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Drone rescue plan for dogs trapped by Spanish island eruption. Oct 21, 2021 485
New river of lava threatens more buildings on La Palma. Associated Press Oct 10, 2021 222
Full steam ahead on La Palma. Sep 30, 2021 155
Digging Deeper for Egypt's Rich Rocks. Sep 30, 2021 1137
Scientists urging caution as volcano now 'less active'. Sep 28, 2021 226
Scientists urging caution as volcano now 'less active'. Sep 28, 2021 226
Scientists urging caution as volcano now 'less active'. Sep 28, 2021 226
Scientists urging caution as volcano now 'less active'. Sep 28, 2021 212
Scientists urging caution as volcano now 'less active'. Sep 28, 2021 218
Scientists urging caution as volcano now 'less active'. Sep 28, 2021 226
Scientists urging caution as volcano now 'less active'. Sep 28, 2021 226
Scientists urging caution as volcano now 'less active'. Sep 28, 2021 226
Canaries volcano lava gushes towards sea, eruption goes on. Reuters News Service Sep 22, 2021 348
Baptism of fire; Lava engulfs holiday hotspots. MIRROR REPORTER Sep 22, 2021 327
Volcanic lava sparks new decorative designs. KIM COOK Associated Press Aug 28, 2021 686
Volcanic lava sparks decorative design. KIM COOK Associated Press Aug 28, 2021 713
BREAKING Nyiragongo volcano erupts spraying fountains of molten rock with lava expected in city; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. By, Chris Kitching May 22, 2021 262
Rockin' Recipes. York, Lynn Recipe Mar 1, 2021 413
Geochemical evaluation of mineralization and igneous activity in the vicinity of the Elmtree deposit, northeastern New Brunswick, Canada. Bustard, Aaron L.; Lentz, David R.; Walker, James A. Jan 1, 2021 446
Linking phosphorus sorption and magnetic susceptibility in clays and tropical soils. Poggere, C.C.; Barron, V.; Inda, A.V.; Barbosa, J.Z.; Brito, A.D.B.; Curi, N. Report Aug 1, 2020 9580
Phivolcs: Taal 'resting' but still dangerous. Jan 17, 2020 1152
Taal magma rising, fissuring suggest 'explosive eruption is imminent'. Jan 14, 2020 848
Taal spews 'weak, sporadic' lava and ash. Jan 13, 2020 539
Measurement of radon in soils of Lima City - Peru during the period 2016-2017/Medicion del radon 222 en suelos de la provincia de Lima - Peru durante el periodo 2016-2017. Vilcapoma, Lazaro Luis; Herrera, Maria Elena Lopez; Pereyra, Patrizia; Palacios, Daniel Francisco; P Sep 1, 2019 10142
Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions. Jul 20, 2019 722
Impact of Water-Rocks Interaction on Groundwater Geochemistry of Southern Mor Range, Balochistan, Pakistan and its Appraisal for Drinking Water Quality. Kaleem, Maria; Naseem, Shahid; Bashir, Erum; Shahab, Bushra; Mansha, Muhammad Technical report Apr 30, 2019 4595
Arts and Culture in the 'Royal Residence'. Critical essay Oct 1, 2018 3015
Fissure in Africa paving path for a new ocean (V). Sep 20, 2018 537
Mount Etna volcano spews plumes of ash and lava as it roars back into action; Europe's most active volcano has reawakened and has sent two streams of lava down its slope. Aug 25, 2018 315
Hawaii tour boat passengers describe molten rock horror. Jul 25, 2018 752
Hawaii Volcano Still Thunders on. Jul 19, 2018 219
Volcanic lava 'bomb' injures 23 people on tour boat in Hawaii. Jul 17, 2018 700
'Lava bomb' injures people on Hawaii tour boat. Jul 17, 2018 195
CRATER ESCAPE; TRAVEL; Great getaway ideas and travel tips you can trust at; Lucy Clarke-Billings explores the volcanoes of southern Italy on a walking tour unlike any other. Jul 7, 2018 865
CRATER ESCAPE; Great getaway ideas and travel tips you can trust at; Travel; Lucy Clarke-Billings explores the volcanoes of southern Italy on a walking tour unlike any other. Jul 7, 2018 870
'There was a future': Past Hawaii eruptions provide lessons. Jun 15, 2018 827
What went before: Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Jun 15, 2018 341
Scores more homes destroyed by lava flow on Hawaii's Big Island. Jun 6, 2018 602
Guatemala Volcano: Almost 200 Missing, 75 Dead as Powerful Explosion Sparks Fresh Panic. Jun 6, 2018 265
Guatemala volcano: Death toll hits 75 with almost 200 people missing as rescue efforts are hampered by second eruption; 192 people remain missing after Sunday's eruption and the second explosion on Tuesday has hampered rescue efforts. Jun 6, 2018 449
