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Ignition-resisting resins.

The Magnum 4400 Series Ignition-Resistant ABS (IR-ABS) resins--4410, 4420, and 4430--are specifically engineered for computer and business equipment applications, including injection molded enclosures and housings for computers, copiers, printers, retail point-of-sale terminals, and typewriters.

The three grades provide not only ignition resistance, but also good practical impact toughness and easy processing. And, for a variety of applications, the individual resins offer different levels of ultraviolet (UV) light stability. Magnum 4410 is a non-UV-stabilized resin, 4420 has moderate UV stability, and 4430 provides excellent UV stability. All three Magnum grades offer a UL 94V-0 rating at 1.6 mm, and 5VA at 2.8 mm.

With a higher melt-flow rate, lower capillary melt viscosity, and longer spiral flow length, the resins easily fill molds requiring long flow lengths or thin-walled parts, using less pressure and lower temperatures. Also, whereas traditional IR-ABS products often have problems with plate-out--where a flame retardant or additive used during processing is deposited on the mold as buildup--the Magnum series promises minimal or no plate-out of additives during processing.

Also from the company is Pulse 1735 nonchlorinated and nonbrominated, ignition-resistant (IR) engineering resin. A blend of polycarbonate and ABS (PC/ABS), the resin is specifically engineered for computer and business equipment applications, including injection molded enclosures and housings for computers, workstations, copiers, printers, and retail point-of-sale terminals.

Industry concern regarding a proposed ban in the European Community of one class of brominated flame retardants known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDPEs) prompted the development of Pulse 1735. Although PBDEPs can form brominated dioxins and furans under certain conditions, there is no reported evidence to date that indicates any environmental or health risk associated with the use of PBDPEs as a flame retardant additive. And while further studies are conducted on the environmental effects of the use of brominated flame retardants, Dow says that Pulse 1735 will provide concerned OEMs with a nonbrominated alternative to its existing line of Pulse IR-PC/ABS resins. Dow Plastics, The Dow Chemical Co., 2040 Dow Center, Midland, MI 48674.
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Title Annotation:New Materials; Dow Chemical Co. introduces the Magnum 4400 Series Ignition-Resistant ABS resins
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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