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If only we had a crystal ball.

If Only We Had A Crystal Ball

Usually January is the month for reflection of months gone by and the year ahead. Despite the fact that we're already into the second month of the new year, however, the months ahead still loom large and mysterious. While many indications are optimistic - most opinions about the economy for the next year seem cautiously hopeful - people around the world still continue to hold their collective breaths waiting to see if the hard times are really drawing to a close.

Closer to home - but still spanning the globe - the nonwovens industry is also getting ready for what it hopes will be another busy year. As 1991 drew to a close with no resolution of several major acquisition questions, 1992 promises to start off with a bang. While the industry waits to see the fate of Scott and Lantor decided, buckles down to weather out the recession and braces itself for the onslaught of trade shows scheduled to begin this fall, 1992 (and beyond) promises to be a challenging and exciting time for the nonwovens industry everywhere.

Here at NONWOVENS INDUSTRY, we have a big year planned as well. With the departure of former editor Michael Jacobsen last month, it now seems a good time to reaffirm our commitment as THE source of information to the nonwovens industry. We have taken great pride in providing the industry with the up-to-the-minute news as well as the implications it has on the nonwovens industry. We will continue to keep you informed on what's happening around the globe in nonwovens, how it affects various companies and segments and what it could mean in the future.

We begin this year stronger than ever. We've added a South American correspondent to our international staff of contributors and we'll be bringing you special reports on the Latin American market. Next month we kick off a brand new feature on the Top End Product Manufacturers in Nonwovens and we will also continue to provide our award-winning coverage of the Top Roll Goods Companies in the Nonwovens Industry later in the year.

Likewise, our EXECUTIVE REPORT bimonthly newsletter is reaching the desks of more top executives than ever before and the INDA JOURNAL OF NONWOVENS RESEARCH continues to complement our stable of nonwovens media with its technical focus.

We've also added staff - a new associate editor, Scott Sullivan, comes on board this month - and we look forward to continuing to provide you with top notch news you've come to expect from NONWOVENS INDUSTRY through the past 23 years. Since none of us has a crystal ball...or at least one that works infallibly...the future rests in your hands. Just keep turning to the pages of NONWOVENS INDUSTRY for updates on the present.
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Title Annotation:nonwovens to have good year in 1992
Author:Noonan, Ellen
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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