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If you like fun times, write rhymes.

Do you have a little time, Enough to learn to write in rhythm? Then read below and you will see, That rhymes are easy, fun, and free!

Did you think only poets could write in rhyme? Not so. Rhymes are for anyone who likes to make words work in fun ways. Besides being fun, rhymes help teach you rhythm. Rhymes add new words to your vocabulary. Rhymes can help you put your thoughts in order, and they give you new ways to say what might be boring otherwise. You can use rhymes to write your own greeting cards, poems, or entire letters if you feel like getting carried away. Let's write a rhyme to see how easy it can be.

First, we need something to write about. Nature gives us wonderful subjects. Trees, bees, knees, seas, sneezes, and breezes are a few, but ants will do for now. What do you know about ants? We'll begin by making a quick list: Ants are small, six-legged, live in colonies, work together, and build mounds. Don't stop there. How might you feel if you were an ant? Would you wish you were big and strong like a human being? Would you wish you could run fast? Would it be too crowded where you live? Would you like a room of your own?

We've collected enough information for a short rhyme. We can use some of this information to say something meaningful though not all rhymes do. That's okay for rhymes that play. (I should have mentioned that when you begin to write rhymes, you begin to speak and think rhymes too.)

Having a place of your own is important to a lot of people. Let's try this theme in our rhyme. If you have a theme or mare idea, it usually goes at the beginning or end. The words in the middle are used to prove it.

An Ant's Lament

   I'm feeling terribly small today.
   My life is work, work, work.
   I build tip mounds of dirt outside.
   I think I just may go berserk!

   You'd think with all my six, fine legs
   That I could run real fast.
   Not me, my legs are all too short.
   I always come in last.

   Woe is me; that's not the worst
   Of life lived as an ant.
   There are so many, many things
   An ant can say it can't.

   I can't play ball or jump a rope,
   Or do a magic trick.
   I never get an invite for
   An afternoon picnic.

   Still the worst of all ant can'ts
   Comes when I'm feeling down
   For I can't sit alone and cry
   Without a million ants around!

Ants are small.

Ants work in colonies.

Ants build mounds.

Wouldn't you feel like that too?

Ants are six-legged.

This is an ant-ick. too crowded, needs a room of its own

Wasn't that fun? And all you needed was a pencil and a piece of paper to write on. Because most of us have those around anyway, rhyming becomes very economical. Of course, if you want to be a big-time rhyme spender, you can buy a rhyming dictionary the next time you visit the bookstore.

Are you ready to try rhyming on your own? You'll be surprised at the new things you'll learn about the world and yourself. When you're done, you will see what fun writing rhymes can be!

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Author:Kuebler, Sharon
Publication:Fun For Kidz
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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