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   There go those thirties, not in making,
   but in consuming the reappropriation
   of Indonesian plywood embossed

   with the Swedish flag. Shout it out: a passable
   enterprise, we enjoyed it, flat-packed
   for the premier and only tick of relocation +

   ultimately crammed in a context unununlike.
   Sometimes a system completes a subsequent
   system. Sometimes you need a triple negative

   to persist. Mostly dead language is all
   you get to get. I don't think I can hack
   it tomorrow. How to ship my model ship

   to you, how? Look at this having + what
   more: the will to be had. Look at this this,
   redescribe the current potential, flaking

   as it is pronounced incompatibly. Sausage
   Queens of the Inland Empire. The casings
   shellac cuz intestines R gross. Frankenstein

   clomped so Edgar Winter could Keytar
   an albino hailstorm. Frankenstein yowled
   a way to tell Percy Bysshe he die. I select

   the veneer that most accurately reflects
   my inner fleshtone. And strip the screws
   that make it cabinet. And strip the screws

   that make it close. And turn the thing not
   to be turned. And build a bag of sawdust
   headweight. And nail the nonincluded nails.

   And graft and graft to appendage 17. And
   swallow the screws when the neighbors
   are occupado. And abridge the instructions

   with a hearty heehaw. And heft the lith
   with a herniated heave. And join the jaw
   with woodglue and wait. And sand the joint

   with the shell of a snail. And where the hell
   do I get the snail. And practice is this modular
   obsolescence. And fashion a shelf to hold itself.

BEN DOLLER is the author of three books of poetry, Radio, Radio (LSU Press), FAQ: (Ahsahta Press), and Dead Ahead (Fence Books). He lives in San Diego and is Assistant Professor at UCSD.

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Title Annotation:POETRY
Author:Doller, Ben
Publication:The Brooklyn Rail
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 1, 2013
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