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If we're gambling with NHS, let's do it properly; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB.

IT IS patently obvious that the NHS is being deliberately run down to enable the investors to take it over and both Labour and the Conservatives have been party to this situation.

What other business, private or otherwise, would allow people from around the world to be treated for expensive illnesses and walk away without paying for them? What business would charge one segment of its "customers" for prescriptions and allow other segments in the same group to get theirs free. This is nothing more than a political agenda for votes, paid for with public money.

When questioned about new cures for illnesses that kill and maim people, the excuse is it's too expensive to save lives, but they are losing billions by letting freebie infiltrators walk away without paying, with vast, excessive wages to "suits" who are not fit for purpose.

But all is not lost, seemingly the second Christ has come, according to sections of the media, and JC will fix all failings.

But, just in case he can't, may I suggest he makes Blackpool, which still has the plans, into the "Las Vegas of the North", with all profits going to make our NHS for the good of its patients and not for the greed of its supposed investors.

As an example, the Canadian Goverment owns a casino in Niagara Falls and it works. Gambling has its downside but, if it employs thousands, which it will in a down-trodden workplace, and, in so doing, save thousands of lives and support the workforce as they should be supported, it's a good gamble.

Once up and running, the casinos would be able to diversify and support our police and armed forces.

There has to be a safeguard in place with this suggestion. All - and I repeat, all - of the profits must go to the NHS and not be quietly dripped away to some hapless group, for instance supposed rail investors, or the hopeless HS2, or the 18-mile rail tunnel from Manchester to Leeds, when there are already three in place not being used.

JC, give us a miracle and we'll follow you to hell and back.

Good luck - you're gonna need it.

Derek McShane, L30 Magical support I WISH, through your Letters page, to thank some people who helped to give my grandson, Ashley, a most memorable day, on Saturday, October 22.

Firstly, he attended a concert at the ECHO arena to see one of his favourite rock bands, Nickelback. He is one of a group of children who attend Claire House and it was Claire House who arranged, after the concert, the surprise of their lives - to meet and chat with Nickleback, who really spoiled them, giving them T-shirts and goodies, but mainly the meeting was the highlight.

Before the show, they visited the Revolution Bar & Restaurant, on the Albert Dock, who treated them to a meal and drinks, courtesy of the Revolution.

The lovely staff really looked after them, but, also on the day, they contributed their tips to donate to Claire House. Thank you and God bless you all for making that day so special for them all.

My grandson said it was magic; and so are all the kind and caring people who made it that way. Margi, West Derby Time for action I AM writing in connection with the new 40,000 square feet office proposal put forward by Mayor Anderson, which is to be located on or near Tithebarn Street.

I would fully endorse this proposal. If you look around the office quarter of Liverpool, you can clearly see that some of it is old and not for the modern business purpose.

Liverpool, traditionally, has had office take-up of approximately 80,000 square feet per quarter, while Manchester's is nearer 200,000 per quarter. Clearly, Liverpool needs better quality accommodation to attract the best companies.

Also, Peel should be encouraged to develop offices on its Liverpool and Wirral Waters projects.

It's clearly not good enough to only build when they have a large pre-let secured. The city region and Peel should be making major representations to central government to relocate their expensive central London locations to Liverpool.

Peel should be encouraged to get on with the Liverpool and Wirral Waters developments, which have been knocking around for several years.

While we can all appreciate that major projects have long lead-in times, we now need to see tangible progress. Now is the time for action to cement Liverpool City Region's upward economic path.

Michael Gee, Rainhill Beg the question WHEN I was a teenager, back in the 1960s, I often visited Liverpool city centre.

Occasionally, you might see an old, bearded tramp passing by, to whom most people had sympathy. However, generally speaking, these old tramps were rarely seen.

Fast forward to today - what a contrast! Only last week, walking through the town centre, I counted at least 12 people (men and women) seated on the pavement and begging from passers-by.

Almost without exception, they display in front of them a sheet of cardboard, telling of their homelessness, etc. None of them were old, they were all of working age.

I don't begrudge helping anyone out, but you can't help thinking some of the people don't want to work, or else they are "professional" beggars.

What is the answer to this modern phenomenon? I will leave it to others to draw their own conclusions.

D Kehoe, Hale Village Boxing clever REGARDING the letter from Derek Jeffery, of Heswall, on post boxes (ECHO, October 29).

Please advise Derek that, on post boxes, ER stands for Elizabeth Regina (Queen), VR for Victoria Regina.

In the case of a male monarch, the R word refers to Rex (King). Alan G Dean, Heswall Garage mystery CAN anyone at Knowsley Housing Trust explain what their plans are for the former council garage sites in Halewood? Since January, I have been trying to rent a garage. Easy, you may think? No.

Despite being regularly told that garages are available, it seems they do not want to rent them out. Application forms are lost, phone calls ignored, emails are passed on only to disappear and visits to the office are a waste of time as the person you require is always out.

I have contacted two councillors, one did not reply, the other was very helpful but her enquiries drew a blank.

My only conclusion is that KHT have some plans for the sites that they are not telling us about.

Name and address supplied

What other business, private or otherwise, would allow people from around the world to be treated for expensive illnesses and walk away without paying for them? Derek McShane, L30


Letter writer Margi's grandson Ashley, left, and his pals meet their heroes, Nickelback (See letter, Magical support)

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Date:Nov 5, 2016
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