Guatemala volcano kills at least 7. Jun 4, 2018 376
Joe Dowd: It's all fun and games until you're hit with molten rock. May 31, 2018 437
New lava flow crosses onto Hawaii geothermal plant property. May 27, 2018 494
Hawaii street swallowed by 'lava tide' as many more homes burn. May 26, 2018 474
Hawaii volcano spews glowing lava. May 24, 2018 149
Ocean, jungle explosions new risks from Hawaii eruption. May 23, 2018 487
Hawaii volcano producing toxic lava haze plume. May 23, 2018 731
Toxic cloud as Hawaii lava enters ocean. May 22, 2018 180
Faster-moving Hawaii lava gushes into sea, spews new danger. May 21, 2018 657
Lava from Kilauea volcano enters ocean, creates toxic cloud. May 21, 2018 768
Man Badly Hurt by Lava Spatter in Hawaii. May 20, 2018 179
As lava destroys Hawaii homes, owners ask: Am I covered? May 16, 2018 751
Scores flee as lava destroys homes; WORLD BULLETINS. May 8, 2018 119
Homes are frazzled by lava as hundreds flee raging volcano. May 8, 2018 137
Why live next to an active volcano? May 8, 2018 589
Lava flow intensifies from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, 26 homes now destroyed. May 7, 2018 1208
Lava destroys 31 homes. Jones, By Caleb; Peltz, Jennifer; -Clmn-, Sophia Yan Associated Press May 7, 2018 305
Hawaii Volcano eruptions destroy 21 homes, over 1700 evacuated; spews lava 200 feet in air. May 6, 2018 842
The naked Mayon. Mar 3, 2018 1708
Volcanologist Compares Super-Gassy Mount Etna To A Hot Spring. Jan 18, 2018 409
Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Dry and Water Saturated Igneous Rock with Acoustic Emission Monitoring. Guo, Jun; Feng, Guo-rui; Qi, Ting-ye; Wang, Pengfei; Yang, Jian; Li, Zhen; Bai, Jinwen; Du, Xianjie; Jan 1, 2018 6367
Watch Lava Get Crushed With A Hydraulic Press. Dec 16, 2017 266
Why Are Some Volcanic Eruptions More Violent Than Others? Dec 14, 2017 382
Watch This Volcano Spew Ash ... And Await A Major Eruption. Nov 29, 2017 337
What Can Stop Volcanoes From Erupting? Magma, Ironically. Nov 28, 2017 370
'Super-Eruption' Volcano Magma Was Cooler Than Estimated. Nov 7, 2017 693
Earthquakes At Iceland Volcano Could Signal Eruption. Nov 1, 2017 598
Watch Erupting Hawaiian Volcano Send Out A River Of Lava [Video]. Mar 2, 2017 256
Volcano! Jan 1, 2017 252
Cenozoic exhumation history ofYazgulem gneiss dome, Pamir, Tajikistan: India-Asia collision. Dec 31, 2016 339
Petroleum and construction stone resources of Balochistan, Sulaiman and Kirthar basins (Pakistan). Dec 31, 2016 499
The Litchfield pluton in south-central Maine: Carboniferous alkalic magmatism in northern New England, USA. West, David P., Jr.; Bradley, Dwight C.; Coish, Raymond A. Report Jan 1, 2016 8446
Yellowstone: A Scary Secret! May 3, 2015 505
Yellowstone: A Scary Secret! May 3, 2015 514
Titanium Dioxide Industry in India: A Snapshot. Jan 3, 2015 452
Kilauea in Hawaii. Nov 23, 2014 946
Lava flow from volcano incinerates home on Hawaii's Big Island. Nov 11, 2014 398
Village evacuates as lava hits homes. Oct 30, 2014 112
Magma viewed as sludgy mush: crystals open window into volcanic depths. Popkin, Gabriel Mar 22, 2014 523
Science: Scientists pinpoint trigger of super-volcano eruptions. Jan 16, 2014 580
Multivariate analysis, mass balance techniques, and statistical tests as tools in igneous petrology: application to the Sierra de las Cruces Volcanic Range (Mexican Volcanic Belt). Velasco-Tapia, Fernando Report Jan 1, 2014 16272
Yellowstone Super Volcano Threatens Two Thirds of USA. Oct 29, 2013 337
Volcanic history of Red Planet set to unravel. Sep 27, 2013 175
Molten magma can survive in Earth's upper crust for hundreds of millennia. Aug 26, 2013 440
Martian life may be hydrogen powered. Jun 10, 2013 631
Water-rock reaction may supply enough hydrogen 'food' to sustain life in ocean's crust or on Mars. May 31, 2013 631
Ocean of molten rock covered Moon's entire surface. Mar 12, 2013 453
In situ studies on the temperature-related deformation behavior of isotactic polypropylene spherulites with uniaxial stretching: the effect of crystallization conditions. Huo, Hong; Yao, Xuemin; Zhang, Yao; Li, Jingqing; Shang, Yingrui; Jiang, Shichun Report Jan 1, 2013 4764
Petrographic, geotechnical and structural investigation of Sher Dara dam site, Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2012 398
