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If the Egyptians Drowned in the Red Sea Where are Pharaoh's Chariots? Exploring the Historical Dimension of the Bible.




If the Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea where are pharaoh's chariots? exploring the historical dimension of the Bible.

Scolnic, Benjamin Edidin. (Studies in Judaism)

Univ. Press of America, [c]2005

198 p.

$31.00 (pa)

Connecticut-based rabbi and scholar Scolnic is the Biblical consultant for an archaeological expedition investigating the route of the Exodus in the Sinai Desert. Here he examines how the Bible thinks about historical events, arguing that each statement must be weighed as its own piece of evidence, rather than discarded because other pieces of Biblical evidence have been disproved. He selects particular passages and events, rather than trying to cover the entire Bible and the entire history of the Middle East. There is no index.
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Title Annotation:RELIGION
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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