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If JP is in power will stop oppression and corruption: Qasim.

Qasim Ibrahim the leader of Jumhoory Party has stated that if the people gives power to the JP, he will stop oppression and corruption from Maldives.

In a ceremony held at JP's headquarters last night to welcome new members to JP, Qasim said that if someone oppresses a citizen, that person cannot stay free even for 24 hours. He said that if JP is in power no one can steal money from the people and stay free.

Qasim said that he has always served the people and that he is doing it for name and fame but for the good of the people. Speaking about why he resigned as Home Minister during President Nasheed's administration Qasim said that he could not serve properly as the minister due to many constraints put on him by the former president.

In addition he said that many leaders will always make promises prior to the elections and that they will forget those promises once the elections are over. Qasim also thanked the members of JP for their trust in the party.

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Publication:Miadhu News (Male, Maldives)
Date:Jan 28, 2020
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