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If you're bullish on coffee: come to Spain in '92.

I've just received the advance program for CAM 92, the European Coffee Congress edition awarded to Spain for 1992. One look at it and I've had visions of Hemingway's Spain dancing through the air of southern France. Obviously, this is going to be the kind of event that proud Spanish blood stirs to-and when the Spanish make an effort it's usually memorable.

More than likely, the majority of those who attended the last European Coffee Congress in Berlin, have already marked their calendars for June 10-13, 1992, the dates of the congress in Spain. This is because these congresses--held only every other year--mean business. It would be interesting to have a tally in dollar value of all the behind-scene transactions that spring from such posh gatherings in the name of coffee.

In this case, the lure is multifold-business yes, but also the opportunity to actually learn about the issues shaping our industry, both here in Europe, as a united market looms for the year 1993, and globally too for coffee is a grand world family of interrelated interests. Another inducement-Spain itself, and not just any region, Andalucia.

CAFE 92 will unfold in Jerez-remarkably good choice for sherry enthusiasts. A select group of international speakers are now being drawn up. Certainly, with the kind of parties, excursions and galas already on the table, there should be no problem in finding willing Congress VIPS: an evening of Spanish ballet under the stars; a private performance of the famed dancing horses at the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art; an afternoon on a bull training estate (Ole); tours of EXPO 92, Seville and the surrounding white villages'; a gala dinner in the gardens of the Harvey Cellars; a late night closing with Flamenco dancing. They aren't naming the Spanish cuisine or wines which are to accompany such a spectacular tribute to international coffee, but I'm ready.

Ah, but if only we could always blend coffee business, serious consideration of industry affairs and the pleasures of the senses in the manner this event portends. I've been congratulated in making my reservations now, as the organizers tell me that infinite hotel space is sadly not a virtue of Jerez. The coming year, as we hear from all sides, is indeed THE year of Spain' Olympics, EXPO, Columbus Celebration) meaning that early planning is to be stressed.

It can also be noted that the coffee industry and trade of Spain are in themselves of special interest. This is one of the developing consuming coffee markets, with liberalization not much more than a decade behind it. Its problems and promise are instructive. This is the new blood of coffee in Europe, bull's blood too. And for those who might not know, the cultural spin-offs to Central and South America remain discrete but strong as steel.

If you want the registration forms, etc., contact the following company which has been hired to put the professional touches to CAFE 92, Europe's Coffee Congress in what may be an historic year for us all.


Luis Vives, 5 - 2'

07003 Palma de

Mallorca, Spain

Fax: 34.71.76 10 70.
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Title Annotation:Cafe '92; Jerez de la Frontera, Spain; European Coffee Congress 1992
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:May 1, 1991
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