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Illuminated pushbutton switch.

The right angle C & K ELUM[TM] illuminated pushbutton switch from ITT Industries, Cannon features an LED built into its actuator, eliminating the need for separate LED and light pipe on the PC board. This robust design makes panel building, instrumentation and many other applications simpler to implement, preventing mechanical misalignment, according to the company. Special LED colors and customized caps can be used to achieve specific visual renderings. With a low 6 mm profile, these pushbutton switches are available in through-hole and SMT configurations. Its self-cleaning SPDT contact withstands current voltage ranging from 20 mV to 50V DC, and from 0.01 mA to 250 mA. Operating force is 4.5N at full actuation (5.1 mm travel max.). The latching version (push-push) suits switching functions such as mode select and power ON/OFF, while the momentary version is appropriate for test, reset and notification functions. C & K ELUM switches are designed to meet the requirements set by OEMs of telecom, industrial, medical, automotive and consumer electronics. It is compatible with RoHS directives (lead-free) and with high-speed reflow soldering lines. Standard pricing for 10,000 pieces starts at $1.01 for a momentary through-hole version without LED and $1.49 for a latching SMT version with red LED. ITT Industries, Cannon


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Title Annotation:Electromechanical/Mechanical Devices
Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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