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If you saw Frozen you will get this.

MICHELLE TURNOCK: From my three-yearold daughter: "Mummy why is there ice on the road and the cars?" Me: "Because it gets really cold during the night and everything starts freezing." My little one replied: "No mummy, you are wrong. Elsa did it." (Only if you've seen Frozen will you get it). KAREN BURT: A girl in my class came out with a classic once. She'd been hit on the head by a boy and after I'd given the kind hands, kind feet chat she said to me: "My mum told me, Miss, never trust a boy unless it's your dad and even then you don't trust him all the time!" ALAN MUNROE: I got called to my daughter's school; she was five at the time and was refusing to do sports and in particular rugby. With my daughter being from St Helens, I found this strange, until she told us the ball was broke and the wrong shape. CLARE MULLEN: To start giving my 10-year-old son a little independence I said he was to walk home from school with his sister (his grandad lives literally two minutes away). He was mortified and said: "Mum, I can't believe you're putting me on the streets!" REBECCA EVANS: My two-year-old asked her dad to get up, so he said he will in a second. She left her room rubbing her hands together with a jig saying "'appy days 'appy days Dar!" LISA FARMER: When I started my new job I told my seven-year-old son I wouldn't miss any of his school plays any more because my new job has flexi time. A few months on when he was learning his lines for his nativity he said: "Ah mummy you'll be able to come and see me this year if you ask your boss for some sexi time." I laughed but then realised what he could've been saying to his teachers! LOUISE ATKINSON: My mum said to my little boy: "I'm coming to see you in your Christmas play" and he said: "You can't nan, they don't let old people in." GERALDINE FRANCES TAYLOR: Pointing at the baptismal font "Mummy, is that where they crucify the babies?"

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 15, 2015
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