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If God is a Woman.

An old English friend of mine, the late Brigadier Peter Young, used to describe himself as a buttress of the Church of England. "I support it," he would explain, "from outside." I'm beginning to understand what he meant. All of my life I have lived within walking distance of Washington's National Cathedral, a magnificent Gothic structure that took a century to build. It's an inspiration to behold. I have attended memorial services there for two presidents--Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan--and served as best man at a wedding in front of the main altar. I still walk through its beautifully kept grounds when I want to reflect quietly on things that matter.

But if the exterior of the National Cathedral still inspires, the same cannot be said for what goes on within it. For several generations now its lay and clerical leaders have been chipping away at the basic beliefs its shining spires once embodied. Today it is more of a museum--or worse yet, a religious theme park--than it is a center of living faith. The superficialities survive; the High Church "bells and smells," the chants and vestments, are as impressive as ever. But the language of political correctness has replaced the language of faith. Visiting the National Cathedral is a lot like visiting Colonial Williamsburg.

The restored buildings are true to their origins but the people dressed up in 18th century garb--marching with fife, drum, and musket in an imaginary army, or hammering horseshoes for non-existent horses--are just play-acting.

If the Episcopalian leadership was satisfied with simply going through the ceremonial motions, one could fault them as slackers. That would be bad, but not nearly as bad as what is actually happening in their church and most other Christian denominations today: the wholesale embracing of liberation theology, political correctness, and even a blatantly sexual agenda that replaces compassion and understanding with a mandatory endorsement of lifestyles and practices that are expressly condemned in holy Scripture.

Some of the most obscene absurdities are taking place on the "gender" front. In lockstep with cracked psycho-therapists, wacky educators, and brainless TV talking heads, many church leaders now tell us that gender is fluid, not determined at birth. As they preach it, gender fluidity means you could wake up in the morning feeling female, change your mind shortly after breakfast and define yourself as a male for the rest of the day, then have a second change of mind and go to bed as a female. If some poor, confused soul wants to do that, let them. What should never be allowed--but is being foisted on society by the forces of political correctness--is forcing honest, rational people to pretend to believe that putting on make-up and a dress can turn a man into a woman, or getting a crew cut and donning a pair of combat boots can turn a woman into a man. The deluded are entitled to their delusions. They are not entitled to force them onto the rest of us.

Not content with mere mortal gender-bending, the forces of moral anarchy are now trying to reverse the roles of God and Man. They want to remake God in their own image. For some of the loopier Feminists this even means proclaiming God is a woman. Mostly, however, it means imposing a new, "gender neutral" version of Christianity--and, for that matter, all monotheism--that requires re-writing Scripture to fit political correctness.

It has already happened in Sweden where the state-supported Lutheran Church has eliminated all references to God as "He" or "Him." In my native Washington, the Episcopal diocese--the same one that controls the beautiful but hollow National Cathedral--is pushing a similar policy proposed by a panel of three women and two men. At least that is how they identified themselves when they released their initial recommendations in 2018. Who knows what they are now? Their goal, however, remains the same: nothing less than the symbolic castration of God.

Not that there is anything really new about this kind of thing. Long before Sigmund Freud, long before even the birth of the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, the ancient Greek creation myth behind the Olympian pantheon featured Uranus, head of the pre-Olympian Titans, being castrated and usurped by his son Cronos. In due time, Cronos got his, supplanted in his turn, by Zeus as master of the universe. Many of the exotic eastern cults that rose in ancient Rome as the belief in the classic pantheon faded were similarly based on gender-bending (up to and including castration), and religious rites that were thinly disguised orgies. Sexual confusion seems to flourish during periods of social disintegration.

As for the militant feminists who prefer a female God to a neutered one: to be theologically consistent they would have to concede that, if God is a woman, then the Devil really does wear Prada. That'll be the day.
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Date:Sep 1, 2019
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