Volcano in Russia lights up the night sky with glowing lava. Dec 16, 2012 203
Volcano in Russia lights up the night sky with glowing lava. Dec 13, 2012 203
The geochemistry of claystone-shale deposits from the Maastritchian Patti formation, Southern Bida basin, Nigeria. Okunlola, Olugbenga A.; Idowu, Olubunmi Dec 1, 2012 7115
Scientists Identify Trigger for Explosive Volcanic Eruptions. Oct 13, 2012 475
World's most brilliant X-rays illuminate origin of volcanic hotspots. Jul 19, 2012 822
Supervolcanoes take just hundreds of years to grow. May 31, 2012 484
What allows continents to gradually shift their position over millions of years. Mar 23, 2012 813
Mercury's role in the late Permian extinction. Irving, Tyler Mar 1, 2012 363
World's most powerful X-rays reveal Moon has no active volcanoes. Feb 20, 2012 597
X-Rays Illuminate Interior of Moon. Feb 20, 2012 745
'Honeycombs' and Hexacopters may help explain history of Mars. Feb 17, 2012 828
Rock star: a rare rock, whose texture conjures the groovy designs of the 1960s, may well be the only one of its kind. Vertolli, Vincent Dec 20, 2011 314
Death of the continent, birth of an ocean: Africa's Afar region gives glimpses of geology in action. Witze, Alexandra Jul 2, 2011 2569
Communication regarding the geology and vertebrate palaeontology of the Adamantina formation (Bauru group, upper Cretaceous) in Campina Verde, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. de Oliveira, Emerson Ferreira; Rangel, Caio Cesar; Alves, Diego Sullivan de Jesus; Limonta, Filipi S Jul 1, 2011 2223
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex, Tharparkar, Sindh. Laghari, Amanullah; Jan, M. Qasim; Khan, M. Asif; Agheem, M. Hassan; Siddiqui, Imdadullah Report Dec 31, 2010 483
Field features and petrography of igneous rocks from Utla (Gadoon), NW Pakistan: Preliminary investigation. Sajid, Muhammad; Arif, Mohammad Report Dec 31, 2010 837
Fire & ice: volcanoes and frozen lands make an explosive combo. Witze, Alexandra Sep 25, 2010 2456
Igneous Rock Associations 11. The geology and petrology of seafloor volcanic rocks of the northeastern Pacific Ocean, Offshore Canada. Cousens, Brian Report Jun 1, 2010 12787
Volcano spewing less ash as lava boils up. Apr 19, 2010 742
Recent tectonic and morphostructural evolution of Byers Peninsula (Antarctica): insight into the development of the South Shetland islands and bransfield basin/Evolucion tectonica y morfoestructural reciente de la Peninsula Byers (Antartida): evidencias sobre el desarrollo de las Islas Shetland del sur y la Cuenca de Bransfield. Alfaro, P.; Lopez-Martinez, J.; Maestro, A.; Galindo-Zaldivar, J.; Duran-Valsero, J.J.; Cuchi, J.A. Report Jan 1, 2010 6320
WALES: Did Darwinism have its origins in North Wales? GROUNDWORK FOR HIS THEORY LAID ON VISITS. Feb 3, 2009 420
Titanite-ilmenite-magnetite phase relations in amphibolites of the Chynov area (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic). Rene, Milos Jul 1, 2008 4595
Anisotropy of elastic properties of rock mass induced by cracks. Stan-Kleczek, Iwona; Idziak, Adam F. Report Apr 1, 2008 1976
Igneous rock associations 10. Komatiites. Dostal, Jaroslav Report Mar 1, 2008 7087
Mathematical modelling of temperature profile of volcanic soils affected by an external thermal impact. Antilen, Monica; Fudym, Olivier; Vidal, Alvaro; Foerster, Juan E.; Moraga, Nelson; Escudey, Mauricio May 1, 2006 3534
Phonolite weathering profiles at Marianska hora Hill, Ceske Stredohori Mts., and sorption properties of clay residues. Novak, Jiri K.; Melka, Karel; Ulrych, Jaromir; Randa, Zdenek Report Apr 1, 2005 5852
Calcite concretions in Turonian marly silicites, Central Bohemia. Sramek, Jan Report Apr 1, 2005 2273
Geochemistry of metavolcanic rocks of the Ross Island and Ingalls Head formations, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Pe-Piper, Georgia; Wolde, Begashaw Jul 1, 2000 8575
Transformation of Fe-Ti gabbro. (Geological Association of Canada 2000 Annual Technical Meeting Newfoundland Section). Cox, Richard; Indares, Aphrodite Jul 1, 2000 318
Melt extraction from the mantle beneath mid-ocean ridges. Kelemen, Peter Mar 22, 1998 2925
Rocks around the block. Horenstein, Sidney Dec 8, 1995 889
Ancient eruption tapped the Earth's depths. Monastersky, Richard Aug 14, 1993 590

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