00

Cosmedia SP (BASF) (Sodium polyacrylate) 0.65

EDETA BD (BASF) (Disodium EDTA) 0.05

Phase C

Shadownyl (BASF) (Water (and) algae extract (and) hexylene 2.00
glycol (and) caprylyl glycol (and) xanthan gum)

Biophytex LS 9832 (Water (and butylene glycol (and) 3.00
panthenol (and) escin (and) glycerin (and) ruscus aculeatus
root extract (and) ammonium glycrrhizate (and) centella
asiatica extract (and) (hydrolyzed yeast protein (and)
calendula officinalis flower extract)

Phase D

Chione HD Pixel White S130S (BASF) (Synthetic 0.12
fluorophlogopite (and) titani urn dioxide)

Chione HD Infinite White S130V (BASF) (Synthetic 0.60
fluorophlogopite (and) titanium dioxide)
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