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Illinois Community College Board. Adult Education and Family Literacy. Provider Manual. Fiscal Year 2007.

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The Illinois Community College Board has developed this Provider Manual as an easy reference to: (1) existing laws and regulations, both State and Federal; (2) best practices in the field of Adult Education; and to (3) act as a desk reference for both new and existing program administrators. The Manual describes: (1) the purpose of the Federal Adult Education and Family Literacy Act of 1998; (2) how the Workforce Investment Act of 1988 affects Adult Education and Family Literacy Providers (AEFL); (3) the application procedures and requirements for becoming an AEFL provider; (4) the mission and function of an Area Planning Council; (5) the sources of AEFL funding; (6) AEFL assessment; (7) instructional services that are allowable in ICCB-funded AEFL programs and the elements for an approvable course for AEFL; (8) how classes are funded; (9) ways to evaluate instruction; (10) the core measures and criteria for the National Reporting System (NRS) for Adult Education; (11) components of a quality program; (12) requirements for professional development, including creating a professional development plan; (14) staffing requirements for adult education and family literacy professionals; (16) record-keeping requirements; (17) program monitoring; (18) characteristics of the ICCB reports and formats for submitting them; (19) process for auditing adult education and family literacy providers; and (20) provisions of the GED tests. This document includes several forms well as an index. Appended are: (1) Outcome Measures Definitions; (2) Equipment Report Instructions; (3) Professional Development Activity Flowchart for Instructional Staff; (4) Using the Professional Development Activity Flowchart; (5) Flowchart Examples; (6) New Teacher Orientation; (7) Abbreviations; (8) ICCB Adult Education ABE/ASE/ESL Generic Course List; and (9) ICCB Adult Education and Family Literacy Audit Requirements.

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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